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Terra Hill Review

Freehold new launch condo near Pasir Panjang MRT, with a luxurious collection for high-end buyers

18 Apr 2023 · 33 min read · by Faruq Senin


Sale PSF Range

From $2,404 psf (indicative)


D5 - Buona Vista / West Coast / Clementi

Nearest MRT

Pasir Panjang MRT

No. of units


TOP date




by Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments

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At a glance


  • 350m from Pasir Panjang MRT station on the Circle line, easy access to Marina Bay and CBD in future
  • Near business hubs in Mapletree Business City, one-north and HarbourFront
  • Close to the future Greater Southern Waterfront

Unit Mix

Total: 270

The Signature Collection: 240

  • 2-bedroom - 30
  • 2-bedroom + Study - 40
  • 3-bedroom - 126
  • 4-bedroom - 39
  • 5-bedroom - 5

The Prestige Collection: 30

  • 4-bedroom - 24
  • 5-bedroom - 6

Unit Layout

  • 3 and 4-bedders make up the majority of Terra Hill's units
  • Wide variety of unit layouts to cater to different family sizes and needs
  • Majority of unit types have an efficient layout and decently-sized bedrooms


  • 2-bedroom (Signature Collection): from S$1.5xx million
  • 3-bedroom (Signature Collection): from S$2.3xx million
  • 4-bedroom (Signature Collection): from S$3.4xx million
  • 4-bedroom (Prestige Collection): from S$5.0xx million

Appreciation value

  • Healthy price appreciation is expected as Terra Hill is close to the Greater Southern Waterfront
  • Circle Line extension will potentially boost Terra Hill's value


  • 5 different zones catered to different target demographics
  • Highlights include a 50m lap pool, a two-storey clubhouse with a gym and function rooms and a creek water feature for kids

UPDATE (18 April 2023): Terra Hill sold 38% of its units during its launch weekend on 25-26 February 2023. These units were sold at an average price of over S$2,650 psf.

Located near Pasir Panjang MRT station, Terra Hill sits on the site of the former Flynn Park, which was sold for S$371 million during its en bloc sale. At that time, in September 2021, it was considered the most successful en bloc sale.

Terra Hill has many firsts; it's the first new launch condo in the RCR (and the west!) in 2023 and the first of four new condos expected to launch in District 5 this year. The development is also among a few rare freehold new launches in the district in recent years.

terra hill showflat model

One of Terra Hill's selling points is its proximity to the Greater Southern Waterfront, which will see Singapore's southwest region transform into a lifestyle, commercial and tourism hub.

Terra Hill is also differentiating itself by offering two unique concepts for buyers. Its Signature Collection comprises 2 to 5-bedroom units with efficient layouts and functional and thoughtful provisions. Its Prestige Collection is a more premium offering, with 30 exclusive 4 and 5-bedroom units with generous living spaces, a private lift lobby and luxurious furnishings, among others.

With most of the recent new launches in District 5 already fully sold or almost sold out, will Terra Hill see the same success?

Here's our review of Terra Hill, where we analyse its floor plans, unit layouts, prices, stack analysis and more.

Review of Terra Hill's showflat unit layouts

Terra Hill Showflat: 2-bedroom + Study (B3) - 807 sq ft (75 sqm) [The Signature Collection]

Total no. of units:

  • 40

Who is it suited for:

  • Couples
  • Tenants
  • Small families with 1 or 2 children
terra hill 2 bedroom study floor plan

The 2-bedroom + Study unit is the biggest of all the 2-bedroom unit layouts; it's also the only 2-bedroom layout with a study room. Type B1 is 624 sq ft, while type B2 is 678 sq ft.

Only type B1 doesn't have a balcony. The good news is that all 2-bedroom units have two bathrooms and a household shelter. The latter is a bonus provision as few 2-bedroom units come with a household shelter. As most 2-bedroom units are compact, having a household shelter helps provide additional storage for residents.

Kitchen is open-concept but can be enclosed

terra hill 2 bedroom kitchen

As you enter the unit, you'll be greeted by the kitchen on the left. What we liked about the showflat is that you'll enter from the exact entrance, giving you an idea of what the actual unit would look like.

Like most other 2-bedroom units, the kitchen is open-concept, but if you prefer an enclosed kitchen, you can install a sliding door (at your own expense).

terra hill 2 bedroom kitchen

The standard provisions will be given; the induction hob and hood and built-in oven are by French premium brand, De Dietrich, while the fridge and washer-dryer are by Samsung.

terra hill 2 bedroom kitchen extra storage

The space in the kitchen and cabinet storage is adequate for the target persona that's expected to live in this unit - couples and small families. There's also a pull-out rack which is convenient for residents to store their condiments and sauces.

terra hill 2 bedroom storage area in foyer

As the unit has a dumbbell layout, there's not much of a foyer area, but the developers are providing a storage cabinet where you can keep your shoes, and it also hides the distribution box (DB) from plain sight. There's also a niche between the DB and shoe cabinet for residents to store their keys when they get home.

