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Condominiums (Condos) are a type of private property with leaseholds of 99 years, 999 years or freeholds. Few condos were built until early 1990 and were designed for high income people, with apartment sizes approximately double that of the existing HDB properties. However, the condominiums that we know of today are much smaller apartment units than before, as can be seen in the list of condo floor plans that are readily available for new launch condo projects or resale condos apartments, but the key difference that makes condos so attractive is the exclusive facilities that come with buying a condominium. Condo residents enjoy the convenience of having private facilities that security guards, swimming pools, tennis courts, private gyms and basketball courts. 
Popular condominiums are spread across Singapore, with the more expensive projects being located in the Central region due to its proximity to the Central Business District (CBD) and the convenience that comes with it. Home-buyers can choose between resale condos which usually offer a cheaper option as well as a potentially favourable location or new launch condo developments that offer exciting new options. Weigh up the different condo Singapore prices within each region in our Condo Directory to find the best deals for you!

Featured Condominiums in Singapore

Thumbnail Image for Parc Riviera - #1
Parc Riviera

West Coast Vale · D05 Condo · 2020 · 752 units

$1,048 - $1,577 psf

Thumbnail Image for iNZ Residence - #1
iNZ Residence

Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5 · D23 Condo · 2019 · 497 units

Latest Condo news

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3 more condo sites are released by the government for 2020, and here’s our analysis.

For the second half of 2020, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has announced the release of three Confirmed List sites under the Government Land Sales (GLS) programme. On 26 November, the remaining two sites at Ang Mo Kio and Tengah were released for tender. The Confirmed List sites consist of three residential sites yielding about...

Jun 25, 2020 · 7 min read · by Kyle Leung

#Property News#Condo Stories & Insights#Ang Mo Kio#GLS#condo#executive condominium#farrer park

Dual-key condo: Analysing the pros and cons

Dual-key condo units first hit the market with the launch of Caspian by Frasers Centrepoint Homes back in 2009. Since then, developers have caught on, launching numerous projects across Singapore that feature dual-key units. Some new launch condo projects featuring dual-key units include Parc Clematis, La Mariposa and Piccadilly Grand. With dual-key units, owners essentially...

Apr 28, 2022 · 9 min read · by Elizabeth Tan

#Property News#Condo#Condo Stories & Insights#ABSD#buying property#condo#dual-key

MAS is Warning Property Buyers of the “Sell One Buy Two” Approach

You’ve seen it all over the internet by now: how to sell one HDB flat and buy two condos. It’s the latest favourite catchphrase of some property agents. But how does it work, and is it safe? How does “sell one buy two” work? It mainly works through the power of leverage. To be more...

Nov 06, 2019 · 5 min read · by Ryan Ong

#Property News#Financial News#condo#hdb#investment

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Condo guides

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5 most family-friendly condos in Singapore

So you’ve decided to make the move to this fast-paced city, but have no clue where to settle your young brood. Condominiums, with their suite of facilities from pools and gyms to barbeque pits, are some of the most luxurious homes in Singapore. (Cover image credits) Now, condos are everywhere and it’ll be tough to...

Jul 04, 2017 · 5 min read · by Elizabeth Tan

What condo size is right for you?

The typical Singaporean will buy the biggest possible condo they can afford. It’d go something like: “Find out how much is enough to literally bankrupt me, and then just shrink that amount by a bit.” But in this age of higher downpayments, economic uncertainty, and climbing interest rates, that’s a bad idea. To make your purchase...

Nov 28, 2018 · 9 min read · by Ryan Ong

Condo vs. HDB Living for Expats in Singapore

If you’re an expat renting in Singapore, you might have noticed the big divide between public and private housing. Over 80 per cent of Singaporeans live in HDB flats, so if you think living in a condo sets expats further apart from experiencing life as a local, you’re completely right. Still, the trade-offs for expats...

Dec 21, 2015 · 6 min read · by

Condo vs. HDB living: How Does It Affect Your Child?

