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Belgravia Ace Showflat Review

New Freehold Strata-Landed Housing In Seletar Hills

03 Feb 2023 · 27 min read · by Faruq Senin


Belgravia Ace

Sale PSF Range

$1,153 ~ $1,153 psf (indicative)


D28 - Seletar / Yio Chu Kang

Nearest MRT

Tavistock MRT

No. of units


TOP date




by Fairview Developments Pte Ltd (Tong Eng Group)

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At a glance


  • Located in the peaceful Seletar Hills estate
  • Not within walking distance to any MRT stations
  • Nearest primary school is within a 2km radius

Unit Mix

107 strata-landed houses

  • 104 semi-detached houses
  • 3 terraces

Unit Layout

  • Each house comes with 3 storeys of living space and private car porch
  • 18 pairs of houses are back-to-back semi-detached houses, which is rare and gives residents more space


  • Average psf prices start from S$1,043
  • Semi-detached houses - Estimated S$4.1m to S$4.55m
  • Terraces - Estimated from S$3.83m

Appreciation value

Strata-landed houses are in short supply and hence, Belgravia Ace has an excellent chance to increase its value


Large space for communal facilities including a 50-metre pool, clubhouse and plenty of green features

Belgravia Ace is a new launch freehold strata-landed housing in the Seletar Hills estate in District 28. It’s expected to be completed in 2028 and comprises 107 houses. Of these, 104 of them are semi-detached houses, while 3 of them are terraces. Belgravia Ace is also located in the OCR (Outside Central Region). 

Belgravia Ace is the last of a series of strata-landed houses developed by Fairview Developments (under Tong Eng Group) in the Seletar Hills estate, following Belgravia Villas and Belgravia Green. Prices are estimated to start from about S$1,043 psf, with terraces going from S$3.83m onwards while semi-detached houses are from S$4.1m onwards. 

Belgravia Ace Location Review

Belgravia Ace is in the Seletar Hills estate, a peaceful enclave of low-rise landed houses. The area is within a short driving distance to Ang Mo Kio, Sengkang, Hougang and Serangoon, which means that residents can take advantage of the retail and dining options in these neighbourhoods. 

belgravia ace location map


Belgravia Ace is located off Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, which is a major road connecting the Ang Mo Kio and Hougang neighbourhoods. The Central Expressway (CTE), Seletar Expressway (SLE) and Tampines Expressway (TPE) are within a 10-minute drive. The CBD is about a 20-25 minute drive during non-peak hours via the CTE. During peak hours, the journey could take up to 35 minutes.

Public transport

Public transport connectivity is not one of Belgravia’s Ace strongest suit. But this is not a huge concern for most buyers of strata-landed housing as they would have cars. However, this might be useful information for school-going children, the elderly or helpers. There are also some days that residents might not feel like driving too and hence, it’s good to know the public transportation options. 

ang mo kio mrt

While Belgravia Ace is not within walking distance to any MRT stations, a few buses along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 would bring residents to the nearest MRT stations - Ang Mo Kio and Yio Chu Kang. The fastest way to get to the city via public transport would be by taking bus 159, 159A or 50 to Ang Mo Kio MRT station and then taking the North-South Line. Alternatively, if you’re heading anywhere along the Northeast Line, you can take bus 72 to Hougang MRT Station. 


The nearest shopping mall to Belgravia Ace is Greenwich V. The mall has a Cold Storage supermarket, a gym, enrichment centres, clinics and a few dining options. For more dining and retail options, Belgravia Ace is a short drive from several malls as well as hangout spots like Chomp Chomp, Jln Kayu and Seletar Aerospace Park. There are also a number of supermarkets nearby for your daily groceries as well. 


As with other strata-landed houses, the majority of Belgravia Ace’s buyers will also be families. For families with young children, the biggest concern is living near a primary school. There are a number of schools that are within a 2km radius from Belgravia Ace, including prestigious ones like Rosyth School. The downside here is that there are no primary schools located within a 1km radius, and that might affect chances of getting a school in the primary school balloting exercise.

Nature Spots 

If you and your family members are avid fans of the outdoors or just need some fresh air, the good news is that there are several parks within walking or short driving distances from Belgravia Ace. One of the most exciting green spaces is the Northeast Waterways where residents can walk or cycle via a park connector to Punggol Waterway, Coney Island and the Lorong Halus Wetlands. 

