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New private home sales declined 58% month-on-month after December 16 cooling measure

With the introduction of cooling measures and social distancing restrictions on year-end festivities, December 2021’s developer sales (excluding Executive Condominiums, or ECs) declined 58% month-on-month to 650 units. On a year-on-year basis, developer sales were also down 46.6%, which is about half of December 2020’s volume (1,217 units). At that time, sales were then boosted…

CBD condos freehold 99-year rental yield

CBD Condos: Can Freehold beat 99-year Leasehold in Rental Yield?

Ask any agent about property investment, and you’ll be sure to hear that buying a 99-year leasehold property is a surefire way to maximise rental yield. In the same sentence, they’d probably say that buying freehold for rental play is stupid/dumb/foolish. Here at, however, we know that an property saying is true… only until…

spot airbnb condo singapore

How to spot an Airbnb unit in your condo (and whether you should tell!)

If you haven’t heard, two Singaporean men have recently been charged on renting out four condominium units for short-term accommodation on Airbnb. Whilst we know that the minimum lease for renting out private homes is three months, and that many private property owners are guilty of flouting this rule, this is the first time that…

Singaporean dream landlord

How to rent out a condo quickly in Singapore: a 7-step guide

The rental market is more competitive than lane space at a public swimming pool on Saturdays, and landlords can’t be too fussy.  Vacancies could cost homeowners/property investors a few thousand dollars of missed rental income every month. And if you have a mortgage to pay, it’s even more urgent to keep your condo tenanted. So, how…

Flynn Park en bloc site area

What factors are necessary for a possible en bloc or collective sale?

Earlier in September 2021, Flynn Park at 18-22 Yew Siang Road went en bloc at S$371 million, making it the largest collective sale of the year. Brokered by Savills Singapore, the buyer (a joint venture between Hoi Hup Realty Private Limited and Sunway Developments Pte. Ltd) bought all 72 apartments at S$1,355 psf per plot…

case for buying 99 year leasehold condo

The savvy case for buying a 99-year leasehold condo

Call it an ‘old uncle’ mentality, but there’s a small but significant number of freehold-only Singaporean property buyers who steadfastly refuse to ever consider buying a 99-year leasehold condo. Might as well throw money down the drain lah, they’d argue. Truth is, the tenure of a private property seldom defines whether it’s a good buy…

high park residences sengkang condo

‘Buy low, sell high’: Is this Sengkang condo the most profitable in SG history?

When most people think of condos and potential for capital appreciation, what comes to mind are often big-money, centrally-located properties. But this assumption is consistently being proven wrong by condos in less fancied locations. In fact, one of the best examples of ‘buy low, sell high’ is the newly completed High Park Residences at Sengkang….

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