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The 99.co Housing Manifesto for Singapore (Part 1 – HDB flats)

We’ve been hearing this a lot, but what’s a manifesto anyway? Well, a manifesto refers a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate, or by a organisation dedicated to the arts or social change. A political party manifesto encompasses all aspects of a citizen’s…

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This new condo lets you be neighbours with Tan Cheng Bock for just $1.24 million

If you loved hypebeast ah gong Dr Tan Cheng Bock so much during the 2020 General Election that you dream of becoming neighbours with him, you actually can do so—at a fraction of what you’d imagine it would cost. As most people would know by now, Dr Tan, the founder and first Secretary-General of the…

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GE 2020: What every party says about housing in their manifestos

Enough mudslinging, it’s time to put the focus back onto policies and issues that affect Singaporean livelihoods for what’s left of GE 2020. Casting the spotlight on housing, we looked through every political party’s manifesto to pick out the proposals related to housing. Here they are*: *wherever possible, the exact wordings are used without amendment….

Father of two says “I want to move out of Sengkang GRC”, gets rebuked.

Following the narrow General Election 2020 victory by the Worker’s Party (WP) in the newly-formed Sengkang GRC, a father of two residing there has expressed his desire to move out of the consituency, in a public comment on Facebook. “Speaking as a resident of Sengkang, I have nothing against this WP team, but also nothing…

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