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3 bedroom and study showflat of Cairnhill 16

Will Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) invite more foreigners to buy CCR condos? 

On 15 November, the government announced that it’s extending the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) to six more countries such as India and Indonesia. This comes after last week’s announcement on the VTL to Malaysia. As of writing, this brings the total number of VTL countries to 21. Other countries under the VTL previously announced include…

Artist's impression of Midtown Modern

Luxury home shopping spree: Which are some of the condos in the CCR people have been buying?

The past quarter has been pretty eventful for the property market. For instance, February recorded the highest number of million-dollar HDB resale flats sold in a month. And last month in March, we saw the highest sales of luxury homes sold in a month since November 2013.  546 units were sold in the Core Central…


All units of entire EDEN condo at Ardmore-Draycott enclave sold: A closer look at transactions along the billionaire’s belt

Update as of 01/04/2021: 99.co has come to understand that the buyer isn’t a single individual. We’ve since made some adjustments to the article.  Update as of 7/04/2021: It is understood that the Tsai family of Want Want China Holdings is the family that has bought all the units in the condo. We’ve adjusted parts…

5 affordable CCR condos for rent

Renting in Singapore is fast becoming the norm as more turn to leasing amidst the pandemic-induced construction delays. More young professionals are also looking to move out of their family homes for more space and privacy as they spend more days working from home. Singapore has 28 districts and is separated into three main regions:…

core central region ccr condos dyson penthouse loss

Core Central Region (CCR) condos: Is Dyson’s $11.8 million loss a warning sign?

The name Dyson has made news again in Singapore property: Just a little more than one year after purchasing the largest penthouse in the country at Wallich Residence for a record $73.8 million, the Dysons are now selling the Core Central Region (CCR) property at $62 million—incurring a $11.8 million loss, according to a Business…

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