Dumbbell layout of the living and dining areas

terra hill 2 bedroom dining and living room

The combined area of the living and dining areas is 248 sq ft (23 sqm), a standard size for a 2-bedroom unit. But the width feels longer than other developments we've seen.

terra hill 2 bedroom living room

With the adjacent dining and living areas and the balcony, there's plenty of light in the common areas, which might make it look more spacious.

An interesting provision is a ceiling fan in the living/dining areas for all units. That's because Terra Hill is hoping to get the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award which is given to projects which have 30% energy and water savings and environmentally-sustainable building practices and green features. Other initiatives include installing solar panels on the roof of all blocks to power the utilities in the common areas and energy-efficient electrical appliances.

terra hill 2 bedroom dining room

The dining area can comfortably accommodate a four-seater table. If you plan to have more guests, you'd possibly be able to fit a six-seater table, but there will be less walkway space in front of the household shelter and study room. Perhaps an extendable table might work better in this case.

terra hill 2 bedroom living room and balcony

The living area can accommodate a three or four-seater, and in the showflat, the ID has placed an L-shaped sofa to give you an idea of how versatile the space is. It's interesting that the ID had opted for a rectangular table instead of a small round one, which accentuates the space in the living area.

Sizeable study room

terra hill 2 bedroom unit study room

The study room is 54 sq ft (5 sqm) and has substantial space for a single bed. Buyers who might not have the budget for a 3-bedroom unit can also choose to enclose the study room to get an additional bedroom. Alternatively, if you don't need a study room or an extra bedroom, you can open up the space to have a larger common area.

Master bedroom and common bedroom

terra hill 2 bedroom master bedroom

The master bedroom and master bathroom have a combined area of 183 sq ft (17 sqm), slightly larger than usual. It can fit a king-sized bed with ample walkway space around it. There's also enough room for two side tables. However, you won't be able to fit in a dressing table, which is usually the case for 2-bedroom units.

terra hill 2 bedroom master bedroom

All bedrooms also come with an additional accessory drawer in the wardrobe, where you can keep smaller items like belts, watches and jewellery. The wardrobes are equipped with built-in LED lights too.

Previously, these provisions were only reserved for master bedrooms or more premium units, but recently, it's become increasingly common in new launches. Hence, it's great to see Terra Hill providing these as well.

terra hill 2 bedroom master bedroom wardrobe compartment

Although there won't be sufficient space for a dressing table, what's great is that there's a side wardrobe panel with a full-length mirror. This way, you and your spouse can have your own personal space while getting ready. This will be provided for all the master bedrooms in the Signature Collection units.

terra hill 2 bedroom master bathroom

The master bathroom has a pretty standard size, with typical provisions like a vanity mirror cabinet and countertop. All master bathrooms also have an overhead rain shower which is usually more stylish.

One thing to note is that the bathroom LED lights in the showflat are ID treatment, so you'd need to install them yourself.

terra hill 2 bedroom common bedroom

The common bedroom is 97 sq ft (9 sqm) which is pretty similar to what we've seen in other launches. It can fit a queen-sized bed, so it's suitable as a guest room. This is perfect for young couples with their parents or friends over occasionally.

In the showflat, the ID has designed the bedroom into a study/work room with a sofa. In addition to the study room, there can potentially be two separate working spaces for couples to cater to hybrid working arrangements.

Terra Hill Showflat: 3-bedroom (C5) - 1087 sq ft (101 sqm) [The Signature Collection]

Total no. of units:

  • 28

Who is it suited for:

  • Mid-sized families with 4-5 members
terra hill 3 bedroom floor plan

3-bedroom units are the predominant unit type at Terra Hill, making up around 47% of all units (126 out of 270). There are nine different floor plans for the 3-bedroom units, ranging from 904 sq ft to 1335 sq ft. With various layouts and sizes, the 3-bedroom units cater to a wide range of mid-sized families and their needs.

Extended foyer space for some 3-bedroom units

terra hill 3 bedroom foyer

As you enter the unit, there's an extended foyer space, and you won't be able to see the living and dining areas at once. The C5 and C6 unit types are the only 3-bedroom units which come with an extended foyer area.

This is great for buyers who like to have some privacy, especially when there are delivery personnel at the door. If you frequently have guests over, the foyer is a nice area to greet them before welcoming them to the main living and dining areas.

terra hill 3 bedroom kitchen cabinet

The developers will also provide a storage cabinet to keep your shoes and hide the DB. This is similar to what we saw in the 2-bedroom + Study unit, just that the cabinet is bigger in the 3-bedder.

For buyers who need more storage space, the foyer makes sense for them. However, some buyers might see it as wasted space and opt for the other 3-bedroom unit types instead.

