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Enchante Showflat Review

Family-oriented Boutique Condo in Newton with Sky Gardens & Unblocked Views (from $2,657 psf)

14 Oct 2022 · 28 min read · by Faruq Senin


Sale PSF Range

$2,657 ~ $3,069 psf (indicative)


D11 - Newton / Novena

Nearest MRT

Newton MRT

No. of units


TOP date




by Evelyn Pte Ltd (Victory Land)

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At a glance


  • 7-min walk to Newton MRT (DTL/NSL)
  • Near popular schools like ACS (Pri), ACS (Junior), Singapore Chinese Girls' Sch and St. Joseph's Institution
  • 5-10 min drive to Orchard Road and Health City Novena

Unit Mix

Total: 25

  • 3 Bedroom + Home Office: 11
  • 3 Bedroom (Dual-Key): 7
  • 3 Bedroom (Duplex): 2
  • 4 Bedroom + Home Office: 4
  • 5 Bedroom (Penthouse): 1

Unit Layout

  • There's flexibility of unit configurations to suit different family sizes
  • Availability of dual-key units and units with home offices


  • Starts from S$2,657 psf
  • Prices are generally in line with new sale transactions in District 11

Appreciation value

  • Value is expected to increase due to upcoming developments like Health City Novena
  • Prices will remain attractive as District 11 is a prime location for buyers


  • Small site area but there is a 12.5m pool and mini gym
  • There are sky gardens to suit different lifestyles of residents and family-oriented facilities

Boutique new launch condominium Enchante opens for preview on 21 July 2022. Situated at 3 Evelyn Road in prime District 11, Enchante is a freehold development in the Newton/Novena neighbourhood.

Enchante will be a 16-storey development comprising 25 units. These range from 3 to 4-bedroom units with home offices, including some dual-key units as well as one 5-bedroom penthouse. All units come with a private lift.

enchante entrance showflat model

P.S. The preview for Enchante is currently ongoing. Book a showflat viewing by clicking "Enquire Now" and find out more about Enchante.

Background info on Enchante

Enchante's previous site was a two-storey detached house with an annexe apartment unit. In 2021, the site was acquired for S$18.25 million by Evelyn Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of local developer, Victory Land.

It's always interesting to see what boutique developers bring to the table. They might not be as well-known as bigger developers, but they hold their properties close to their hearts. It's like a pet project to them and there will usually be many personal touches.

enchante showflat model

Victory Land is no different. Even though it is a new player in the market, the developer is committed to providing quality homes for buyers and making them "happy and fulfilled" (according to the developer).

The unit layouts and facilities have a very strong emphasis on family. One thing that Fanny Cheng, director of Victory Land, told us was that they had planned out how a family would use the space when conceptualising the layout. One of the developer's aims is to ensure that the homes they build can be enjoyed by residents for many years to come.

For a small boutique development, Enchante's offerings are promising. The fixtures and furnishings in the units are also well-thought-out, even in the little details. And it's clear that they are reaching out to buyers who are family-oriented.

So if you're a buyer looking for a family home that'll last for generations, you'll want to continue reading our review of Enchante.

Quick facts about Enchante

1. More than half of units will enjoy good views

As the area around Enchante is mostly populated by private landed houses, more than half of all units will be able to enjoy unblocked views of the surrounding area on one side of the development. What's great is that levels 1 and 2 have a ceiling height of 5m each and residential units are only from level 3 onwards. Hence, even those units will get some sort of a view as it'll be higher than neighbouring landed houses.

One thing to note is that while there are views on one side of the development, the other side will be views of neighbouring condominiums.

2. There are six unique sky gardens

One of the highlights of Enchante are its six sky gardens. These are situated on levels 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14, each with a different concept and theme. These include an urban garden, a kids' play area, a yoga deck and more. Hence, it will suit the different needs and lifestyles of residents. We'll elaborate more about these sky gardens in the facilities section below.

3. Flexible unit arrangements for families

To cater to different family sizes and needs, Enchante allows flexible unit arrangements. For instance, there's an option to combine two units into one supersized unit for larger or multi-generational families. The project can also accommodate even bigger and wealthier families who want to occupy a number of floors.

