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Midtown Modern Sky-Bungalows Review

Large duplexes for families in the city, linked to Bugis MRT (Prices from S$15.5m)

13 Jul 2022 · 8 min read · by Faruq Senin


Sale PSF Range

$4,287 ~ $4,701 psf (indicative)


D7 - Beach Road / Bugis / Rochor

Nearest MRT

Bugis MRT

No. of units


TOP date



99 Years

by Guoco Midtown II Pte Ltd/Midtown Modern Pte Ltd (Guocoland/ Hong Leong Holdings/ Hong Realty)

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At a glance


  • Prices range from S$15.5m to S$17m (S$4,287-S$4,701 psf) each.

Unit Mix

  • Only 6 Sky-Bungalows, including 1 rare duplex penthouse on levels 29-30
  • Other Sky-Bungalows are on level 24 onwards

Unit Layout

  • Each Sky-Bungalow is 3,616 sq ft and has 5 bedrooms
  • Duplex penthouse has a ceiling height of 4.2m in living-dining area


  • Part of Guoco Midtown, a mixed-use and integrated development with shops and F&B outlets
  • Directly connected to Bugis MRT station on East-West and Downtown Line

Luxury new launch development Midtown Modern has recently launched six double-storey Sky-Bungalow units on 5 July.

Midtown Modern’s developer, GuocoLand Limited introduced the double-storey Sky-Bungalows to cater to homebuyers who prefer larger homes. These are perfect for large and multi-generational families with varying needs as well as ultra-high-net-worth individuals who love hosting and entertaining guests. 

The prices of the sky-bungalows, each being 3,616 square feet across two floors, range from S$15.5m to S$17m (S$4,287-S$4,701 psf) each.

Background info on Midtown Modern

Set to TOP in 2024, Midtown Modern has a total of 558 units across two 30-storey towers. It is part of Guoco Midtown - an integrated and mixed-use development that’s connected to Bugis MRT station

Besides its residential towers, there will also be more than 20 lifestyle shops, cafes and restaurants in the retail section. Apart from the convenience of having shopping and F&B outlets on-site, residents can also enjoy facilities like a grand lawn, tennis court (extremely rare for a District 7 project), a 50-metre lap pool, a tea house and a deluxe clubhouse which can accommodate 50 guests.

midtown modern showflat model

The project opened for sale back in March 2021 and it saw over 60% of units snapped up during the launch weekend. According to GuocoLand, about 76% of units at Midtown Modern have been sold.

If you’re a prospective buyer looking for a multi-generational home for your family in the city, you might be considering Midtown Modern’s Sky-Bungalow. Hence, we’ve rounded up its offerings and how it would be suitable for large families.

What You Should Know About Midtown Modern’s Sky-Bungalow Collection

1. Each Sky-Bungalow has an area of 3,616 sq ft with five bedrooms

With an impressive area of 3,616 sq ft, buyers can enjoy the perks of living in a bungalow due to its vast space. But instead of the conventional bungalow, homeowners can experience living in a bungalow “in the sky”. 

midtown modern sky bungalow design

Cross-section of Sky-Bungalow

There are also five bedrooms which can easily accommodate a family of seven or more. This makes it perfect for large or multi-generational families who are looking to stay in a convenient location in the city centre. 

2. Each Sky-Bungalow has panoramic views of the city

midtown modern sky bungalow balcony

Artist’s Impression of living room with balcony and views from the Sky-Bungalow

As the Sky-Bungalows are located from the 24th to 30th floor of Midtown Modern’s towers, residents can enjoy panoramic views of the city. 

Instead of the usual 180-degree views, residents can enjoy a unique 270-degree view from the Sky-Bungalows. This is because the living and dining areas measure about 10 metres in length and flow into the large balcony. There are full-length windows in the living and dining areas too and hence, it gives residents a greater sense of space. 

3. Rare penthouse unit in the city centre

Among the six Sky-Bungalows, there’s also a double-storey penthouse on the 29th and 30th floor of Midtown Modern’s South Tower. 

The highlight of the penthouse is its remarkable ceiling height of 4.2m on the main living-dining floor. 

