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cheapest freehold landed houses

8 cheapest freehold landed houses for sale in Singapore from S$2.3 million

For many Singaporeans, the dream is to live in a landed house. A lot of us hope that someday, we can upgrade to landed property, with our own front yard. On the other hand, due to their scarcity and size, they’re generally the most expensive residential properties in Singapore. It also doesn’t help that there’s…

Dr Alex Khadavi Bel-Air mansion auction Los Angeles

Celebrity surgeon and NFT collector furious after Bel-Air mansion auctioned off at nearly half his US$88m asking price

Now here’s one property client you don’t want to mess with… A furious Dr. Alex Khadavi, a 49-year-old celebrity plastic surgeon and dermatologist (who counted Khloe Kardashian, David Hasselhoff and Lance Bass as clients), made headlines this week after his Bel-Air mansion in Hollywood drew a top auction offer of “only” US$45.8 million against his…

Lentor Central, Lentor Gardens and Lentor Hills Road (Parcel B) released in 1H2022 GLS land sale

Three residential sites at Lentor – Lentor Central, Lentor Gardens and Lentor Hills Road (Parcel B) – have been released for application today by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).  The three sites are part of the Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme for the first half of 2022 (1H2022).   Location Lentor Central Lentor Gardens Lentor Hills Road (Parcel…

Shaw Tower 2

The new Shaw Tower has started construction, set to TOP in 2025

Construction has started for the new Shaw Tower, which will be redeveloped into a 200-metre mixed-use tower. Once a landmark of Beach Road with its iconic Brutalist architectural style and waffle-like facade, the old tower was demolished in 2020 to make way for the redevelopment as the Bugis area undergoes rejuvenation. According to a media…

Singapore property

S$6.84b property stamp duty collected in 2021 amid red hot property market

Given the red hot property market last year, S$6.84 billion in property stamp duty was collected in 2021. This is more than twice the stamp duty collected in 2020, and 67.7% higher than what was collected pre-pandemic in 2019. According to the Department of Statistics, S$3.29 billion of stamp duty was collected in 2020, while…

Kid getting house keys

What you need to know about the new ABSD (Trust): 35% rate + conditions for remission

35% Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) will now apply for any transfer of residential property into a living trust from 9 May onwards, as announced by the Ministry of Finance late on 8 May. Previously, the Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) was payable for the transfer. Depending on the profile of the beneficiary, ABSD might also…

JJ Lin - Decentraland - Virtual Real Estate - Cryptocurrency

Singer JJ Lin spends USD90K+ on virtual real estate, after a record USD2.4m metaverse land was similarly sold

Singaporean singer, songwriter, record producer and actor Lim Junjie (JJ Lin) has purchased three pieces of virtual real estate or land in Decentraland, a marketplace in the cryptocurrency sphere where virtual property is bought, sold, and users can log in and hang out in a “metaverse”. The 40-year-old international superstar, who is primarily based in…

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