All 3-bedroom units come with an enclosed kitchen

terra hill 3 bedroom high ceiling ground floor unitterra hill 3 bedroom kitchen

As 3-bedroom households usually cook more often, the kitchen is a comfortable space for around three people. There's also a gas hob and cooker hood instead of an induction cooker to accommodate more frequent cooking. Plus, there's a window for natural ventilation if you plan to do some heavy cooking.

terra hill 3 bedroom kitchen

The other provisions included in the 2-bedroom unit - a built-in oven, fridge and washer-dryer. There's also a pull-out rack provided. However, for a 3-bedroom unit, we would have loved to have seen additional provisions like a dish rack above the sink.

terra hill 3 bedroom kitchen

We like the plenty of cabinet storage space and countertops, especially this nook (pictured above) which residents can turn into a coffee corner.

Instead of a wall, the developers have installed a glass wall panel to provide more light in the kitchen. For parents with young kids, this is also practical as they can be in the kitchen preparing meals, but they can still keep a lookout for their children.

For those who don't fancy a glass wall panel, you can replace it with a standard wall, but this will be at your own expense.

terra hill 3 bedroom household shelter

Bigger families might also have a helper, and they might wish to turn the household shelter into a helper's room. Hence, developers are able to provide a louvre bi-fold door for ventilation in place of a standard metal door.

Ground-floor units have 3.55-metre ceiling height in the living and dining areas

terra hill living dining areas

The 3-bedroom unit which we visited in the showflat is a ground-floor unit which has a ceiling height of 3.55 metres in the living and dining areas, balcony and all bedrooms. This is significantly higher than the normal ceiling height of 2.8 metres.

Although the living and dining areas are only slightly larger than the 2-bedroom unit, having a higher ceiling definitely accentuates the space and brings more light into the home.

terra hill 3 bedroom dining

In the showflat, the ID has placed a five-seater table in the dining area. However, we do feel that the space is quite limited if you choose to place your dining table in such a way. An alternative would be to arrange the table parallel to the kitchen's glass wall panel. This would allow you to get a bigger table, but the downside is that it will eat into the walkway space from the kitchen to the living room.

terra hill 3 bedroom living balconyterra hill 3 bedroom living room

As for the living area, a three or four-seater sofa would fit comfortably. There's also enough room for an L-shaped sofa or an armchair if you wish to.

terra hill 3 bedroom balcony

The balcony in the 3-bedroom unit is the same size as the one in the 2-bedroom unit so that it could be a space for additional seating or a work-from-home area.

None of the ground-floor units has a private enclosed space (PES) gate, usually allowing you to walk out to the condo's facilities. This is because the ground floor units aren't on the same level as the landscape deck due to the uneven terrain of the project. Hence, this might be something to consider if you plan on getting a ground-floor unit.

Dedicated storage space for cleaning items

terra hill 3 bedroom storage area in corridor

The 3-bedders (only types C4 to C9) and larger units come with a dedicated storage space in the corridor that is perfect for keeping day-to-day cleaning items and other things. What's great is that there's a power outlet so that you can charge cordless vacuum cleaners.

We've previously seen this at other new launches like Lentor Modern and Sky Eden@Bedok, and we love the idea as it speaks to the needs of younger homebuyers.

Master bedroom and common bedrooms

terra hill 3 bedroom master bedroom

The master bedroom and master bathroom have a combined size of 215 sq ft (20 sqm), which is larger than average. There's a decent amount of space for a king-sized bed and a dressing table, and you'll still be left with ample walkway space. Even then, there's still space in front of the bed to install some shelves for more storage.

terra hill 3 bedroom master bedroom

Besides full-length windows, there's also an additional window behind the dressing table. Having more natural light is always great as you won't need to switch on the lights during the day and can save on electrical expenses.

The wardrobe provisions are similar across the Signature Collection; there's a side panel wardrobe with a full-length mirror, accessory drawer and built-in LED lights.

terra hill 3 bedroom master bathroom

Similarly, the master bathroom provisions like the overhead rain shower, vanity mirror storage cabinets and sanitary wares are the same as the 2-bedroom unit. However, the master bathroom in the 3-bedroom unit has a window for natural ventilation.

terra hill 3 bedroom common bedroom

The two common bedrooms are 97 sq ft (9 sqm), which is average across new launches these days. Both bedrooms also have full-length windows. The ID has designed one of the rooms to have a double-decker bed with a study table to show how you can maximise the extended ceiling height of the ground-floor unit.

terra hill 3 bedroom common bedroom

The other bedroom has a queen-sized bed to show the versatility of the common bedrooms. If you opt for a queen-sized bed, you'll inevitably have less space to walk around the bedroom, but it's not super cramped either.

Terra Hill Showflat: 4-bedroom (DP1) - 1894 sq ft (176 sqm) [The Prestige Collection]

Total no. of units:

  • 24

Who is it suited for:

  • Multi-generational families
  • Large families with 6 or more people
  • Buyers who want to rightsize from landed property to a condo
terra hill 4 bedroom floor plan prestige collection

The highlight of Terra Hill's units is their Prestige Collection which is made up of 30 exclusive units. 24 of these are 4-bedroom units, and six are 5-bedroom penthouse units.