Multi-storey penthouses are usually found in districts like Orchard or Bukit Timah but it’s rare to find one in a central location such as Midtown Modern. The last new launch duplex penthouse in the city centre that made headlines was the Super Penthouse at Canninghill Piers which sold for S$48 million ($5,360 psf).

Unit layout and floor plan of Midtown Modern’s Sky-Bungalows

Midtown Modern’s Sky-Bungalows are a combination of two of its 4-bedroom premium units. Individually, these units had a size of 1,808 sq ft and they will be stacked to create duplexes. 

This is the original layout of the 4-bedroom premium unit at Midtown Modern:

midtown modern 4 bedroom premium unit layout

Original layout of Midtown Modern’s 4-Bedroom Premium unit

The floor plans below depict the layout of the Sky-bungalows on levels 24-25, 26-27 and 28-29 of the North Tower. The other two Sky-Bungalows are on levels 25-26 and 27-28 of the South Tower. The layouts are a mirror image of each other. 

midtown modern sky bungalow first floor

First floor of Sky-Bungalow (non-penthouse)

You can spot some changes in the floor plan. One bedroom has been converted into the stairs and store area while the living and dining areas have been enlarged. 

Also, the private lift only opens on one level for direct access to the main living-dining floor. Previously, the private lift opens up to the living and dining area but now, it opens up to the stairs and views of the city. 

midtown modern sky bungalow second floor

Second floor of Sky-Bungalow (non-penthouse)

Other changes also include having a junior master bedroom and an entertainment & family lounge. 

Floor plan of Midtown Modern Sky-Bungalows penthouse unit 

midtown modern sky bungalow penthouse 30th floor

Penthouse 30th floor (main dining and living area)

midtown modern sky bungalow penthouse 29th floor

Penthouse 29th floor 

The duplex penthouse has almost a similar layout to the other Sky-Bungalows. However, the difference here is that instead of having the living and dining areas on the lower floor, they are located on the upper floor instead. Here’s where you’ll find the 4.2m ceiling height. 

The private lift also opens on the upper level so residents and guests can directly access the main living-dining floor. 

Supersized living, dining and entertainment areas

midtown modern sky bungalow living and dining area

One thing you might have noticed is how huge the main living and dining areas are. To put things into perspective, this space is as large as a typical 2-bedroom condominium unit. That’s about 635 sq ft for Midtown Modern’s 2-bedroom unit. 

midtown modern sky bungalows living and dining area

Artist’s Impression of the living and dining area 

Besides accommodating the large or multi-generational family living in the Sky-Bungalow, this huge area is also perfect for having guests or hosting lavish parties. 

A plus point here is that there’s a separate entertainment & family lounge on the upper floor of the Sky-Bungalow, complete with a balcony. This is useful for multi-generational families as there can be two gatherings happening concurrently. 

Within a multi-generational family, there are usually multiple smaller families living together. Hence, this area also gives the smaller families their own personal space to spend quality time with each other instead of heading to the main living-dining area. 

Two kitchens and ample back-of-house areas

Another plus point of the Sky-Bungalows are the ample back-of-house areas. This means having two kitchens, two utility rooms, storage spaces and a linen room to support a large family. 

Having two kitchens is great especially when there are two gatherings happening at the same time. However, this is useful even in a day-to-day setting as multiple family members can prepare meals at the same time without encroaching into each other’s space. 

midtown modern sky bungalow kitchen floor planmidtown modern sky bungalow kitchen floor plan

Both kitchens are equipped with a fridge, induction hob, sink and wine chiller. However, while the main kitchen has a steam oven/convection oven, the other kitchen has a microwave oven instead. The main kitchen also has a gas hob which is great for those who intend to cook more frequently. 