There's also the flexibility of turning certain non-dual-key units into dual-key units (and vice-versa). Families can choose to do so when their children grow up and get married. This will ensure that they have their own personal space, yet they can still live with their parents. This reflects the developer's vision of a family home that can last for generations.

4. Medical and healthcare professionals can get a S$50,000 discount during the preview period

This is probably one of the most interesting discounts we've seen for a property. But there's a back story to why the developer is offering a discount to medical and healthcare professionals. Victory Land's director, Fanny, actually had her own battle with cancer. Hence, she wanted to offer them a discount as a gesture of appreciation. You can read more about Fanny's story here.

As Enchante's location is near the hospitals and clinics at Health City Novena, it'll be perfect for doctors and nurses who often need to rush to emergencies. Staying close to their workplace would also allow them to get home faster after long hours at work.

Review of unit layouts and floor plans of Enchante

Enchante Showflat: 3 Bedroom Dual Key - Type A (DK), 1,087 sq ft (101 sqm)

Total no. of units:

  • 7

Who is it suited for:

  • Multi-generational families
  • Those who want to earn rental income from the studio unit

enchante 3 bedroom dual key unit floor plan

Enchante 3 Bedroom Dual-Key floor plan (1,087 sq ft, 101 sqm)

The 3 Bedroom Dual-Key units are the only dual-key units in Enchante and they make up almost a third of the total number of units. These units are targeted at multi-generational families where young married couples might want to live with their parents but still have their own personal space.

Alternatively, for buyers who want to earn some passive income, they can rent out the studio unit to tenants.

enchante 3 bedroom home office floor plan

Enchante 3 Bedroom + Home Office floor plan (1,087 sq ft, 101 sqm)

If you don't need a dual-key unit, there's a 3 Bedroom + Home Office unit with a similar layout, except without separate entrances to two units. This unit also comes with a home office area to facilitate hybrid working arrangements.

Private lift lobby

enchante private lift lobby

This is the private lift lobby that will greet you once you exit the private lift. The entrance to the main unit is on the right while the entrance to the studio unit is on the left.

Although the area is not huge (around 32.3 sq ft, 3 sqm), there's adequate space to place a shoe cabinet or decorative ornaments to welcome your guests.

Studio unit

enchante dual key master bedroom

Besides the bedroom and bathroom, the studio unit also has a balcony and pantry. The bedroom measures 194 sq ft (18 sqm) while the bathroom measures 32.3 sq ft (3 sqm) and the balcony measures 53.8 sq ft (5 sqm). This brings the total area to 280 sq ft (26 sqm) which is a decent space for a couple living in the studio unit.

enchante dual key master bedroom

From our experience visiting other showflats with dual-key units, the studio unit here is larger than average. In the showflat, the ID has placed a queen-sized bed but there's also enough space to fit in a king-sized bed.

As you can see, there's also space for a small dressing table at the side of the bed, which is quite rare to see in a showflat unit.

enchante dual key wardrobe

The wardrobes come with built-in sensor lights. This is useful in situations where you or your spouse return home late and you don't want to disturb your other half. This way, you can access the wardrobe without switching on the bedroom lights.

If you'd like to customise the wardrobes to your liking, you can also inform the developer.

enchante dual key shelves

The shelves that you see in the showflat will also be included in the provisions as well. This is usually an ID treatment in showflats so it's nice to see this being provided by the developer for additional storage space.

enchante dual key balcony

The balcony is pretty spacious for the studio unit. It's actually slightly larger than the balcony of the main unit. The ID has placed a sofa here to show that there's space for a hangout spot in the studio unit. This is also great as it gives the couple living in the studio unit some personal space. One person can be hanging out at the balcony while the other can be at the bed area.

If you're wondering what the view from the balcony would be like, there's also an enlarged prospective of it at the showflat.

In case you're leasing the studio unit to tenants and they want to install a washing machine, there's a water point at the studio balcony for them to do so.

enchante dual key pantry

The pantry is located right outside the bathroom. Here, you'll find a laminated cabinet with a quartz countertop and a kitchen sink. We'd imagine this space to be a spot for making drinks or even preparing simple meals.