All Prestige Collection units are larger than the Signature Collection and have a private lift. The furnishings and fittings are also more luxurious than the Signature Collection, suitable for buyers who are looking for a more premium offering in the market.

The developer told us they saw a gap in the market for larger unit layouts in the RCR and OCR. Premium units with large floor plates are usually found in the CCR, and hence, Terra Hill is hoping to cater to buyers who prefer such a space.

We feel that the Prestige Collection will also appeal to buyers from the neighbouring landed estate. These buyers might be getting on in years and want to rightsize to a smaller unit, but they still need a large enough space for family gatherings.

Private lift lobby

terra hill 4 bedroom foyer

In the showflat, you'll enter the unit as you would from a private lift and arrive at a private lift lobby. There's ample cabinet storage here for you to keep your shoes. If you're entertaining guests, it will also be an elegant way to welcome them to your home.

Generous amount of space in the living and dining areas and balcony

terra hill 4 bedroom living area

Step into the unit, and you'll be greeted with a supersized living room and balcony. The living room is 6-metres wide, which is the same as the minimum width of an intermediate terrace house. In most developments, this width would include both the living and dining areas, but for the Prestige Collection, this is solely for the living room.

Another thing you might notice is that marble tiles are provided for the Prestige Collection compared to porcelain tiles in the Signature Collection.

terra hill 4 bedroom living and balcony

So, there's a generous amount of space, as you can see from the choice of furniture that the ID has opted for, a six-seater sofa with an additional side couch. With the abundant space, there are many furniture arrangements you can explore. For instance, most households would want a TV, and hence, they would have to face the sofa towards the wall.

terra hill 4 bedroom prestige collection balcony

The balcony boasts an impressive size of 129 sq ft (12 sqm), which is larger than the average size of a common bedroom. For those who frequently have gatherings for their loved ones, you can also place a dining table on the balcony to accommodate more guests.

terra hill 4 bedroom balcony

What's more, the Prestige Collection units are situated in the blocks which are on higher terrain, so those on the higher floors would be able to get a view of the whole development.

terra hill facade artist's impression

Artist's impression of the view from some units in the Prestige Collection

Some units will be able to enjoy views of the sea, too, as seen from this artist's impression above.

terra hill 4 bedroom dining room

The dining area can fit an eight or 10-seater table, depending on the needs of your family. What's great is that there's enough space for a round table and larger families would love this as it's easier for sharing meals and conversations.

For multi-generational families who frequently hold gatherings, the dining area could be for the older folks while the younger ones have a meal on the balcony.

Dry and wet kitchen concept

terra hill 4 bedroom dry kitchen

The dry kitchen is 86 sq ft (8 sqm) which is the size of a full-fledged kitchen. There's a bar countertop where you can serve drinks and snacks to guests. There are glass kitchen cabinets to store your wine glasses and other utensils.

As the dry kitchen is part of the communal areas and where you might also expect guests, the glass cabinets blend seamlessly into the decor of the home.

terra hill 4 bedroom dry kitchen

In terms of kitchen appliances, an integrated fridge, a built-in combination oven and a wine chiller are provided. They are all by the Swiss brand V-Zug, known for its luxury appliances.

As the dry kitchen is almost as complete as a proper kitchen, you can also prepare simple meals that only require the oven. This is useful for multi-generational families where there's more than one cook simultaneously.

terra hill 4 bedroom wet kitchen

The wet kitchen and yard are 129 sq ft (12 sqm), with ample cabinets for storage and countertop space. One of the highlights is a 5-burner gas hob by V-Zug, which we seldom see in new launches, but it's very practical for a large household. There's also a decently-sized window for natural ventilation.

terra hill 4 bedroom kitchen yard

Other kitchen appliances from V-Zug include a dishwasher and a separate washer and dryer. The free-standing fridge is the only appliance by Samsung. We've rarely seen a dishwasher in the list of provisions for new launches, so this is a pleasant surprise. This is in line with Terra Hill's energy-saving efforts, as dishwashers are known to be water-efficient.

terra hill 4 bedroom household shelter

The yard has generous space, so you can also hang clothes here on days when you're not using the dryer. Here's where you'd also find the household shelter, WC and entrance from the common corridor. This entrance is great for deliveries and is convenient when you need to dispose of trash.

The Prestige Collection has two master bedrooms

All the units in the Prestige Collection have a main master bedroom and a junior master bedroom. This is perfect for multi-generational families with more than one married couple.

Main master bedroom

terra hill 4 bedroom master bedroom walk in wardrobe

When you enter the master bedroom, you'll be greeted with an impressive walk-in wardrobe. Besides the generous wardrobe space, it also has a tinted glass finish with sensor LED lights which gives it a more elegant look. It's also practical as you can find your clothes easily without opening the wardrobe. A plus point is that there's also a standalone dresser provided, so you won't need to go through the hassle of finding one that fits.

terra hill 4 bedroom master bedroom walk in wardrobe

We love that the wardrobe has an upper and lower hanging rack as it makes it easier to organise your clothes.

terra hill 4 bedroom bathroom

The master bathroom is adjacent to the walk-in wardrobe, and you'll immediately feel the difference from the Signature Collection. It's adorned with marble walls and flooring, and there's a bathtub to soak in and unwind after a long day.