Belgravia Ace Showflat Experience

belgravia ace showflat entrance

The Belgravia Ace showflat is located at 379 Belgravia Rd, off Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. Unlike many other developments, the showflat site will be the actual site of the project. Having the showflat at the exact location of the project is great as you’ll get to see what kind of neighbourhood it’s situated in. 

belgravia ace location on google maps

Image source: Screengrab from Google Maps 

As you can see from the map above, Belgravia Ace is located away from the main road, Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. While turning into Belgravia Drive, potential buyers will get a feel of how it feels like to return home to a peaceful neighbourhood and escape the bustling city. 

belgravia ace balcony view

Image: View from Belgravia Ace showflat balcony

Besides that, Belgravia Ace is also located in a low-density area. Its neighbours are other strata-landed and landed properties like Belgravia Green, Belgravia Villas, Este Villa and Stratton Green. So, for potential buyers who are looking to stay in a low-density neighbourhood, this is something that they’ll immediately notice. 

belgravia ace showflat model

Once you enter the showflat, you’ll be greeted with the showflat model. The centrepiece of Belgravia Ace is none other than the 100-metre driveway at the front of the project. 

belgravia ace long driveway

The long driveway adds a sense of exclusivity and privacy for future residents of Belgravia Ace. It’s also lined with gorgeous trees at the side which gives residents a very welcoming arrival home. As compared to Belgravia Green and Belgravia Villas, Belgravia Ace has the grandest entrance. 

If residents choose not to drive, they can also use the pedestrian walkway beside the driveway. One concern here is that it is not sheltered, so on days when it’s raining or it gets really hot, it might be a slight hassle for residents. This might include helpers on their day off or the elderly who aren’t driving. If you’re ordering deliveries, the delivery personnel might also use the walkway as a bicycle lane. Hence, this might mean longer waiting time for your food deliveries. 

belgravia ace roundabout fountain

After the long driveway, residents will be greeted with a roundabout fountain and cobblestone driveway. 

belgravia ace greenery

One of the highlights of Belgravia Ace is the abundance of greenery that you’ll see throughout the showflat model. In 2014, the government revised the guidelines for strata-landed housing developments to allow more communal spaces among residents. The minimum Communal Open Space (COS) was raised from 30% to 45% of the site area. Out of this 45%, 25% must be set aside for green spaces which is in line with URA’s push for more greenery in Singapore’s urban environment. 

belgravia ace greenery

Previously, developers could maximise the whole space of the site area for dwelling units but due to the guidelines, they have to set aside more space for communal facilities. Hence, residents of Belgravia Ace can enjoy more common spaces, greenery and facilities. With a lot more greenery, it will also make the whole environment a lot cooler, so you can cut back on the air-conditioning.  

It also has a lower density than the other two Belgravia properties. With a site area of 290,520 sq ft, Belgravia Ace is one of the largest plots of freehold land for strata-landed properties. 

belgravia ace strata landed houses

Another highlight of Belgravia Ace is that there are 18 pairs are back-to-back semi-detached houses instead of being joined at the side. 

belgravia ace site plan

These are the Type A and Type B houses which are located closest to the entrance of the project. 

belgravia ace semi detached houses

This is an unconventional architecture for semi-detached houses but it benefits residents as it gives them more Private Enclosed Space (PES) on both sides of the house. Conventional semi-detached houses which are joined at the sides only have one side of PES. 

belgravia ace semi detached housesbelgravia ace semi detached houses

The Type A houses are also the only ones in the whole project that resemble conventional terrace and bungalow houses as the private car porch are located on Level 1. For the rest of the houses, the private car porch is located at the basement. So, for residents who want a feel of living in a conventional landed property, the Type A houses will be perfect for you.

Unit Layouts of Belgravia Ace

  • There are 4 types of houses at Belgravia Ace but Type B was the only one that was displayed at the showflat. 
  • Type B, C and D houses have almost similar floorplans but Type A is different than the rest. 
  • Hence, prospective buyers can find a model of the Type A houses at the showflat too. 
  • We’ll look at the Type B showflat first then analyse the model of the Type A houses. 

Belgravia Ace Showflat: Type B

Total no. of houses (Type B)

  • 18

Who is it suited for?

