Renovation Details
Type of property: 5-Room Resale Flat
Total space: 122 square metres
Budget: About $80,000
Time to complete works: About 6 weeks

Bamm and Christina’s tips for homeowners

  • It’s possible to personalise a rental home. They used to live in a rental apartment but they always find ways to showcase their interests and personality, and make it a liveable home.
  • Don’t leave it all to your interior designer or contractor. The couple hired a designer but they were not satisfied because they were looking for a specific look and feel. So they designed the place themselves and even DIY-ed some decors (look at how beautiful the foyer and steel pot storage turned out!).
  • The kitchen should be functional. “There should be lots of space for preparation, the sink must always be next to the cooker or the prep area. Make it people-friendly as well.” Hope you enjoyed this Balinese-Style HDB!

Get the Look: Balinese Home

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This article originally appeared on Cromly

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