The shower area is a separate space, and the good news is there are two windows - one at the shower and one at the bathtub. So, there's natural light during the day.

terra hill 4 bedroom master bathroom his and hers sinks

There are also his and hers sinks, so couples will have their own personal space as they go about their daily routine.

terra hill 4 bedroom master bedroom bidet

A feature we love is the shower toilet (or bidet) which comes with a remote control.

terra hill 4 bedroom master bedroom

As for the main sleeping area, it can comfortably fit a king-sized bed with abundant space left for side tables and some seating areas.

terra hill 4 bedroom master bedroom

Overall, the main master bedroom in the Prestige Collection is a premium offering, and its provisions set it apart from the Signature Collection. It also matches up to premium units in other new launch developments we've seen.

Junior master bedroom

terra hill 4 bedroom junior master bedroom

The junior master bedroom and bathroom have a combined area of 194 sq ft (18 sqm), slightly larger than the master bedroom in the 2-bedroom unit. While there's no walk-in wardrobe here, it's still separate from the sleeping area, and the wardrobes also come with a tinted glass finish with sensor LED lights. There's a standing dresser as well.

terra hill 4 bedroom junior master bathroom

The bathroom is adjacent to the wardrobe area and has standard provisions like an overhead rain shower, vanity mirror countertop and storage cabinets.

terra hill 4 bedroom junior master bedroom

The sleeping area isn't as wide as the main master bedroom but is still decently sized for couples.

terra hill 4 bedroom junior master bedroom

The ID has placed a queen-sized bed in the showflat, leaving comfortable walkway space. You can also fit a king-sized bed, but the walkway space will be slightly tighter.

terra hill 4 bedroom junior master bedroom dressing table

There's some space for a dresser in front of the bed, though it might be a little bit of a squeeze.

All bedrooms in the Prestige Collection are en suite

Besides the main master and junior master bedrooms, the two other bedrooms are connected to a shared bathroom. This benefits families with elderly as it will be easier for them to use the bathroom without walking far.

terra hill 4 bedroom common bedroom

Both the common bedrooms are 118 sq ft (11 sqm) each, larger than those in the Signature Collection. Both are able to fit a queen-sized bed, so it's perfect for younger couples who are still living with their parents.

terra hill 4 bedroom common bedroom

If you don't need that many bedrooms, you might also want to turn one into a study or work room since 4-bedroom units don't come with a study.

terra hill 4 bedroom common bedroom

The good thing about the shared bathroom is that it's exclusive to the two common bedrooms. There's no entrance from the common corridor, and if you're having guests over, there's a powder room for them. This way, there'll be more privacy for family members. In total, there are four bathrooms in the 4-bedroom Prestige Collection unit (including the powder room but excluding the WC).

Stack analysis and facilities review of Terra Hill

Terra Hill Stack Analysis

Terra Hill has 54 stacks across nine blocks which are 5-storeys each.

terra hill signature collection and prestige collection

Blocks 20, 20A and 20B are the Prestige Collection, while blocks 18, 18A, 18B, 22, 22A and 22B are the Signature Collection.

The Prestige Collection, comprising only 4 and 5-bedroom units, has only two units per block. All of the units come with a private lift, so it's really exclusive for residents. The Signature Collection, comprising 2 to 5-bedroom units, has eight units per block. As there are two lift lobbies in each block, four units will share one lift lobby, and hence, there's a lower possibility of the lifts getting congested during peak periods.

Views from the stacks

Terra Hill's site plan has a rather unconventional shape which is probably due to the layout of the former Flynn Park. The development is also located mid-hill, and it's on a slope, so there are terrain differences within the site.

terra hill views from the stacks

The stacks we think have the best views are 25 and 26 in block 20, as they face the greenery at Kent Ridge Park. These are the 4 and 5-bedroom Prestige Collection units.

The south-facing stacks in blocks 22, 22A and 22B also have a good chance of enjoying great views as the neighbouring site will be a future educational institution based on the URA masterplan. While we don't know how tall the future building will be, the good news is that Terra Hill is already on a higher terrain than the aforementioned site. So, there's a high chance that the units on the higher floors can enjoy views of the sea.

terra hill sea facing stacks

Another thing to note is that the difference in height between Terra Hill's entrance at Yew Siang Road and the Prestige Collection units is 18 metres. Hence, units on the higher floors of the Prestige Collection will potentially get views of the sea as well.

terra hill facade artist's impression

This is the artist's impression from the balcony of stacks 25 and 26 in Block 20, which offers an impressive view of the whole development and the sea.