We'd love to have seen a built-in induction cooker and hob since this area might possibly be for tenants. But it seems that Enchante's developer meant for this studio unit to be more of an extension of the main unit and that the couple living here will join their family for meals. However, as there are power plugs, it'll also be possible to install your own microwave oven or even plug in your own induction cooker.

Although the studio unit doesn't come with a fridge, you can install a fridge in the pantry should there be a need for one.

enchante dual key bathroom

The studio unit bedroom has standard provisions that you're most likely find in a master bathroom. There's a rain shower and a two-panel vanity mirror with storage. What we love are the light panels on the side of the mirrors which makes the bathroom even brighter.

Another thing you'd notice is that there is a fixed mirror in the pantry area. Hence, if one person is using the mirror in the bathroom, the other person can use the mirror in the pantry instead of having to wait.

Living and dining area

living and dining area enchante

The combined area of the living, dining and kitchen area is 334 sq ft (31 sqm), which is an average size. But what's great here is that there's a sense of openness as there's little separation between the living and dining area and the kitchen.

Plus, there's plenty of light coming from the full-length windows and balcony, which makes the communal areas feel even more spacious. For buyers who like an open layout, this will be perfect for them.

The living and dining area and kitchen are also fitted with compressed marble tiles with marble skirting which is more durable and looks elegant than standard porcelain tiles. Marble tiles are usually only reserved for more premium units but it's a bonus that all units in Enchante has them.

living area with kitchen enchante

Many of the open concept kitchens we've seen in showflats have a countertop separating the kitchen and the other communal areas. However, at Enchante, the kitchen feels like it's part of the living and dining areas.

This way, families will have an easier time bonding when preparing meals. Having an open kitchen like this is also beneficial for parents as they can keep a lookout for their kids while cooking.

living and dining area with back door enchante

From the living area, you can also access the sky gardens and the common lift. As there'll only be two units sharing the same floor, the sky garden will feel like an extension of your unit. The 3 Bedroom Dual-Key units will share the floor with the 3 Bedroom + Home Office units.

If you're hosting a gathering or party at home, you can leave the door open so that your guests can enjoy more space. It's also great for kids who will most likely need space to run around.

living area enchante

What the ID has done in the living area is to place a three-seater sofa against the wall. While this creates more space to move around, it's not practical if you're planning to have a TV in the living room.

enchante living and dining floor plan

Alternatively, you can also place a sofa facing the wall instead, so you can hang a TV on the wall. In fact, with the lack of separation between the living and dining areas, you can also choose to have the living area in the current dining area and vice-versa. You can also extend some seating areas to the balcony.

dining and balcony enchante

Hence, it's up to you how you'd like to arrange the furniture in the living and dining areas. What's great is that there's flexibility to use the space as you deem fit.

dining area and kitchen enchante

If you'd like to stick to the arrangement in the showflat, the dining table that the ID has set up can accommodate four people. Alternatively, you can explore a larger dining table that's parallel to the balcony instead of what's suggested in the showflat.

balcony enchante

The balcony has a size of 43 sq ft (4 sqm), which is not huge. However, you can still place a mini high table (like the ID has done in the showflat) or even a small round table with two seats.

As one of the highlights of Enchante are views of the surrounding areas, we would have loved it if the balcony was longer. It would have been nice if the balcony stretches across both the living and dining areas.

Kitchen has plenty of thoughtful provisions

enchante kitchen

Although the kitchen in this unit isn't one of the largest we've seen, it has many thoughtful provisions and unique features to make household chores easier for residents.

The laminated kitchen cabinet set is by premium Italian brand, Snaidero. It's one of Europe's leading kitchen cabinet manufacturers and is known for their high quality. The kitchen cabinet set was actually made in Italy and assembled in Singapore, so you can be assured of its quality.