Master bedroom suite has His & Hers bathrooms and two walk-in wardrobes

midtown modern sky bungalow master suite floor planmidtown modern master bedroom

The main master bedroom is larger than a one-bedroom condominium unit and it comes with a balcony. Hence, for the main couple in the household, it does seem like you can enjoy your own personal space, away from the rest of the family. 

midtown modern master suite bathrooms floor plan

Some highlights here are the two separate His and Hers ensuite bathrooms as well as two walk-in wardrobes. Hence, couples will be able to have their own privacy even when sharing the master bedroom. What’s great is that they can also customise their bathrooms according to their preferences. 

midtown modern sky bungalow master bathroom

Artist’s Impression of master bathroom

One of the master bathrooms is equipped with a bathtub while the other only has a shower area.

midtown modern sky bungalow walk-in wardrobe

Artist’s Impression of walk-in wardrobe

Both bathrooms are also adjacent to their respective walk-in wardrobes and hence, it’s super convenient. However, one thing to note is that the walk-in wardrobes are of differing sizes. Hence, couples will need to decide how they want to allocate the wardrobe space. 

Junior master suite 

Apart from the main master bedroom, there’s also a junior master suite. This is ideal for multi-generational families which might have more than one married couple. 

midtown modern junior master suite floor plan

While it’s not as huge as the main master suite, the junior master still has a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite bathroom complete with a bathtub. Not to mention that there’s a balcony attached to the bedroom as well. 

Other bedrooms of Midtown Modern Sky-Bungalow

Besides the two master suites, there are three other bedrooms in the Sky-Bungalows. If your family isn’t large enough or you need more flexibility in terms of space, you can easily convert either of them into a recreational room, a home office or even a mini gym. 

Collaboration with leading Italian interior designer Saporiti Italia

For buyers who are interested in luxurious furnishings and furniture, you have the option of decorating your home based on designs co-created by GuocoLand and top Italian interior design and furniture company Saporiti Italia. 

Currently, four designs have been pre-created from the collaboration and buyers can browse them through virtual tours. They can also choose to customise it even further with Saporiti Italia. 

guocoland collaboration with saporiti italia

Artist’s Impression of furniture and furnishings by Saporiti Italia

Saporiti Italia was founded in 1950 and is known for its sophisticated and advanced furniture designs in Italy.

All furniture, decorations and accessories are designed and selected specifically for the Sky-Bungalow Collection and are made in Italy. Some of these include a walk-in shoe cabinet, bag and watch showcase, tea table with an in-built heating plate as well as bedside tables integrated with mobile phone wireless chargers. 

This offering, which Saporiti will curate and design based on material and colours with each customer, is estimated to cost about S$1.5 million. 

Location and amenities around Midtown Modern 

guoco midtown

As Midtown Modern is part of Guoco Midtown, residents can enjoy the convenience of having retail and F&B options right at their doorstep. The mall will also be directly connected to Bugis MRT station, which is the interchange station for the East-West and Downtown Line. It’s also a short walk to Esplanade MRT station on the Circle Line.

Bugis Junction beside a road

For more shopping and F&B options, residents can walk to nearby shopping malls like Bugis Junction, Bugis+, Suntec City and Raffles City within 5 to 10 minutes. 

In terms of schools, Stamford Primary School is within a 1km radius while St. Margaret’s Primary School, Farrer Park Primary School and School of the Arts are within a 2km radius. For parents enrolling their children in pre-school, some of the options nearby are Viv’s Schoolhouse at Queen Street and Josiah Montessori at Suntec City.  


Midtown Modern’s Sky-Bungalow Collection is ideal for larger or multi-generational families who are looking for a luxury family home in the city centre. With a size of 3,616 sq ft, there’s more than enough space to suit the lifestyles and preferences of different family members. There are also ample areas for family members to have their own personal space. 

Midtown Modern is also equipped with facilities like a 50m pool and tennis court which is a bonus for Sky-Bungalow residents. Plus, it’s part of Guoco Midtown, an integrated and mixed-use development with shops and F&B outlets at its doorstep. These are added advantages and conveniences that usually don’t come with living in a conventional bungalow.

Hence, Midtown Modern’s Sky-Bungalows are for you if you and your family want to experience bungalow living but want to be near amenities and facilities in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Midtown Modern's Sky-Bungalow?

The prices of Midtown Modern's sky-bungalows, each being 3,616 square feet across two floors, range from S$15.5m to S$17m (S$4,287-S$4,701 psf) each.

Where is Midtown Modern's showflat and how can I book a viewing?

Midtown Modern's showflat is located at Kallang Airport Way. Click on "Enquire Now" to find out more.

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