Sun direction analysis

terra hill stacks facing afternoon sun

The developers have maximised the arrangement of the blocks to ensure that none of the units is directly facing the west afternoon sun. However, several stacks might get afternoon sun for half of the year.

For instance, stacks 3 to 6, 11 to 14 and 19 to 22 might get afternoon sun from March to September. Meanwhile, the stacks facing the future educational institution and the Prestige Collection units might get afternoon sun from September to March.


Terra Hill site plan

terra hill site plan

Due to the difference in terrain, the developers were able to create three main landscape levels and curate five different zones to maximise landscape views for the units. Hence, the majority of Terra Hill's units will enjoy a view of the pool or other water features.

terra hill showflat

At Terra Hill's showflat, you'll be able to see the difference in terrain more clearly through the showflat model.

50m lap pool and clubhouse

terra hill 50m lap pool

The highlight of Terra Hill's facilities is the zone with the 50m lap pool and a two-storey clubhouse overlooking it. Besides the lap pool, what's great is that there are smaller pools to cater to different groups of residents. This includes a kids' pool, a lounge pool and other relaxation areas.

terra hill clubhouse

The clubhouse, called Terra House, consists of the gym and two function rooms, Club Room and Screening Room. Residents can book the function rooms for gatherings with their friends and family. The Club Room is more for having meals, while the Screening Room is for watching movies or karaoke parties. Besides the function rooms in the clubhouse, there's another function room called the Creek Room.

terra hill gym

Artist's impression of Terra Hill's gym and Terra Hub

The gym is located on the second floor of Terra House. Instead of having a full-fledged gym, the developers have combined it with Terra Hub, a social space where residents can relax after gym sessions and interact with other residents. The good news is that you don't have to make any bookings to use the social space. There's a water dispenser here, although we wished there were more amenities like a vending machine.

While having a gym with a social space is a pretty unique idea, it might be a little disruptive to residents who are more serious about working out.

Family-friendly facilities

terra hill creek family friendly facilities

Artist's impression of the playground and creek at Terra Hill

As most of Terra Hill's units are 3 and 4-bedroom units which target families, it's no surprise that there are several dedicated family-friendly facilities as well. The most interesting is the Creek. Inspired by a cartoon, this zone has stepping stones on the water where kids can jump around and have fun. Of course, parents will have to supervise their kids here to ensure they don't get injured. Besides the Creek, parents can also bring their kids to the play cove and slide.

terra hill teppanyaki pavilion

There are various spots around the development where families can have quality time too. This includes the BBQ pavilions, teppanyaki pavilion, picnic pasture and mini putt, among others.

Wellness facilities

terra hill tranquil zones

Residents who want peace and quiet can head to the Sanctuary, where there's a tranquillity pavilion, hot tub, jacuzzi loungers, yoga deck and more. There's also an aqua gym for those who want to get some workouts done here.

terra hill side gate to kent ridge park

One of Terra Hill's highlights is its proximity to the greenery at Kent Ridge Park. There's a side gate at Pepys Rd, and from there, residents will find easy access to the park.

Terra Hill location review

Neighbourhood around Terra Hill

Terra Hill is located in a neighbourhood of private condominiums and landed houses. Its immediate neighbours are Pepys Hill Condo and Island View, both of which were built in the 1980s and are freehold.

As Terra Hill is hidden from the main roads, Pasir Panjang Rd and West Coast Highway, the area around the development is most likely very quiet. What's more, Kent Ridge Park is just around the corner, which means there's easy access to greenery and nature.

Convenience and accessibility

terra hill location map

Terra Hill's entrance is at the end of Yew Siang Rd, a cul-de-sac. So drivers won't have to worry about congestion when entering or exiting the development. Within a few minutes, drivers will be able to get on Pasir Panjang Rd or West Coast Highway. It takes about 4 minutes to drive to Mapletree Business City, 6 minutes to VivoCity, 8 minutes to the one-north business hub and 10 minutes to the CBD.

Public transport is also convenient as Pasir Panjang MRT station on the Circle Line (CCL) is just 350 metres away (about a 4-minute walk). Once the CCL6 extension is completed in 2026, Terra Hill's residents will be able to get to Marina Bay conveniently in just seven stops, significantly cutting the time taken to travel to the city centre.

Terra Hill's proximity to the Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW)

One of the biggest selling points of Terra Hill is that it's right next to the Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW). Although it's not part of the GSW, Terra Hill's site overlooks it. Some developments in the GSW are the Keppel redevelopment which will see 9,000 private and public housing, as well as the Sentosa-Brani tourism masterplan. Just 5 minutes away from Terra Hill, residents can also look forward to the redevelopment of the Pasir Panjang Power District into a lifestyle hub.

Greater Southern Waterfront plan

There will be a continuous waterfront promenade linking Marina Bay to Labrador Park, West Coast Park and the new Pasir Panjang Linear Park. In addition, there will also be easy access from the waterfront to Kent Ridge Park and Mt Faber. Find out more about the Greater Southern Waterfront in this video:

Schools near Terra Hill

schools near terra hill

For expat families and international students, Terra Hill is conveniently located within a 10-minute drive to several reputable international schools like ISS International School, Tanglin Trust School and UWC Southeast Asia (Dover Campus).

