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HDB loan vs bank loan

Deciding between HDB loans and bank loans? Here’s a quick reference.

That’s probably the second thing that many first-time homeowners are wondering, after figuring out where their first home should be. Overwhelmed with all the jargon and fine print? Don’t worry, we’re here to break down the differences between HDB loans and bank loans. Key points about HDB loans vs bank loans HDB loans require a…

a couple stressed over finances and housing affordability

Now that interest rates are rising, how will it affect housing affordability?

Over the past several months, there’s been a growing concern about housing affordability. Despite the recession and pandemic, housing prices have been on the rise ever since the end of the circuit breaker.  Resale prices for HDB flats and condo units have been rising for the ninth and eighth straight month, respectively. Factors such as…

The ritzy and much vaunted Orchard Road

Rejuvenating the Core Central Region: URA’s Master Plans for Orchard and Novena

Residential property prices in Orchard and Novena (and Newton) in the Core Central Region (CCR) are set to benefit from the upcoming URA Master Plans to enhance both districts. We look at what these Master Plans entail and how both districts are expected to change over the coming decade. The URA Master Plan is what…

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