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    Landed property is often viewed as the housing equivalent of reaching the top tiers of the society’s social ladder by many Singaporeans. While the discussion of which one is better between purchasing a condominium and purchasing a landed house might never end, landed properties are indeed unrivalled in terms of their sheer size, spacious living quarters, and privacy. When people buy landed properties, they not only get the houses but the whole piece of land which the houses are built on as well. This freedom of owning a piece of land is one of the main reasons why the demand for landed houses in Singapore is perpetual.  The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Building and Construction Authority (BCA), and Singapore Statistics classify three types of landed properties categorised under the land title: detached house, semi-detached house, and terraced house. If you look to find a landed house for sale and would love to have absolute privacy, then a detached house is the most suitable private property for you. This type of landed house in Singapore is commonly called a bungalow as the structure does not share a common wall or roof with its neighbours. Furthermore, while semi-detached houses are a pair of houses built side by side sharing a common wall, terraced houses should be part of a row of at least three units. Also known as townhouses, terrace houses Singapore still have their own privacy despite the joined structure. The middle units share party walls with their neighbours on both sides, while the corner or end terrace houses are only attached to one other neighbour. To find the right houses for buying and commit to permanent residency is a major step in life for most people. Different from purchasing property for investment purposes, buying a landed house requires more homeownership. However, rest assured that the lifestyle benefits are well worth the cost. The spare land areas of your house could be useful to improve your living, such as landscaping it into a beautiful front yard garden, or turn it into a productive backyard, or just make it into a recreational space for the children to play around and have the best of their time.
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