However, for those participating in the primary school balloting exercise, the situation is not as favourable as there are no primary schools within a 1km radius. The nearest is Blangah Rise Primary, which is within a 2km radius of Terra Hill. There might be some good news, though, as the site beside Terra Hill is reserved for a future educational institution. If it is a primary school, it will be convenient for residents. Currently, the site houses the Breakthrough Missions rehabilitation centre, but the lease ends at the end of 2023.

acs independent

For families with older children, there are several prestigious secondary schools and tertiary institutions within a 15-minute drive, such as Anglo-Chinese (Independent), Nan Hua High School, Crescent Girls' School, Anglo-Chinese Junior College and the National University of Singapore.

Price comparison and analysis

The indicative prices for Terra Hill are as follows:

terra hill price

Data source: Hoi Hup & Sunway

Terra Hill's prices start from S$1.5xx million, based on a media release by its developers, Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments. While exact prices haven't been released, agents and analysts are predicting the psf price to be at an average of S$2,600.

(*Disclaimer: Estimated psf prices listed in the table above are based on our calculations and are meant to provide a rough pricing. The actual psf prices might differ.)

Based on the transaction data of new sales from URA, Realis and 99.co, here are the average prices of freehold 2, 3 and 4-bedroom units in the RCR in 2022:

  • 2-bedroom: S$1,576,696
  • 3-bedroom: S$2,588,498
  • 4-bedroom: S$4,016,160

Hence, Terra Hill's indicative prices seem to be in line with the prices of freehold new launches in the RCR.

Average prices of new launches in District 5 (based on transactions in the past year)


Average Price PSF (S$)

No. of units



Unit types

Terra Hill

2,600 (estimated)





Kent Ridge Hill Residences






Normanton Park






One-North Eden












Parc Clematis






Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co

District 5 hasn't seen a new launch condo in almost two years. The last new launch was One-North Eden in April 2021, followed by Normanton Park in January 2021. Prior to Normanton Park, Clavon launched in December 2020 while Parc Clematis and Kent Ridge Hill Residences launched before the Covid-19 pandemic.

One-North Eden is the only condo in the district to surpass the S$2,000 psf mark. Besides being the latest new launch in the district before Terra Hill, One-North Eden is the only project that's within a short walking distance to an MRT station (It's less than a 10-min walk to both Buona Vista and one-north stations).

As Terra Hill is only 350m from Pasir Panjang MRT station, it is able to command a high price. It's also a freehold project, compared to the rest on the list which are 99-year leasehold projects. It's also worth noting that all of the projects above are fully sold, except Parc Clematis, which is around 98% sold. Hence, Terra Hill will fill the supply gap of new launches in the district.

Matching up to recent new launches in Singapore

To make sense of Terra Hill's indicative prices, we should also look at the prices of recent new launches in Singapore.

average psf in ocr rcr ccr

Average psf prices of new sale transactions in CCR, RCR and OCR

Based on the latest new sale transactions in 2023 so far, average psf prices are S$2,419 for RCR, S$2,081 for OCR and S$2,996 for CCR.

2022 was the first time we've seen average psf prices for new launches in the OCR going over S$2,000. This was bolstered by the lack of supply of new launches. Here are the average psf prices of new launches in Q1 of 2023 and the second half of 2022:

  • Sceneca Residence (launched Jan 2023) - S$2,098 psf [mixed-used development, 99-year, OCR]
  • Hill House (launched Nov 2022) - S$3,003 [residential, 999-year, CCR]
  • Lentor Modern (launched Sep 2022) - S$2,125 psf [integrated development, 99-year, OCR]
  • Sky Eden@Bedok (launched Aug 2022) - S$2,111 psf [mixed-use development, 99-year, OCR]
  • enchante (launched Jul 2022) - S$2,675 psf [residential, freehold, CCR]
  • AMO Residence (launched Jul 2022) - S$2,113 psf [residential, 99-year, OCR]

It's worth noting that none of the projects launched in 2022 were in the west, which emphasises the lack of supply of new launches in the west.

Upcoming new launches in District 5

Terra Hill is the first new launch condo in District 5 after almost two years, and hence, it'll most likely set the benchmark for the other launches this year. Other projects that are expected to launch in District 5 this year are Blossoms By The Park, The Hill @ one-north and the Former Gloria Mansion. Here's a quick comparison:

new launches in district 5 in 2023

Of the new launches this year, Blossoms By The Park and The Hill @ one-north are mixed-use developments with commercial units on the first storey while Terra Hill and the former Gloria Mansion are purely residential developments.

