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HDB resale flats are seeing a steady growth since 2019

Are you looking to buy or sell an HDB resale flat? 99.co's HDB Value Calculator gives you an estimate of the property's sale and rental value. It helps in negotiations, calculating loan amounts, potentially future return of investment and much more. Get your HDB Value today by inputting your address or postal code in the search bar below!

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What affects my HDB’s value?

Changes to your surroundings can have an impact on your HDB’s valuation. Here are some factors that may affect the valuation of your HDB:

View of your HDB Flat

New building developments that affects your unit’s view can cause your HDB value to depreciate.

Accessibility of your HDB Flat

Any new MRTs or bus stops built around your property can cause your value to appreciate.

New Amenity close to your HDB Flat

Completed shopping malls or sporting facilities can cause your value to appreciate.


What is included in your HDB Property Value report?

Your property value report gives you an estimated property value of your HDB or the HDB you’re looking to purchase. It provides the most up-to-date data that helps you make better financial decisions when it comes to buying, selling, upgrading or re-financing.

HDB Home Value

Get an estimate of your current property value in one click.

Powered by X-Value

The Gold Standard in Automated Valuation Model with 98% accuracy.

Property Insights

Receive information on the latest property sales and market trends for properties in your area.

Stay up to date

Get notified on the latest updates for your property.

What does my HDB Property Value Report generate?

Get various property insights compiled for you in one report.

Capital Gain

Calculated proceeds on your property if you’re looking to sell.

Nearby transactions

Overview of how much your neighbours have sold their properties for.

Rental value

Find out what the rental market price of your unit is.

Price trend

See past 10 years market price changes.

Start tracking your HDB property value

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this HDB Property Value Report to finance the purchase of my flat?

The value in this report is just an estimate of the indicative value of your HDB flat. In order for you to get financing for your flat, you will still need to have a valid issued Options to Purchase and apply for an official valuation by a licensed valuer on HDB’s panel.

How can I use this HDB Property Value Report?

Our valuation report provides you with an indicative price that can be used to begin negotiations on a purchase price between the seller and buyer. Do note that the final difference between the purchase price and official HDB property valuation will affect the amount of additional money you will need to pay for your HDB, including the Buyer’s Stamp Duty if you are purchasing, or Seller’s Stamp Duty if you are selling.

How many HDB properties can I track?

99 Property Value Tool allows you to track up to 4 properties, regardless of whether it’s a public or private property. If you already have 4 properties tracked and would like to track another new property, you will have to delete one of your previous properties before you can add the new one.
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