The kitchen countertop and backsplash are quartz, which seems to be the material of choice for many new launches. This is not surprising as quartz countertops are durable and stain-resistant.

enchante kitchen cabinet racks

An example of a thoughtful provision are dish racks which are included in the cabinets. We usually see this as an ID treatment in showflats but Enchante will be providing this.

enchante kitchen pull out shelves

Another plus point are these pull-out shelves in the cabinets. This might be a minor addition to the kitchen but it makes life so much easier for residents. With these shelves, you'll be able to get your items from the cabinet easily.

enchante rodi sink

The kitchen sink and mixer is by Rodi, a Portuguese brand which is highly-awarded. One interesting feature here is that you can adjust the height of the kitchen mixer and keep it if you don't need to use it.

enchante rodi kitchen sink

What's more, the sink has a cover which also acts as a chopping board. This is a first for us but this concept is definitely something we'd like to see more of in other new launches.

enchante kitchen gas cooker and induction cooker

One great thing here is that both an induction and gas cooker are provided by Miele. Having both options is beneficial for multi-generational families. While younger family members might be used to induction cookers, older folks might prefer using a gas cooker instead. Some pots might also not be compatible with induction cookers and hence, it's always better to have both options.

One consideration here is that the kitchen cabinets are white and if your family tends to cook often, there might be grease stains and you'll have to clean them more regularly.

enchante oven by miele

The oven is also by Miele and one feature here is that it's a smart oven. So, you can easily check on your bakes using an app. This way, you can monitor it regularly without having to head to the kitchen and ensure that your bakes won't be burnt.

enchante miele washer dryer

Similarly, the washer-dryer is also from Miele and you can use an app to start washing your clothes. In situations where you're making your way home from somewhere, you can start washing your clothes and it'll be done when you're home. This will definitely help you save time and makes it more convenient for you to keep track of your household chores.

Household shelter

enchante household shelter

Instead of being located in the kitchen, the household shelter is along the corridor to the bedrooms. This might be a good or bad thing depending on what you intend to use the household shelter for.

The area is 43 sq ft (sqm), which is similar to the balcony. If you have a helper, perhaps you might want to turn it into a helper's room and it makes sense as it's located near the shared bathroom as well. Alternatively, it could just be another storage space or a wine storage space.

Master bedroom

master bedroom enchante

The master bedroom has a size of 151 sq ft (14 sqm) while the master bathroom has a size of 43 sq ft (4 sqm). It's slightly smaller than the studio bedroom.

It's not the biggest we've seen for 3-bedroom master bedrooms but we felt that the walkway space beside the bed was sufficient and it didn't feel tight.

enchante master bedroom windows

It helps that the windows are full-length so there's plenty of light to make the space seem roomier.

enchante master bedroom

There's space to place small tables at the side of the bed too. If you're thinking of placing a dressing table, you might want to consider the space in front of the bed. In the showflat, the ID has placed a small table at the same spot.

Do note that if you're placing a dressing table, you need to be sure of its measurements as it's not a very big spot to begin with. You'd want to have just enough space so that you won't block the walkway around the bed.

enchante master bedroom wardrobe

Unlike the wardrobe in the studio bedroom, the wardrobe in the master bedroom has sliding glass door panels in laminate finish. This makes the master bedroom wardrobe sleeker and more elegant. Like the studio bedroom, there are built-in sensor lights in the wardrobe too.

One thing we'd love to see are smaller compartments for little items like jewellery, watches and ties. We're increasingly seeing more of such touches in new launch condominiums. Recently, boutique condos we visited like Baywind Residences and Atlassia had provided them too. Hence, it would have been nice to see it at Enchante too.

For those of you who prefer more wardrobe space, the 4 Bedroom + Home Office and 3 Bedroom (Duplex) have walk-in wardrobes in their master bedrooms.

master bathroom enchante

The master bathroom here has a similar size to the one in the studio unit. You'll find a two-panel vanity mirror with storage space, lights at the side of the mirrors as well as a rain shower.

master bathroom enchante

What sets it apart is the toilet bowl with an automatic sensor washer by German bathroom manufacturer, Duravit. It's even complete with a remote so you can control the water pressure, seat temperature and more. You can also use the remote to open or close the toilet bowl cover.

We've only seen a toilet bowl with washer at LIV@MB's showflat and even then it was for its most premium unit and it didn't come with a remote. So, it's really refreshing to see this feature provided in the master bedroom of all units at Enchante.

