Matthew Lam: 4 Times PropNex Millionaire and the Youngest Champion Senior Leader with more than 700 members – The Essentials Mentorship Framework To Replicate His Thought Process and Success

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Achieving success at a young age, and leading others to the same results

Matthew Lam is a 4 times and 3 years consecutive PropNex Millionaire, while being one of the youngest leaders in PropNex at the tender age of 33 and achieving so much in such a short time. Having recently sold two of his investment properties, he purchased his dream home, a Freehold Ultra-Luxury Condo, the Nouvel 18, a 3+study (1,865sqft) located in the Ardmore enclave that is one of the most prestigious locations in Singapore, and suitable for long-term capital preservation.

Singapore skyline from his Nouvel 18 condo

On top of this, he also owns a Lamborghini and Maserati. Having achieved his own big goals, he now hopes to inspire younger and the next generation of agents to believe in themselves and make their own dreams a reality.

Building a team wasn’t something that Matthew knew he wanted to do at the beginning of his career, but he started to think about it seriously when he thought about what he wanted to be doing long-term within the industry. He saw that team building was one way he could further develop his character, leadership, and critical thinking skills. The beginning stages were not easy, as he had to battle his own self-doubt. He knew that experienced agents could question his credibility, coaching skills, and the applicability of the training to real-life situations. He was also aware of the stigma within the industry that producers were often thought to less proficient in mentoring and coaching. Identifying these challenges allowed Matthew to be able to think carefully about how best to present his knowledge and insights to agents, for them to easily replicate his formula for success. This also helped him to develop stronger communication skills. Such careful planning, combined with hard work, has certainly paid off.

Today, his team has grown to 700 agents and 23 leaders since the beginning of 2022, although Matthew will candidly say that his greatest sense of achievement is to see his agents’ successes surpassing his own! This win-win attitude is certainly reflected in the slew of awards his division received. In 2021, his team was awarded as Branch District Champion and were champions in every promoted category, and 4 agents in his division emerged as millionaires.

A team that values authenticity, collaboration, and sincerity

Matthew decided that there would be three core values when he began building his team. The three values are authenticity, that agents would be genuine and treat one another as a family; an ethos of collaboration, that agents would not engage in politicking; and sincerity. These values are built through regular team-bonding activities, tutorials, gatherings around festive holidays, and appreciation events. Not to be outdone, he organized a one-of-a-kind appreciation lunch for all the agents in his division, held simultaneously at 4 different hotel ballrooms, with a live-stream broadcast, live DJs, and show hosts in each ballroom, and a live video feed on Zoom. He gave appreciation awards to the Top 50 agents to thank them for their hard work and conducted a lucky draw for each venue, including a Grand Lucky Draw across the whole division, amounting to more than 30K of lucky draw collectively. This large-scale appreciation event was the first event of its kind in the real estate industry since COVID.

Matthew hopes to continue launching more new initiatives to grow his team. He has been able to grow his division from 350 to 700 agents within the past year, growing the pool of talents to include veteran agents who can contribute to a broad base of expertise capturing all property segments of the industry. This allows for these experts in their fields to train other agents on the specificities of each segment and help them penetrate these markets. When asked what kind of agents he is looking for, he shares that his division’s greatest strength is being able to mentor and support agents towards a career breakthrough, especially for those who have been stagnant for a long time.

This reputation allows him to attract many producers, and with well-established training platforms and frameworks, it lightens the load for leaders and managers to coach their agents. Recently, he also had a younger crop of more than 60 brand new agents joining his division under various managers and leaders, with many who have just graduated from university or are still studying and working as part-time property agents.

A framework that leads to effective lead conversion whilst minimizing failure

When an agent joins the MattLamDivision, they will have an opportunity to be trained under the Essentials Mentorship Framework that was originated and refined since 2016, which hones an agent’s critical thinking skills through the sharing of Matthew’s thought process. This system helps to effectively communicate his thought process on every step within the sales funnel and eventually, the agents will create their own thought process as well. He believes that this is the new age of leadership, to equip his agents with the “how-to”, rather than the “what-to-do’s”.

To complement this conversion framework, MattLamDivision also has its very own in-house digital marketing lead generation partnership for Facebook. Additional digital marketing frameworks are implemented to ensure higher conversion in terms of setting up presentation appointments and closings.

There are structured tools to help agents source for leads, maintain client relations, effectively present, and communicate their ideas, and manage follow-up conversations with prospective buyers. With a strong focus on instilling critical and creative thinking skills, Matthew’s agents can maximise their lead conversion and conversion statistics, allowing them to break through their own career plateaus and achieve further success.

It is certainly impressive that Matthew’s systematic approach to training and developing real estate agents to succeed even beyond their own dreams. We asked him if he had any advice for young agents who are new to the industry. As expected, he provided clear and concise advice. “Start young, be willing to work hard, and remain disciplined. The best lessons are learned through experiential learning, supplemented with frameworks, training, and workshops. This allows you to minimise failures and maximise success. And most importantly—be willing to put in the work.”

“ONE GOOD DAY” is the mantra he holds close to his heart and instills in his agents. As long as they persevere and do what is necessary, that one good day will come and you will be rewarded with what you truly deserve.

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