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Evergrande logo on a building

The Evergrande crisis: 4 things to know about the Chinese property developer, and whether it’ll impact Singapore’s property market

Over the past one week, the spotlight has been on Evergrande, the second-biggest property developer in China. From videos of home buyers and creditors protesting at their headquarters to reports of its debts, it’s a real estate disaster in the making. Here are some things to know about the Evergrande crisis. 1. Has more than…

TikTok millennials generation alpha property search homebuyers

How TikTok may change property searches for some millennial, Gen Z and Gen Alpha homeowners

In March 2021, real-estate agent Rochelle Atlas Maize was tasked to sell a 6,300-sqft house in Santa Monica, California for US$5.299m. She decided to put it up on TikTok and within two weeks, sold it for US$5.1m. The house itself is a dream – six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, Spanish contemporary-designed – with a double-storey waterslide…

Strata landed home house singapore orchard

8 reasons why cluster homes or strata landed houses are worth buying

While Singapore’s landed properties usually come at a premium, there is an affordable variety with the perks of condominium living – cluster homes or strata landed houses. We’ve covered a few comparisons and recommendations before. In a broad sense, strata-landed houses are commonly associated with landed units, either within a cluster, or part of a…

apartment interior

How to Avoid Expensive Tenancy Nightmares

Most of us have heard horror stories from friends who’ve lost some or all of their tenancy security deposit to unscrupulous landlords. American entrepreneur Jeremy certainly had. So when he and his wife moved from the United States to Singapore and rented a condominium, they were careful to photograph the property and record its state…

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