Is it better for children to be raised in a condominium or HDB flat? Here’s what you need to consider: What are the main factors that impact your child? Let’s take a look at how these two properties affect a child, in terms of:  Safety Amenities Exposure to Singaporean culture Social access Ability to raise...

Apr 07, 2019 · 6 min read · by Maelyn Lagman

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Latest Condos for Sale

All Condos for Sale
Thumbnail for 484 sqft 1 Bed condo for sale in Sky Vue - #1

Sky Vue

1 Bishan Street 15

1 Bed 1 Bath 484 sqft


Thumbnail for 1830 sqft 3 Beds condo for sale in Reflections At Keppel Bay - #1

Reflections At Keppel Bay

8 Keppel Bay View

3 Beds 3 Baths 1830 sqft

$3.33 M

Latest Condos for Rent

All Condos for Rent
Thumbnail for 1270 sqft 2 Beds condo for rent in Warner Court - #1

Warner Court

110 Holland Avenue

2 Beds 2 Baths 1270 sqft


Thumbnail for 529 sqft Studio condo for rent in Duo Residences / Duo Tower - #1

Duo Residences / Duo Tower

1 Fraser Street

Studio 1 Bath 529 sqft


Featured New Launch Condos

All New Launch Condos
Thumbnail Image for Treasure at Tampines - #1
Treasure at Tampines

Tampines Lane · D18 Condo · 2023 · 2203 units

Thumbnail Image for JadeScape - #1

Shunfu Road · D20 Condo · 2023 · 1206 units

FAQs about Condos in Singapore

What is a Condo/Condominium?

A condo is a building that contains units or apartments which are owned by different persons. However, the owners of the units still share common facilities. The development site is required by the law to be not less than 40,000 sq. Ft. for it to qualify to be categorized as a condominium.

Who can buy a new condominium?

Condos in Singapore are open to all permanent residents (PRs) or Singaporean Citizens. Buyers are required to provide the necessary documents and show evidence of financial capability.

Singaporean Citizens vs Singapore PR: Are there different Qualification Requirements?

Purchasing a private condo is a far more simple and smooth process for Singaporeans and Singapore PRs. 
Only non-permanent residents or foreigners are required to fulfil specific requirements.
Here are the qualifications that Singapore residents must meet:
    -  Complete the Minimum Occupation Period since the date you acquired ownership, usually five years for DBSS, HBD flats, and ECs.
    -  Inform the HDB of your local private residential property before exercising OTP.
    -  Sell your flat in less than 6 months after purchasing the private property.

Condo TOP: What does it mean?

Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) is a permit that allows homeowners to occupy the building temporarily when the key requirements are met as it may take some time to obtain the Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC). By law, a CSC or TOP is required to occupy the building.
TLDR: TOP allows you flexibility in occupying a building before it is fully complete (if the building is deemed safe)

Are all condos the same? Are there different classifications or categories?

Singapore has three major types of private condos.
    1. Mass-market condos – they are relatively expensive and found in the suburbs.
    2. Mid-market condos – contain many facilities than mass market units and commonly located in prime fringe locations.
    3. High-end Condos – often come with deluxe amenities and located in prime districts.
They are classified in terms of their location, price and facilities offered.

What is the Option to Purchase (OTP)?

The Option to Purchase is an agreement providing the buyer with a 14-day exclusivity period, and other buyers cannot be offered the condo within that period. It serves as a good faith deposit.

Offer to Purchase and OTP: What's the difference?

The Option to Purchase is an agreement providing the buyer with a 14-day exclusivity period, and other buyers cannot be offered the condo within that period. It serves as a good faith deposit.
The Offer to Purchase is a method used by sure buyers to secure the condo by bypassing the OTP stage. It usually demands a 5-10% deposit that safeguards the property.

Where can I get financing to purchase my condo unit?

The recommended financing options for buying a new private condo include loans offered by financial institutions and bank loans.

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