  • Families with more than 2 children 
  • Multi-generational families 

belgravia ace type b house pros and cons

belgravia ace site plan

  • Belgravia Ace’s Type B houses are the semi-detached houses that are joined back-to-back with the Type A houses

Belgravia Ace Type B Floor Plan

belgravia ace type b floor planbelgravia ace type b floor plan
  • Belgravia Ace has 3 different floor plans for its semi-detached houses
  • Type B houses have the largest size, 4370 sq ft (406 sqm) 
  • There’s a basement, three storeys of common spaces and bedrooms and a roof terrace

Private car porch and basement 

belgravia ace private car porchbelgravia ace private car porch floor plan
  • Except for the Type A houses which have their private car porch on the first floor, the other houses have the car porches at the basement
  • The car porch has a width of 9 metres, spacious enough to fit 3 cars. Usual car porches can only fit 2 cars.  
  • Each house also comes with an autogate and an electric vehicle charging port, a feature that’s increasingly common in new launch condos
  • At the showflat, the basement is separate from the rest of the other floors
belgravia ace basement shoerackbelgravia ace basement floor plan
  • Shoe racks are also included in the fixtures and these come with an exhaust fan to dry the shoes and eliminate any bad odours
  • There’s also generous shoe space which is perfect for huge families who are most likely to be residents of Belgravia Ace
belgravia ace house shelterbelgravia ace house shelter
  • The basement also has a household shelter and a WC with shower facilities
  • The household shelter has enough space to be converted into a helper’s room, complete with a single bed
  • This area is pretty small when compared to other strata-landed houses which sometimes have proper bedrooms or family rooms in the basement  
  • However, in this case, the space is being compensated by the large car porch. There are also plenty of rooms on the other floors of the house to accommodate a large family
belgravia ace basement wcbelgravia ace basement wc floor plan
  • Most utility WCs don’t have a shower, so this is a plus point as it can function as an additional bathroom 
belgravia ace private liftbelgravia ace foyer floor plan
  • The house shelter and WC are also hidden away from the private lift and staircase area. So, if guests visit, they’ll be greeted with a foyer instead and can head straight up to the living and dining areas
  • There’s also a private lift on every floor from the basement all the way up to the roof terrace