Other bedroom

enchante bedroom

The other bedroom in the main unit has an area of 86.1 sq ft (8 sqm), which is a standard size for most common bedrooms in new launches. Fitting in a single bed and a side table seems to be the best arrangement as it will still leave you ample space in the bedroom.

You could probably fit a queen-sized bed if you wish but this might leave little space around the bed.

One good thing is that there are full-length windows in the bedroom, which is a plus point for common bedrooms.

enchante bedroom wardrobe

The wardrobe in this bedroom is similar to the one in the studio bedroom. We like the fact that the built-in lights are provided for this bedroom as well. Many new launches will only reserve this for master bedrooms, and hence, it is a bonus feature to have here.

jack and jill bathroom layout enchante

Another thing we like is also the jack-and-jill bathroom layout of the shared bathroom. It can be accessed by both the common bedroom and the corridor.

This is a great arrangement especially if you have the elderly in the common bedroom. This way, they can access the bathroom more conveniently without having to go through the main corridor.

shared bathroom enchante

The layout of the shared bathroom is also different from the other two bathrooms in the unit. Instead of one two-panel mirror, there are two vanity mirrors at the sink and above the toilet bowl.

An added touch that we like here is a bidet spray. Though it isn't as fancy as the sensor washer in the master bathroom, it definitely enhances the bathroom experience for residents (and guests).

rain shower shared bathroom enchante

Unlike many other common bathrooms we've seen in other new launches, there's a rain shower in this one and a window for ventilation as well. There are also side shelves in the shower area so you can store your toiletries (which can be found in the other bathrooms as well).

Enchante's 5-Bedroom Penthouse (Type PH - 1,701 sq ft, 158 sqm)

enchante 5 bedroom penthouse floor plan

We'll also briefly touch on Enchante's 5-bedroom penthouse unit which is located on the 16th floor. For families who need more bedrooms and prefer to have more communal areas, this unit would be perfect for them. Some highlights of the unit include two open roof terraces, a dry and wet kitchen concept as well as a family area.

enchante penthouse unit

Model of the penthouse unit on level 16

Another plus point of the penthouse is that the ceiling height is 4.5 metres and this extends to the bedrooms as well. What's great is that the void areas are not included in the official unit size. Hence, you can install your own furniture deck in the bedroom or living-dining spaces to create a loft or even have bookshelves that extend all the way up.

artists impression enchante penthouse

Artist's Impression of penthouse

Stack analysis and facilities review of Enchante

Stack Analysis - views from the stacks

enchante stack analysis of views

There are only two stacks at Enchante and these are for units from level 3 to level 15. Level 16 is only occupied by the 5-Bedroom penthouse.

P.S. Find out more about Enchante's unit mix by clicking on the "Enquire Now" button and book a showflat viewing.

unblocked view from enchante

Image source: Google Maps

This is a Google Maps image of the view from Stack 1, which overlooks the private landed houses. Most of them have a gross plot ratio of 1.4 which means that the highest allowable height for these land plots is only 5 storeys. Hence, there's a high chance that the view from Stack 1 will be unblocked for many years to come. If you look further beyond the landed houses, you'll also be able to see MacRitchie Nature Reserve.

enchante views of condos

Stack 2 will be facing the neighbouring high-rise condos. These are L'viv (32 storeys), Setia Residences (24 storeys), 15 Newton (10 storeys), Residences @ Evelyn (33 storeys) and Trilight (30 storeys).

The good thing is that there's some distance between Enchante and the other condos, thanks to the tennis courts of L'viv and Residences @ Evelyn.

Sun Analysis

enchante sun facing analysis

Enchante is north-east and south-west facing. Stack 1 faces north-east while Stack 2 faces south-west. Hence, Stack 1 will be getting some indirect morning sun, depending on the time of the year. On the other hand, Stack 2 might get some indirect afternoon sun. But the good news is that there's a high chance that it will be blocked by the neighbouring condos.

Facilities at Enchante

Enchante Site Plan

enchante site plan

Sky gardens are perfect for various activities and family bonding

sky garden showflat model enchante

Due to space constraints, boutique condos often have to find alternative and creative ways to provide facilities and green spaces to their residents. Some new launch boutique condos that we've seen have rooftop lawns, gardens or pools, like Royal Hallmark and Baywind Residences. Others like Jervois Mansion (which is a bigger boutique project) have an elaborate network of rooftop gardens.