Average rent prices in District 5

Due to Terra Hill's location near the Greater Southern Waterfront and several other business hubs like one-north and Mapletree Business City, it might be attractive for investors who are looking for rental opportunities. Let's look at the rental yield of the condos in District 5.

average rental transactions psf in district 5

Average psf prices of rental transactions in District 5 in the past year

Based on the latest figures in December 2022, the average psf prices of rental transactions in District 5 was S$4.94 for 2-bedroom units, S$4.12 for 3-bedroom units and S$4.21 for 4-bedroom units. As for 5-bedroom units, the average psf price was S$3.84 in November 2022 (based on 1 transaction).

average rental transactions prices in district 5

Average prices of rental transactions in District 5 in the past year

In terms of average prices of rental transactions in District 5 in December 2022, it was S$4,315 for 2-bedroom units, S$5,451 for 3-bedroom units and S$7,585 for 4-bedroom units. The average price of rental for 5-bedroom units was S$9,800 in November 2022 (based on 1 transaction).

Appreciation value analysis

1. Proximity to Greater Southern Waterfront is expected to increase Terra Hill's appreciation

As mentioned in the location review above, Terra Hill will be a stone's throw away from the Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW). Besides the addition of 9,000 new homes, the developments in the GSW are expected to bring in around 5,000 new jobs as well as 20+ million sq ft of commercial area.

Hence, Terra Hill's location is ideal for those who are looking for employment opportunities in the GSW and want to move closer to it. It will also be an attractive location for rentals as it will most likely be more affordable than properties in the GSW but can still command a reasonable price.

2. Completion of the Circle line extension by 2026 will boost Terra Hill's value

With the completion of the Circle line (CCL) extension phase 6, residents from the southwest of Singapore will be able to travel to the CBD via train more conveniently and quickly. With just seven stops from Pasir Panjang MRT to Marina Bay MRT, Terra Hill's residents can potentially get to the CBD via train in around 15 minutes. Currently, it takes over 30 minutes, and commuters must transfer lines.

The graph below shows the price appreciation trend of condos near Pasir Panjang MRT over the last 20+ years. The condos listed are The Cassandra, Pepys Hill Condo, Fragrance Court, Island View and Banyan Condo, all within an 8-minute walk to Pasir Panjang MRT station.

condos near pasir panjang mrt

Price trend of condos near Pasir Panjang MRT station

If you look at the graph, all the condos had a significant price appreciation from 2005, when the CCL phases 4 and 5 started construction, to 2011, when Pasir Panjang MRT station was completed. The Cassandra, which TOP-ed in 2006, enjoyed a price appreciation of 107.12% from 2005 to 2011, while Pepys Hill condo had the highest appreciation rate of 281.73%.

Hence, Terra Hill has a good chance of appreciating well once CCL phase 6 is completed.


Whether you're considering Terra Hill for own-stay or investment purposes, the development is in an attractive location. It's only 350m away from Pasir Panjang MRT station on the Circle line, which makes it easy to get to the city centre fast (even better when the CCL extension is completed). Terra Hill is also within a short drive to employment nodes in Mapletree Business City, one-north and HarbourFront.

One of the most exciting developments near Terra Hill is the Greater Southern Waterfront, which will revitalise the southwest of Singapore into a commercial, lifestyle and tourism hub. This will bode well for you whether you plan to earn some rental income or sell your property in future.

One downside is that there are currently no primary schools within a 1km radius of Terra Hill and only one primary school within a 2km radius. But this might change with the rezoning of an educational institution beside Terra Hill. However, this won't be a major issue if you're a foreign buyer or your children are not in primary school.

With freehold new launch condos getting increasingly rare in today's market, Terra Hill might be suitable for families who plan to hand over their property to their children. However, not all buyers want to pay a premium for a freehold project. Furthermore, with three other projects expected to launch in District 5 this year, some buyers might take a more cautious approach and see what they offer.

As for the project itself, Terra Hill has a wide range of unit configurations to cater to different family sizes and needs. Its layouts are efficient and functional, with several thoughtful provisions like a storage closet for cleaning items. One thing that stands out is that there are two concepts for buyers - the Signature Collection and the Prestige Collection. With a private lift lobby, generous living spaces, bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and premium brands, the Prestige Collection is an excellent choice for the well-heeled.

Terra Hill is now open for previews. Click the “Enquire Now” button for the latest project updates and book a showflat viewing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Terra Hill's price?

Terra Hill's price start from S$1.5 million for its Signature Collection 2-bedroom units; from S$2.3 million for 3-bedroom units and from S$3.4 million for 4-bedroom units. Terra Hill's price for 4-bedroom Prestige Collection is from S$5 million. Terra Hill's average price is around S$2600 psf.

Where is Terra Hill's showflat and how can I book a viewing?

Terra Hill's showflat is at 50 South Buona Vista Rd, Singapore 118167 (former Vista Park). Book Terra Hill showflat viewing by clicking "Enquire Now".

Is Terra Hill a good investment?

Terra Hill is a good investment as it's near the Greater Southern Waterfront. This will be good for rental opportunities and if you plan to sell your property for profit in future.

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