Common areas of Belgravia Ace Type B houses  

belgravia ace PESbelgravia ace pes floor plan
  • In the showflat, the entrance to the house is through the balcony, which is an alternative entrance to the basement entrance
  • Here, you can clearly see the spacious PES on both sides of the house. The actual house will have an open yard so there’ll be plenty of sunshine.
  • There are many ways that you can make use of this space, from beautifying it with plants to turning it into a mini kids’ playground or activity area. It can also be used as extra storage space. 
belgravia ace greenery
  • The balcony is actually pretty open and resembles resort balconies where you can just walk out to the communal facilities 
  • The downside to this is that neighbours will most likely pass by your house unless you’re in the corner houses. However, this might be a plus point if you like striking conversations with neighbours. 
belgravia ace family pool
  • It’s also important not to put anything valuable on the balcony as there are no gates. For security, there are sliding doors at the entrance of the house. 
  • Some houses will also face the Family Pool and water-play areas, which might be noisy for some residents. 
  • While the balcony might discount on privacy for residents, what helps is that there are shrubs for privacy. The gap between houses is also 18 metres, which is wider than the gap of typical landed houses.
belgravia ace living roombelgravia ace living room floor plan
  • The total space of the living and dining areas is 39.3 sqm (423 sq ft) and the ceiling height reaches up to 4.58 metres
  • The space is also fitted with luxurious natural marble flooring
belgravia ace living room
  • The width of the living room is also 6 metres wall to wall, so there’s definitely room for different combinations of furniture
  • If you’re planning to install a TV, you’d probably want to get a larger TV (more than 50 inches) as the sofa-to-TV distance is quite wide
belgravia ace dining roombelgravia ace dining floor plan
  • Many showflats showcase rectangular dining tables but Belgravia Ace chose a round dining table instead 
  • Having a round dining table is more intimate for families as it’s easier to share meals and have conversations
  • A rectangular dining table could also fit in comfortably
  • A 6 or 8-seater dining table can easily fit in the dining area, which makes it suitable not just for family meals, but for having guests over as well
belgravia ace private lift
  • Each strata-landed house at Belgravia Ace comes with a private lift which is great for multi-generational families with elderly. The lift can also fit in a wheelchair, so it’s suitable for family members who are mobility-impaired.
belgravia ace dry kitchenbelgravia ace kitchen floor plan
  • The kitchen is split into two areas, the Deluxe Kitchen and Oriental Kitchen which is essentially the dry and wet kitchen
  • The Deluxe Kitchen has a quartz kitchen island countertop, a sink as well as a built-in induction hob, conventional oven and steam oven by luxury European appliance brand, V-Zug
  • Having two ovens is great as it can speed up your cooking. A steam oven can also help to reheat food like a microwave oven
  • However, we’d love to have seen a wine chiller in the dry kitchen, as with most other luxury properties. For residents who frequently entertain guests, it would have saved them the hassle of getting their own wine chiller. 
  • There’s also a two-door refrigerator in the Deluxe Kitchen and it’s the Samsung Family Hub. It comes with a camera and you can connect it to your smartphone so you’ll be able to see which groceries you need to stock up on when you’re at the supermarket. 
  • The fridge also comes with recipes based on what ingredients you have and you can plan weekly meals.
  • The only downside is that some customers have had issues with Samsung refrigerators in the past, so remember to enquire about the warranty procedures. 
belgravia ace kitchenbelgravia ace kitchen floor plan
  • In the Oriental Kitchen, you’ll find another Samsung refrigerator, a slightly bigger sink as well as a gas hob by V-Zug.
  • There’s also a door opening out to the yard. 
  • Having two separate kitchen spaces is great as you and your family can prepare different dishes at the same time.  
belgravia ace kitchen
  • As Belgravia Ace’s residents include multi-generational families, younger family members might bake a dish at the Deluxe Kitchen while older family members might prefer to whip up more traditional dishes in the Oriental Kitchen.
  • The Deluxe Kitchen is also perfect for doing activities like baking bread or cookies with the family
  • The kitchen cabinets are also equipped with racks from reliable Austrian brand, Blum, which will make organising plates and cutlery easier
belgravia ace kitchen washer
  • There’s also a Samsung front-load washing machine. 
  • There is no dryer function but considering the size of the houses and ample PES, residents can just hang their clothes out to dry. 
  • We’d have loved for the washing machine to be placed in a separate utility area as it might disrupt cooking in the kitchen.


belgravia ace loft floor planbelgravia ace study loft
  • At the mezzanine floor between the first and second storeys, the developers have provided a study/work-from-home loft, with a 1.95m ceiling height
  • This space is not included in the unit size, so the developers are actually providing this as a complimentary space
  • As more people are working from home these days, this is definitely a great plus point for residents
belgravia ace study loft
  • Although the space is not that huge, it can fit in a single bed and double up as an extra bedroom or a guest bedroom 
  • There’s air-conditioning here as well so it won’t feel too stuffy

Bedrooms of Belgravia Ace Type B houses

  • The Master Bedroom and Junior Master Bedroom are located on the second floor while the other 3 bedrooms are located on the third floor
  • All of the Type C and D houses follow the same configuration as Type B houses while Type A has a slightly different configuration (more on that below)

Master Bedroom

belgravia ace master bedroombelgravia ace master bedroom floor plan
  • The master bedroom and master bathroom have a combined space of 27.4 sqm (295 sq ft), which makes it very roomy
  • The windows are also full-length and spans the entire width of the master bedroom, so you can enjoy lots of natural light during the day
  • As Type B houses are generally north-facing, the good news is that you won’t get direct morning and afternoon sun
  • It would have been nice if the master bedroom comes with a balcony so residents can walk out and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Even with a king-sized bed in the room, there is still a lot of room around it and you can fit in an armchair if you wish to
  • All the upper floors including the stairs have been fitted with Burmese teakwood flooring. It is the highest grade of wood flooring and is known to be very durable
belgravia ace master bedroom wardrobebelgravia ace master bedroom floor plan
  • There’s also a dedicated area for the wardrobe outside the master bathroom which feels like a mini “walk-in” wardrobe 
  • There’s ample floor-to-ceiling storage space and sliding doors 
  • The blue LED lights at the bottom of the wardrobe are a good addition. It’s great for instances where you need to go to the bathroom at night and don’t want to disturb your partner who’s sleeping. 
belgravia ace master bedroom shelves
  • There are also mini compartments like these in the wardrobe so you can store ties, belts and little knick-knacks
belgravia ace master bathroombelgravia ace master bathroom floor plan
  • The master bathroom has his and her sinks which allows personal space for the Mr and Mrs of the family
  • There’s also a rain shower, which is a pretty standard provision for master bathrooms 
  • The bathroom windows are frosted and this is great for privacy, considering that this is on the second floor