Hence, Enchante is also bringing greenery into the development through its sky gardens. The idea of having sky gardens on every two floors is ingenious and what's great is that it's easily accessible to residents. We can easily see why it's the main highlight of Enchante's facilities.

artist's impression of sky garden at enchante

Artist's Impression of Enchante's sky gardens

What's great is that each of these sky gardens is targeted at different demographics and lifestyles. And it's also a space for families to spend quality time indoors if they don't wish to go out. The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred a change in lifestyles, and more families might prefer to spend time at home, so this is a great facility to have.

enchante sky garden

Artist's Impression of Furry Friends' Garden

The Furry Friends' Garden on level 4 is a dedicated play space for children and those with pets. Here, you can play camping with kids or have a picnic with your family. As there's no playground in Enchante, kids can explore their creativity in this sky garden instead.

enchante sky garden

Artist's Impression of the Herbatum

If you frequently incorporate herbs into your cooking, the Herbetum on level 8 will be perfect for you. Here's where you'll be able to find a variety of herbs and spices like rosemary, ginger, chilli and basil. And you're free to take them as you please. The herbatum will be maintained regularly by the MCST, so there will always be enough supply.

If you have green fingers, there are also five plots that are reserved for residents to do their own gardening.

enchante sky garden

Artist's Impression of the Serenity

With Covid-19, hybrid working environments have also become the norm. That's why Enchante also has units with a home office so that residents will have a dedicated space to work from home. However, if you need a change of environment, you can also head to the Serenity on level 10. The space is designed for "working from home" and there's Wi-Fi here as well. Plus, you can also enjoy stunning views as you're working.

enchante sky garden

The other sky gardens are dedicated to wellness and embracing nature. For instance, the Utopia on level 14 is a spot for meditation and doing yoga. You'll also get a panoramic view of the city while doing that!

Family-friendly multi-purpose room

enchante multi purpose room

There's a multi-purpose room on level 2 that's perfect for gatherings of 15-20 people. The room has Wi-Fi, power plugs and air-conditioning so it's perfect if you're planning birthday parties, anniversaries or even a casual night with loved ones. There's also a white wall where you can use a projector to watch movies or even have a soccer night with friends. Do note that you'd have to bring your own projector.

Near the multi-purpose room, there's a BBQ pit so you can have barbecued food with your loved ones.

Fitness facilities

enchante pool

For a small boutique project, Enchante has managed to provide a lap pool which is 12.5 metres long and 3 metres wide. There's also a jacuzzi on the side of the lap pool, and their combined length is 15 metres.

As there are only 25 units in Enchante, there's also a low possibility of the pool getting crowded. As the pool is indoors, you'll also get to use it even when it's raining.

enchante gym

Besides the pool, there's a small gym with limited facilities. This is pretty standard across most boutique condominiums we've seen.

enchante lawn area

However, if you wish to do alternative exercises like cross-fit or circuit training, there's a long walkway and lawn area outside the gym to cater to that.

1:1 ratio of units to parking lots

enchante carpark

Good news for those who drive - there's a 1:1 ratio of units to parking lots at Enchante. There's also an additional disability-access parking lot for those who need it.

In line with environmentally sustainable efforts, there's also an electric vehicle charging point. More new launch condos are providing this these days, so it's great to see Enchante jumping on the bandwagon. There are six bicycle lots too for avid cyclists.

Location review and amenities nearby

Enchante is located at Evelyn Road, off Newton Road, so the good thing is that you won't experience the hustle and bustle of the main road. Though the development is within a 5-10 minute drive from the Orchard Road shopping belt, you're spared the noise and traffic.

As mentioned previously, the Newton neighbourhood consists of low-rise private landed housing and private condominiums. Hence, your neighbours will most likely be families and expatriates.

Transportation options

Newton MRT station Exit B

In terms of public transport, Enchante is about a 7-minute walk to Newton MRT which is on the North-South line (NSL) and Downtown Line (DTL). You can also walk for about 10 minutes to Novena MRT. Additionally, there are buses along Newton Road that'll bring you to various parts of Singapore like Orchard, the CBD, HarbourFront, Jurong East, Pasir Ris and the north.

