A guide to soundproofing your HDB flat for movie buffs and karaoke kings

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I’ve never met someone with a passion for karaoke quite like my dad. Now, toss in his love for booming sound systems along with action-packed movies and things can get pretty loud around here. 

Despite his enthusiasm, my dad makes earnest efforts to be considerate to our neighbour. He’d time his karaoke escapades for rainy days, letting the downpour mask his singing. And during those movie scenes with loud soundtracks, he’d diligently dial down the volume. The catch? It all depended on him staying awake though the movie, which, let me tell you, is no easy feat.

Lately, we’ve been on a mission (well, he roped me into it) to tone down the decibels. I figured these solutions might be valuable to others with noisy neighbours as well. 

So, here are some effective methods of soundproofing your HDB flat in Singapore:

How to soundproof your HDB flats in Singapore?

Acoustic panels to soundproof your HDB flat in Singapore
Image credit: enocoustic

Get acoustic panels

Ever thought about turning your HDB flat into a mini home theatre or a karaoke studio? Then, acoustic panels are your answer to doing this without getting the cops or Town Council called on you.

While these panels are commonly seen in professional environments like studios and meeting rooms, they can also be a stylish addition to your home. 

Enocoustic, a reputable company, offers various soundproofing materials like assemble pet and wood wool. They provide installation services that may vary in cost based on factors such as room size and installation complexity. 

Prefer to DIY it yourself? Ikea has cost-effective options starting from S$42.90 (41 x 41cm). And don’t worry about messing up your home’s aesthetics – these panels come in different colours, so all you need to do is find one that matches your décor. 

Pro tip: For those who practise musical instruments at home, consider installing bass traps to keep all the sounds from escaping.

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Use plants to soundproof your HDB flat in Singapore

Use your plant babies

Turn your love for plants into a strategic move to enhance soundproofing. 

Beyond being delightful green companions that help reduce stress and act as mood booster, plants can serve as natural barriers to absorb sound. 

According to research, trees and plants have long been effective in reducing noise in densely populated areas, and the same principle applies indoors.

Experiment with different plant sizes and types to create an effective sound-absorbing barrier. I recommend going for plants with larger leaves like White bird of paradise and Fiddle leaf fig to maximise sound absorption.

This way, not only will your plant babies contribute to a serene environment, but they’ll also be your allies in dampening noise during your vibrant movie nights and karaoke extravaganzas.

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Door sweep or draft stopper to soundproof your HDB flat in Singapore

Use door sweeps

Replacing doors can be an expensive affair, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure unwanted noise. Enter sound-dampening door strips, a cost-effective alternative to revamp your door without breaking the bank. 

Besides their noise-reducing capabilities (up to 40 decibels), these door sweeps come with an added bonus – they also help keep out unwelcome guests like spiders, roaches, and even rats.

Honestly? It’s a win-win situation for both peace of mind and peaceful soundscapes in your HDB flat.

Available online for less than S$10 per piece, these strips come in various materials like felt, silicone, rubber, or foam. Just customise them to fit your door length with simple tools like scissors or penknives and you’re good to go!

Carpets or rigs to soundproof your HDB flat in Singapore

Get thick, fluffy carpets

Sound waves are prone to bouncing off surfaces, including your walls and floors. 

To muffle ambient sounds, consider adding plush carpets to your space. Large rugs can be a bit pricey, fetching up to S$400, so unless you have the cash to splurge, get creative with smaller eclectic rugs. After all, combining different prints, patterns, and textures are currently in trend. 

Also, go for man-made materials like polypropylene and nylon instead of natural fibres like silk and wool for a more budget-friendly option.

These carpets not only enhance the overall aesthetic of your flat but also act as effective sound absorbers, creating a cosy and quiet atmosphere for your movie marathons and karaoke sessions.

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Got any more tips on soundproofing HDB flats in Singapore? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook post.

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