Junior Master Bedroom

belgravia ace junior master bedroombelgravia ace junior master floor plan
  • The junior master bedroom and the ensuite bathroom has a total space of 19.7 sqm (212 sq ft)
  • It is understandably smaller than the main master bedroom and comparable to the size of master bedrooms in many condos
belgravia ace junior master bedroom
  • As compared to the main master bedroom, there is lack of natural light as the windows are half-length. This means you might have to switch on the lights more often during the day if you need to do some reading. 
  • At the showflat, there is a small “balcony” area but do take note that this won’t be in the actual house. There will just be a window. 
  • The wardrobe space in the junior master bedroom has slightly lesser compartments than the master bedroom and doesn’t come with LED lights
belgravia ace junior master bathroom
  • The junior master bathroom is also about half the size of the master bathroom
  • We’d love to have seen a rain shower in the junior master bathroom but other than the master bathrooms, all other bathrooms come with a normal shower

Other bedrooms

belgravia ace bedroombelgravia ace bedroom 3 floor plan
  • Bedroom 3 is just slightly smaller than the Junior Master Bedroom, at 17.4 sqm (183 sq ft)
  • The layout is very similar to the Junior Master Bedroom 
  • Similarly, there’s a “balcony” area in the showflat which won’t be included in the actual house
belgravia ace bathroom
  • What’s great is that Bedroom 3 comes with an ensuite bathroom
  • For multi-generational families with more than 2 couples, Bedroom 3 could also function as an additional master bedroom 
  • With three bedrooms having ensuite bathrooms, this means that only 2 bedrooms will have to share the common bathroom 
  • In the mornings where family members are preparing to get ready for work or school, more bathrooms mean lesser waiting time 
belgravia ace bedroombelgravia ace bedroom 4 floor plan
  • Bedroom 4 has a size of 12.1 sqm (130 sq ft), which is just slightly bigger than Bedroom 5, which is 11.2 sqm (121 sq ft)
  • The ID has done up both rooms differently to give an idea of how different personas might want to use the bedrooms
belgravia ace bedroom 5 floor plan
  • If the bedroom is to be shared among siblings, then two single beds would be able to fit comfortably. But if a couple is sharing the bedroom, then a queen-sized bed would also be adequate. 
  • Alternatively, you can also choose to have a single bed and fit in a study table at the side
  • As both bedrooms are the smallest in the house, it helps that there are full-length windows so natural light can stream in to make them feel more spacious

Roof Terrace

belgravia ace family room floor plan
  • The topmost floor is the roof terrace.
  • Type B houses are the only ones with an air-conditioned family room on the roof terrace. For the rest of the houses, the roof terrace will only have an open balcony. 
  • For multi-generational families, this family room is great for smaller families in the household to have their own alone time.
  • It could also be turned into an activity, karaoke room or even an exercise room for families who want to keep fit together.
belgravia ace balconybelgravia ace roof terrace floor plan
  • Together with the family room, the open balcony here makes for a great space to entertain guests. 
  • Here, families and their guests can hold BBQ parties and enjoy outdoor meals.
  • As this is an open area, your furniture will get wet when it rains, so be sure to place tables and chairs that are weather-resistant.
belgravia ace balcony
  • There’s also a washing area here and some storage space so you can clean up without bringing your utensils to the kitchen downstairs.
belgravia ace balcony
  • From the open balcony, you’ll also get a feel of the low-rise neighbourhood that Belgravia Ace is located in. 

