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Home Reports for Property Agents

Generate personalised Home Report for your clients

In just a few clicks, generate personalised Home Reports for your clients to find out how much they should buy, rent or sell their properties for maximum gains!

Home Report
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Automated calculation of X Value for both sale and rental properties

Use comparable Market Analysis, our Home Report automatically calculates the X-Value on how much to sell, buy or rent your clients’ properties for you!

Professional presentations with data visualisation

Have complicated data and financial trends simplified into downloadable, easy-to-read graphs for you! Using visual charts, make it easy for your clients to understand how much their properties are worth.

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Over 2 Million home reports generated since 2008

Singapore’s most trusted source for home pricing information

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Get big picture of Singapore’s property market

Scope lucrative opportunities for your clients with one stop access to District and Project level property prices.

Transactions' analysis computed for you

Your unit's transactions details and those of relevant projects all in one place. View your unit's transaction details and those of nearby projects, offer your clients a benchmark for comparison to make the right decision effortlessly.

transaction analysis

investment potential
Investment yield evaluations

Market analysis done and dusted. This premium section includes rental yields of different unit sizes to size potential return on equity; sale as well as rental list prices of comparable projects.

Are you a property agent?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Agent Home Reports?
  • Agent Home Reports are pdf files with all the information about a particular property you or your client might be interested in.
  • These can be generated based on unit no. or project.
  • We recommend using unit no. so that the data provided can be more relevant to you.
  • They are available for both residential and commercial properties. However, commercial properties are only available for subscriptions above Performer.
  • Download sample report.
What is in an Agent Home Report?
Agent Home Reports contain the following information:
  • Project details (e.g. Developer, Plot ratio, total units, available unit sizes, nearby transport & shopping)
  • X value sale and rent (*these are indicative prices, updated daily and based on proprietary algorithms)
  • Project transactions and PSF history
  • Stack premiums & transactions
  • Current asking prices
  • Rental transactions
  • Comparable rental prices
  • Actualized investment returns

Disclaimer: Content sections may vary depending on availability of data
Where is the data in Agent Home Reports from?
  • The transactions data is sourced from a combination of official and private data channels.
  • The calculations in the report, such as X value, investment projections and others are estimations based on formulas we believe best fit the use case.
  • X value varies based on the floor size input when creating the Agent Home Report, for best results input the accurate floor size.
  • We aim to provide you the most comprehensive and accurate property market data, if any transaction or report differs from your expectation our support team would be happy to assist you.
What can I use Agent Home Reports for?
  • Home Reports are available for both residential and commercial properties
  • These are particularly useful for clients who would benefit from in depth details about their potential property purchase or sale. Or for you as an agent to efficiently keep yourself informed on particular units or projects
Where can I download Agent Home Reports from?
  • Available on both app and web with an agent login
  • Reports will be emailed to you, and can also be downloaded directly from web page
Who can access Agent Home Reports?
  • All Agents on paid subscription plans
  • Agent Home Reports for commercial properties are only available for Performer subscriptions and above.
  • Unfortunately this is not available to free agents or consumers at this time
Can I send the Agent Home Report to my client?
  • Yes, you can either forward the email we send you or download and send via Whatsapp
  • We built this tool to help agents conduct in depth property research.
  • There is also an optional section to fill in your client name when generating the report
Why did I not receive my Agent Home Report?
  • We apologize if your download was not successful
  • Please reach out to support@99.co for further assistance
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