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Tembusu Grand Review

Near Katong eateries and reputable primary schools (from S$2,296 psf) 

18 Apr 2023 · 30 min read · by Faruq Senin


Tembusu Grand

Sale PSF Range

From $2,296 psf (indicative)


D15 - East Coast / Marine Parade

Nearest MRT

Tanjong Katong MRT

No. of units


TOP date



99 Years

by Tembusu Residential Pte. Ltd. (City Developments Ltd/ MCL Land)

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At a glance


  • 8-min walk to Tanjong Katong MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast line
  • Walking distance to eateries, amenities and malls in Katong
  • Within 1km of notable primary schools like Kong Hwa and Tanjong Katong Primary

Unit Mix

Total: 638

  • 1-bedroom + Study - 117 units
  • 2-bedroom - 81 units
  • 2-bedroom + Study - 119 units
  • 3-bedroom - 79 units
  • 3-bedroom + Study - 121 units
  • 4-bedroom - 81 units
  • 5-bedroom - 38 units
  • 5-bedroom Penthouse - 2 units

Unit layout

  • Most unit types have an efficient layout but some of them come with a sizeable foyer space
  • The range of unit layouts are not very extensive; some buyers might find this limiting


Indicative psf prices seem lower than the average psf prices for new launches in the RCR

  • 1-Bedroom + Study: from S$1.248 million
  • 2-Bedroom: from S$2.278 million
  • 3-Bedroom: from S$3.288 million
  • 4-Bedroom: from S$3.288 million
  • 5-Bedroom: from S$4.028 million

Appreciation value

  • Larger 99-year condos in the Katong area have appreciated well, which is a good sign for Tembusu Grand
  • High rental and resale opportunities as the development is situated near MRT station and reputable schools


  • Wide range of facilities and spaces to cater to different demographics
  • There are four pools, including a 50m lap pool and a kids' wading pool

UPDATE (18 April 2023): Tembusu Grand has sold 53% of its units (340 out of 638 units) at an average price of S$2,465 psf during its launch weekend. According to CDL and MCL Land, 2-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom + Study and 3-Bedroom units were the most popular among buyers.

Tembusu Grand is the first of three major condos that are expected to launch in District 15 in 2023. Situated in the historic Katong area, its main draw is its proximity to eateries and amenities as well as the city centre. The upcoming Thomson-East Coast line will also boost the attractiveness of Tembusu Grand.

The last major launch in District 15 was LIV@MB in May last year, which sold more than 75% on its launch weekend. So, all eyes will be on Tembusu Grand to see if it will perform as well.

The development has a varied target demographic, from families with kids to young couples, multi-generational families and investors.

Besides its good location, Tembusu Grand's highlights include unblocked views from some stacks and its wide range of facilities. Its developers, CDL and MCL Land, are also reputable and they have several notable properties in their portfolio.

Read on for our Tembusu Grand review where we analyse its floor plans, unit layouts, prices, stack analysis and more.

Review of unit layouts at Tembusu Grand

Tembusu Grand Showflat: 4-Bedroom (D1) - 1432 sq ft (133 sqm)

No. of units:

  • 81

Who is it suited for:

  • Multi-generational families
  • Families with three or four children
tembusu grand 4 bedroom D1

We'll start off with the largest showflat unit, the 4-Bedroom, which makes up almost 13% of Tembusu Grand's unit mix. Type D1 is 1432 sq ft and is the only 4-Bedroom unit type at Tembusu Grand. There are a total of four stacks of 4-Bedroom units.

Sizeable foyer at the entrance

tembusu grand 4 bedroom foyer

As you enter the unit, there's a sizeable foyer area which is great for welcoming guests. There's a built-in storage compartment which hides the distribution board (DB) but you can also choose to add more storage space in the foyer.

This is an ideal layout for buyers who prefer privacy, as you won't be able to see the entire living and dining area from the entrance. However, it might not be suitable for some buyers who might see the foyer as wasted space.

Dry and wet kitchen concept

Like many new launches we've seen, Tembusu Grand also has a dry and wet kitchen concept. We previously saw this in CDL and MCL Land's new launches last year, too, Copen Grand and Piccadilly Grand.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom dry kitchen

The dry kitchen has a built-in counter top in a porcelain tile finish which gives it a more luxurious look as compared to the usual quartz countertop. There are also built-in cabinets in satin glass finish which complement the elegance of the countertop.