Belgravia Ace Showflat Model: Type A 

  • Type A is significantly different than the other types of houses as its private car porch is located on the first floor instead of the basement.
belgravia ace showflat model type a
  • Instead of having another showflat separately for Type A houses, you can refer to a model of it in the showroom
  • Unlike the other types of houses, there are only four floors (including an attic and no basement). The size is 3929 sq ft. 
belgravia ace showflat model type a
  • As mentioned earlier, Type A houses are joined back-to-back with Type B houses. So, residents will get more PES on both sides of the house. 
  • For buyers who prefer living in a conventional landed property, this is the closest that you can get to it
belgravia ace type a floorplan
  • As you can see from the floorplan, there’s a bedroom with ensuite bathroom on the first floor 
  • This is similar to the “basement” in the Type B house, so the house shelter, WC and shoe cabinet remains the same
  • Having a bedroom on the first floor is great for the elderly or mobility-impaired family members so they won’t need to move about that much
  • If the house shelter is turned into a helper’s room, this also means he/she would be able to tend to the elderly or mobility-impaired family member easily
  • One thing you might notice is that the living and dining room is located on the second floor
  • Instead of walking out to the facilities from the living room, there is a balcony here so residents of Type A houses won’t have to worry about their privacy
  • As the Type A houses don’t have a family room, this can also be turned into a hangout spot with outdoor seating spaces or a BBQ spot
belgravia ace type a floorplan
  • Another difference here is that Bedrooms 3 and 4 are located on the attic
  • As a result, the roof terrace in the Type A houses are smaller than the other types of houses

Stack Analysis and Facilities at Belgravia Ace

  • Belgravia Ace is built in a North-South orientation, with the windows and balconies of all the houses either facing North or South.
belgravia ace site plan
  • Besides Type A and B houses which we have talked about, Type C is the predominant unit type, with 68 conventional semi-detached houses. The house size is 4058 sq ft. 
  • The Type D houses are the only three terraced houses at Belgravia Ace. 
belgravia ace stacks sun direction site plan
  • Depending on whether your balcony and windows face north or south, you might get some morning or afternoon sun. The site map above shows the direction of the sun and which houses are affected by it. 
  • Those houses in purple will be able to enjoy some cooling breeze into their houses from November to March as the wind direction travels from north to south 
  • Those houses in blue will be able to enjoy the wind from April to October

Facilities at Belgravia Ace

Site Plan

belgravia ace site plan
  • As mentioned earlier, 45% of Belgravia Ace has been built for communal facilities as per the new URA guidelines on strata-landed houses
  • Hence, there are plenty of facilities which resemble that of conventional condos
belgravia ace pool
  • For avid swimmers, there’s a 50-metre lap pool with hydrotherapy jets
  • What’s missing here are seating areas or cabanas by the pool for residents to relax
  • The pool is situated near the Type C houses, so residents from Type A and Type B would have to walk a little longer to get to the pool
belgravia ace family pool
  • One positive thing is that the family pool and water-play area is located away from the 50-metre lap pool.
  • This way, adults who are swimming in the main pool won’t be disrupted by kids. 
belgravia ace family friendly facilitiesbelgravia ace facilities
  • The family pool area is also located near other family-friendly facilities like the playground, game court, BBQ pavilion and party lawn
  • If you’re hosting gatherings with friends or parties at the BBQ pavilion or party lawn, their kids can also enjoy the facilities
belgravia ace stacks facing family pool
  • The map above shows the houses that are perfect for families with young kids as they are near to the family pool and kids’ play areas.
belgravia ace fitness corner
  • For residents who love enjoying some therapeutic time in greenery, there are plenty of mini nature spots around the development.
  • As you can see in the image above, the fitness corner and reflexology path are built to blend in with nature.
  • The following images show some of the more interesting green features at Belgravia Ace that residents can enjoy.
belgravia ace pond waterfallbelgravia ace naturebelgravia ace lawn bowlbelgravia ace nature
  • The map below shows the houses that are perfect for those who prefer living in a quieter environment as they are located away from most of the communal facilities. 
belgravia ace stacks near nature

Belgravia Ace Price Comparison

Here’s an indicative pricing for Belgravia Ace:

House type

Indicative quantum (S$) 

Size ranges (sq ft)

Indicative average price psf (S$)


From 3,833,000

3649 - 4026

From 1,043


4,100,000 - 4,550,000

3929 - 4370

From 1,043

Belgravia Ace Indicative Pricing

Comparison with other strata-landed houses in Singapore


Average Price PSF (S$)