If you drive, it will take about 11 minutes to get to the CBD during off-peak hours (more for peak hours). Changi Airport is about a 23-minute drive away. The two expressways nearest to Enchante are Central Expressway (CTE) and Pan-Island Expressway (PIE).

Schools near Enchante

schools near enchante

For parents participating in the primary schools balloting exercise, there are three schools within a 1km radius of Enchante (schools labelled in red on map above). These are Anglo-Chinese School (Primary), Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) and St. Joseph's Institution Junior.

St Joseph's Institution Junior

Other schools within a 2km radius are Singapore Chinese Girls' Primary School, St. Margaret's School (Primary), Hong Wen School, Farrer Park Primary and CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh). These are schools that are labelled in blue on the map above.

Amenities and hangout spots near Enchante

Enchante is only a 10-minute walk from Newton Food Centre, which has a wide variety of local food. Some of the famous stalls here are Hup Kee Oyster Omelette, Soon Wah Fishball Kway Teow Mee, Hajah Mona Kitchen and Guan Kee Grilled Seafood.

There are also a number of malls within walking distance from Enchante, such as United Square, Novena Square, Square 2 and Goldhill Plaza.

tan tock seng hospital

Enchante is also a 5-minute drive to Health City Novena, where you'll find medical facilities like Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Ren Ci Community Hospital, Novena Specialist Centre and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. For multi-generational families, being near medical facilities is great, especially if you live with an elderly.

Price analysis & comparisons

The indicative pricing for Enchante is as follows:

enchante price

Based on the price guide released by the developer, we'd take the indicative average price psf of Enchante to be around S$2,682.

If you want to get the latest project updates for Enchante, you can click on "Enquire Now" to book your showflat viewing.

Price comparison of Enchante with boutique new launches nearby 


Average Price PSF (S$)

No. of units



Unit types (br)







10 Evelyn





1,2, Penthouse

35 Gilstead





1,2,3, Penthouse

Fyve Derbyshire






Neu at Novena












Cairnhill 16

from 2,789





Sloane Residences






Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co

When compared to boutique new launches in the vicinity, Enchante seems to be on the higher end for its average price psf.

Let's take a look at projects in District 11. The projects closest to Enchante are 10 Evelyn (located just opposite) and 35 Gilstead. Prices for 10 Evelyn are about 7% lower than Enchante while prices for 35 Gilstead are about 5.8% lower than Enchante. Both projects launched before the pandemic - 10 Evelyn launched in Oct 2018 and 35 Gilstead launched in Mar 2019.

Similarly, other projects on the list like Fyve Derbyshire and Neu at Novena also launched in 2019. Both are also in District 11. The price gap between Enchante and these projects are smaller than 10 Evelyn and 35 Gilstead.

prices of condos between 2018 and 2022

If you look at the sale transactions in the CCR and District 11 pre and post-pandemic, there is evidently a price gap. Hence, we'd say that the price gap between Enchante and the other projects are justified.

The only anomaly here is Ikigai, which generally has lower prices than the district at S$2,161 psf. However, there are only three transaction records for Ikigai and they are all 1+1 bedroom units.

Out of these projects, only Neu at Novena and Fyve Derbyshire have a substantial supply of 3 and 4-bedroom units. Even then, Enchante's 3 and 4-bedroom units are generally larger. So, families who are looking for a larger space in District 11 will still consider Enchante.

Sloane Residences and Cairnhill 16 have bigger 3 and 4-bedroom units. However, they are located in District 10 and District 9 respectively, which are known to have higher average price psf than District 11.

Enchante vs new sale transactions in the CCR area in the past one year 

enchante price vs ccr new launch prices

When compared to new sale transactions in the CCR in the past one year, Enchante's average price psf is in line (or slightly better) than the market. However, one thing to note here is that most of the CCR new launches in the past year were in District 9 or 10, with some others in District 2, 4, 6 and 7. Hence, the average prices in these districts (except District 4) are usually higher than District 11.

