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Blocks of HDB flats and a long stretch of nature park

Singapore Green Plan 2030: How will it impact property developments and sustainability in our country?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increased awareness and movement towards sustainability. Whether it’s paying more for paper bags or travelling in electric cars, we’re becoming more environmentally conscious.  Likewise, the property sector has been embracing sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly design and practices into their developments. This is also driven by the Building and…

A woman vacuuming living room to allergy-proof home

11 steps to allergy-proofing your home

The home is where you can relax and chill, but it’s also where your allergies can be triggered. Allergens can be anything from pollen, dust mites, mould to animal dander. While allergies can’t be cured, you shouldn’t just rely on antihistamines. Allergic rhinitis can be controlled by minimising your exposure to allergens. And you can…


6 Brilliant 4-Room HDB Ideas For Your New Home

Looking to buy a 4-room HDB anytime soon? Our friends over at Qanvast have come up with some great new designs to make your new home our own. From Yishun, to Punggol, to Tampines, and Tanglin Halt, we have assembled some truly hidden gems for you ! 4-room flats are dime a dozen in Singapore….

7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of House Lizards

Lizards, or cicaks, are quite a common sight in Singapore homes (especially in ground floor units). Many people are horrified by their appearance and sounds, despite their being harmless. But if you have a real phobia of the little critters, or hate their germ-laden poo everywhere, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: 1. Mosquito repellent…

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