Size range (sq ft)




No. of units


Belgravia Ace

1043 - 1050

3646 - 4370





Belgravia Green


3132 - 4004





Belgravia Villas


3520 - 3961





22 transactions in past 5 years



2756 - 3735


103 years from 2013



28 transactions in past 5 years

Atelier Villas


2786 - 3877





9 transactions in past 5 years

Parkwood Collection


4423 - 6469


99 years from 2017



Affinity at Serangoon


2067 - 2357


99 years from 2018



part of larger condo

Riverfront Residences




99 years from 2018



part of larger condo

Whitley Residences


5285 - 7050





23 transactions in past 5 years

Greenwood Mews


2992 - 3100


103 years from 2011



only 1 transaction in 2020, 2 transactions in 2015

Asimont Villas

1133 (estimate)

5016 - 6135





very small devt with little facilities but each unit has a wading pool, 42 transactions in past 5 years

Watten Residences


2949 - 6523





Hillcrest Villa


3500 - 5000


99 years from 2006



Eleven @ Holland


3788 - 4283


99 years from 2010



14 transactions in past 5 years

Kent Ridge Hill Residences


1830 - 2067


99 years from 2018



part of larger condo

Normanton Park




99 years from 2019



part of larger condo



3145 - 3197


99 years from 2011



part of larger condo

Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co
  • Among strata-landed developments in D28 and neighbouring D26, Belgravia Ace’s prices seem to be the highest.
  • One factor could be that Belgravia Ace is the only fully strata-landed development to launch recently. Hence, developers know that they are able to command such a price due to the scarcity of such homes in the market. 
  • Belgravia Ace’s house sizes are also generally bigger than other projects nearby and it has a bigger site area, with more facilities and greenery.
  • Still, its prices are comparable to other new launches like Affinity at Serangoon and Riverfront Residences which are part of larger developments. This means residents in these projects won’t enjoy the exclusivity of a proper strata-landed house. 
  • Belgravia Ace is also among the few with a freehold status, good for buyers who intend to make their house a generational home. 

Transaction history of strata-landed houses in the OCR over the past 15 years

strata landed transactions in ocr 2007 to 2022
  • We’ve compared 5 strata-landed projects in the OCR (Outside Central Region) to give an idea of how Belgravia Ace’s prices might change over the years 
  • Overall, strata-landed prices increased but there were times when it dipped like in 2013-2016 and 2018-2019. This was due to property cooling measures and price trends being in line with the condo and landed transactions (which we’ll highlight below). 
  • From 2019-2021, it seems like the prices of strata-landed houses have been increasing
  • Though there were property cooling measures announced in Dec 2021, this is unlikely to affect buyers of strata-landed houses as most would be first-time buyers or wealthier buyers who won’t be affected by higher stamp duties 

Transaction history of strata-landed houses in the CCR over the past 15 years

strata landed in ccr price transaction 2007 to 2022
  • The price trend is slightly different for strata-landed houses in the CCR (Core Central Region), some projects managed to appreciate while some depreciated 
  • The increase in prices also seem to be more gradual than those in the OCR
  • One interesting trend is that Eleven @ Holland had the most drastic drop in prices. It started out strongly at over $1000 psf but prices fell below $800 psf by 2021. However, this could also be due to the fact that there were very few transactions which drove down the average psf price. 
  • It seems that strata-landed prices in the OCR might have a better chance for appreciation than those in CCR.

Condo transactions vs Strata-landed transactions vs Landed transactions over past 15 years 

all condo transactions 2007 to 2022all landed transactions 2007 to 2022
  • Both prices for condos and landed properties have enjoyed a steady increase in the past 15 years. 
  • There were slight dips, particularly in 2013-2015 and 2018-2019 but both markets quickly rose back to even higher average psf prices.
  • The transaction volumes for both condos and landed properties are also way higher than that of strata-landed houses.
condo vs strata-landed vs landed price transactions 2007 to 2022
  • Based on the price charts above, we can see that in general, strata-landed houses have a slower and steadier increase than condos and follows a similar trajectory as landed properties.
  • Even then, the prices of landed properties have increased the most of out the three, up by 120.61% in the last 15 years 
  • This might be because most landed properties are freehold and are seen as a strong asset in land-scarce Singapore. One example of this are the Good Class Bungalows (GCBs) which have seen record-high average psf prices
  • Plus, unlike strata-landed houses, you can change both the exterior and interior of your landed property, or even build your own pool and other facilities. 
  • As compared to condos, there are fewer transactions of strata-landed houses as its main buyer profile are not investors. Most people who buy strata-landed or landed homes are families who want to stay there for long. 

