99 Group is looking for an Engineering Manager – part collaborative engineering leader and technical expert. You should have a passion for building/shipping products that delight users, demonstrate expertise in problem-solving, strong technical leadership and be unafraid to “roll up sleeves and get your hands dirty”. You will be guiding a team of amazing engineers and have the opportunity to work with other peer engineering leaders, PM, designers, and other teams. 

What you’ll do:

  • Manage a team of software engineers, drive technical projects and provide leadership in an exciting, dynamic and sustainable environment
  • Provide oversight and guidance to engineers to successfully execute engineering projects while establishing an effective operating rhythm
  • Create detailed engineering plans, processes, and procedures for engineering staff to use and abide by
  • Conduct various tests and quality assurance checks to verify the quality of completed projects
  • Mentor, coach, and train your reports on how to set quarterly goals, create plans to achieve them and unblock any obstacles along the way
  • Be responsible for the overall planning, execution, and success of complex technical projects
  • Work closely with the product management team to define roadmaps, direct team efforts and ensure that we’re building products and features that   users
  • Prepare and deliver various engineering-related presentations, both internally and externally

What you are/have/will be:

  • 5-8 years of relevant experience of professional web development experience
  • 2+ years of managing software development teams, managing remote teams is a plus
  • Hands-on programming experience in Java, C++, and Python
  • Strong distributed systems and architecture knowledge and experience
  • Familiarity with modern web frameworks
  • Demonstrated commitment to the success of the team as a leader as you will be expected to mentor and manage a team of engineers
  • Strong technical abilities, problem-solving, design, rapid prototyping, coding, and debugging skills
  • Good communication skills and a track record of cross-group/discipline collaboration
  • Excellent collaboration skills and the ability to be adaptable and agile in development
  • Demonstrated experience as a technical lead or people manager
  • Committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive team

Thank you for your time and application! We will contact you if you’re shortlisted for the position.

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