Comparison of 3 and 4-bedroom prices with boutique new launches nearby 


3-Bedroom Prices (S$)

4-Bedroom Prices (S$)


2.633m - 3.149m (1001-1270 sq ft)

from 3.425m (1281 sq ft)

35 Gilstead

2.132m - 2.478m (840-936 sq ft)


Fyve Derbyshire

1.772m - 1.925m (797 sq ft)

2.034m - 2.181m (936 sq ft)

Neu at Novena

2.057m - 2.378m (818-861 sq ft)

3.099m - 3.475m (1302 sq ft)

Sloane Residences

3.343m - 3.89m (1249-1292 sq ft)

4.151m - 4.377m (1496 sq ft)

Cairnhill 16

from 2.9m (1055 sq ft)

from 5.7m (1744 sq ft)

Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co

As 3 and 4-bedroom units are the predominant unit types at Enchante, we've done a comparison of 3 and 4-bedroom prices in boutique new launches in the vicinity. If you're looking to stay in a small development with fewer than 100 units, this comparison might be useful for you.

Enchante's average 3 and 4-bedroom prices are higher than the projects in District 11 like 35 Gilstead, Neu at Novena and Fyve Derbyshire. This could be attributed to the larger sizes of its units. Do note however that Neu at Novena's 4-bedroom units are larger than Enchante's but the quantum is lower due to the lower average price psf.

As for Sloane Residences and Cairnhill 16, their average quantum is higher as they have generally larger sizes. As mentioned earlier, they are also located at Districts 9 and 10 which usually have higher premiums than District 11.

Appreciation value analysis

1. Health City Novena

health city novena

The Health City Novena could be a huge factor in the value appreciation of Enchante. It will be the largest single healthcare complex in Singapore when completed in 2030. The 17-hectare complex will provide thousands of jobs for healthcare professionals and Enchante could be an option for these professionals looking for a home nearby. For multi-generational families who have an elderly living with them, they might also want to move near medical institutions in case of any emergencies.

Two factors that'll keep Enchante's value competitive are its unblocked views and proximity to good schools. As mentioned earlier, over half of Enchante's units will get unblocked views and it's likely that the situation will remain as it is for many years to come. That's because the areas around it have a gross plot ratio of 1.4, with a maximum height of five storeys. Hence, there will always be interest from buyers who look for good views in the area.

Enchante's proximity to popular schools will also strengthen its value. With three schools within a 1km radius and five schools within a 2km radius, this makes Enchante very enticing for young families whose children are about to start primary school.

3. Price appreciation trend of condos in D11

price trend of condos in district 11

Based on the price chart above, average prices in District 11 have enjoyed steady growth in the past 15 years. They have grown by 58.91% as compared to 22.27% for condos in the CCR. Hence, this bodes well for Enchante's price appreciation.


From the get-go, Enchante has been very clear in its messaging, to provide a home for families that will last for generations. And they have managed to deliver this vision in their unit layouts, fixtures and furnishings as well as facilities.

For multi-generational families, the dual-key units would be perfect as they ensure that family members have their own personal space, but yet enjoy time together. This is also bolstered by facilities like the multi-purpose room which encourages family gatherings. The sky gardens also ensure that family members can enjoy quality bonding time indoors or engage in activities that they enjoy.

With its great location near medical facilities and plenty of popular schools, Enchante is definitely an excellent choice for families looking to stay in a city-fringe location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Enchante?

Prices for Enchante start from S$2,633,000 for 3 Bedroom + Home Office (1,001 sq ft) and S$2,932,300 for 3 Bedroom + Home Office (1,087 sq ft). 3 Bedroom (Duplex) units start from S$3,148,900 and 4 Bedroom + Home Office starts from S$3,425,400. The 5-Bedroom Penthouse is priced at around S$4,980,000. The psf prices range from S$2,657 to S$2,928.

Where is Enchante's showflat and how can I book a viewing?

Enchante's showflat is located at 31, Evans Road. Book a showflat viewing by clicking on "Enquire Now".

Is Enchante a good investment?

Enchante is a good investment for families who are looking to stay in a city-fringe location. The unit layouts and configuration are flexible depending on the size of your family. It is also near 8 popular schools like Anglo-Chinese School, St. Joseph's Institution and Singapore Chinese Girls' School.

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