Rental transactions of strata-landed houses over the past 15 years

  • There are also some people who might buy strata-landed houses for rental investment. 
  • Only Singaporeans and PRs can buy strata-landed houses. Hence, expat families who want more living space might rent them instead. 
OCR strata rental transactions 2012 to 2022

Rental transactions of strata-landed houses in OCR

CCR strata landed rental transactions 2012 to 2022

Rental transactions of strata-landed houses in CCR

  • Based on the two price charts above, there was a decline in average rental prices from 2013 to 2017. 
  • This was in line with the trend of declining rental prices of landed properties across Singapore. This could be due to cooling measures which also caused a dip in the average prices of sale transactions for landed properties. 
  • However, since 2017, average rental prices have increased or stabilised. Hence, this is a good indicator for Belgravia Ace’s buyers who are looking to rent out their property.  

Appreciation Value Analysis

1. Based on the price trends of strata-landed houses in the OCR shown in the previous section, Belgravia Ace’s prices is expected to follow a similar trend

belgravia ace showflat model
  • While Belgravia Ace’s prices are starting on a high of more than an average of S$1000 psf as compared to other strata-landed houses, it is also the only project that is built with the new URA guidelines 
  • With new guidelines, many developers would rather build conventional landed houses rather than strata-landed houses, so they can fit in a higher number of houses and reap more profits
  • Assuming that there will be no development like Belgravia Ace in a long time to come, the project would be able to command higher prices in future

2. The Northeast is expected to welcome more developments in the future 

punggol digital district

Image source: JTC Corporation

  • In the next few years, the northeast will be welcoming a few industrial and business developments that will make it a more attractive region to stay in. This is also expected to increase the prices of homes in the area as there will be more demand.
  • These developments are: Punggol Digital District (open from 2024), Lorong Halus Industrial Park, Defu Industrial Park 
  • But it is still uncertain if this would affect the prices of strata-landed houses as demand would still grow for condos or HDBs. 

3. Strata-landed houses are in short supply and this will maintain their value

belgravia ace showflat model
  • As strata-landed houses are in short supply, projects like Belgravia Ace might be able to maintain their value over time.
  • This could be something like the appeal of executive maisonettes which have been able to sustain their prices as there are no longer being built by HDB
  • Strata-landed houses also have a more affordable price point as compared to landed properties and those who are interested in them will likely have to look at the resale market. Hence, there will always be a demand for them. 
  • Belgravia Ace’s freehold status is also attractive as most people purchase strata-landed as generational or “forever” homes


+ Rare freehold strata-landed development with more communal facilities for residents 

+ Houses are bigger than most strata-landed houses nearby, great for multi-generational families

+ Facilities and unit layouts are family-oriented which is the main demographic expected to purchase Belgravia Ace

+ Located in a quiet neighbourhood, good for families looking to raise their children in a peaceful environment

- Prices are higher than most strata-landed houses

- Not located near to any MRT station, but not a huge concern if you drive

- The nearest primary school, Rosyth School, is only within a 2km radius. This might lower the chances of your kids getting into a primary school of your choice. 

- Not many amenities nearby if you don’t drive. If you drive, this won’t be an issue and you can take advantage of retail and dining options in neighbouring housing estates of Ang Mo Kio, Sengkang, Hougang and Serangoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of individual unit types at Belgravia?

Belgravia Ace's estimated prices are from S$3.83m for terraces and from S$4.1m for semi-detached houses.

What is the address of Belgravia Ace's showflat and how can I book a showflat viewing?

Belgravia Ace's showflat is located at 379, Belgravia Rd, off Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. Click on the "Enquire Now" button to book your slot.

What is the average price psf of Belgravia Ace?

Belgravia Ace's average price psf is estimated to be S$1,043.

Is Belgravia Ace a good investment?

Belgravia Ace is a good investment for multi-generational families as the strata-landed houses have 5 bedrooms and family-friendly facilities.

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