Other provisions in the dry kitchen are a built-in oven by Miele and a two-door integrated fridge by Liebherr. Both are premium brands known for their good quality and durability.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom dry kitchen

There's also a sink and tap so you can do some simple washing. The dry kitchen area is ideal when you have guests over as you can serve drinks and light refreshments over the counter while entertaining them.

For multi-generational families, having a dry and wet kitchen allows two family members to prepare meals simultaneously. While one family member is preparing a feast in the wet kitchen, the other family member can prepare a lighter meal using the oven.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom wet kitchen

The wet kitchen is 86 sq ft (8 sqm), which is a pretty standard size and able to accommodate about 2-3 people. There's also plenty of cabinet and countertop space.

Like Copen Grand and Piccadilly Grand, there are two different themes for the kitchen and bathroom. Tembusu Grand's larger units have a "Luxury" theme, which comprises darker tones in the kitchen while smaller units have a "Contemporary" theme with lighter tones. You'll also notice that the countertop has a different texture as compared to the smaller units.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom kitchen window

We like that there are two windows in the kitchen so there's natural ventilation. This is useful as 4-Bedroom households are expected to cook more often, considering that a gas hob is given in the list of provisions as well.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom wet kitchen dishwasher

A plus point is that the kitchen also comes with an integrated dishwasher by luxury brand Smeg. We've rarely seen a dishwasher as part of kitchen provisions but it's definitely something we'd like to see more of. For a large household, having a dishwasher helps save time and it's water-efficient as well.

Tembusu Grand's 4 and 5-Bedroom units also come with a separate washer and dryer, both by Smeg.

Spacious living and dining areas

tembusu grand 4 bedroom living dining area

The communal areas of the 4-Bedroom unit have a combined space of 441 sq ft (41 sqm). This includes the living and dining areas, dry kitchen, foyer and corridor. Hence, there's a generous amount of space in the living and dining areas not just for family members but also for gatherings with loved ones.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom dining area

The communal areas for larger units are fitted with natural marble floors with matching stone skirting. The ceiling height of standard 4-bedders is 2.77m but units on the highest floor have a high ceiling of 4.4m.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom living area

The living area is spacious enough to accommodate a four-seater sofa, side couches and a decently-sized coffee table. With a width of 3.85m, there's considerable sofa-to-TV distance and ample space for walking around.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom balcony

The balcony is 86 sq ft (8 sqm) which is the size of a common bedroom. Hence, there's sufficient room for additional seating areas. Alternatively, you can turn it into an exercise area, a hobby area or a work-from-home corner.

We would have loved it even more if the balcony's width spanned the living and dining areas, like some new launches we've seen. That'll also bring more light into the unit.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom dining area

The dining area is able to accommodate an eight-seater table, which is more than enough for the number of people that are expected to live in the household. What's great is that even with a sizeable eight-seater dining table, there's still plenty of room behind the chairs for you to move around.

If you need to host a larger group of guests, a 10-seater table is also possible but that will mean there's lesser walkway space around the table.

Master bedroom has a "walk-in" wardrobe

tembusu grand 4 bedroom master bedroom

The combined master bedroom and bathroom size is 248 sq ft (23 sqm), which is pretty standard and it comes with a full-length window as well. Even with a king-sized bed, there's still substantial walkway space around the bed and it didn't feel squeezy at all.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom master bedroomtembusu grand 4 bedroom master bedroom dresser

In the showflat, the ID had placed the dressing table on the right side of the bed. However, there's also enough space to fit a dresser in front of the bed. Hence, there are two possible spots where you can place your dressing table. If you choose not to have one, you'll get to enjoy even more space.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom master bedroom walk in wardrobe

One highlight of the master bedroom is the "his and hers" wardrobe which resembles a walk-in wardrobe concept. This way, the Mr and Mrs of the household will have their own personal space while getting ready.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom master wardrobe

The master wardrobes come with glass sliding doors, which are more stylish than the usual melamine or timber finish. There's also built-in lighting which comes in handy if you don't want to switch on the main bedroom light, especially if your partner is asleep and you come home late.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom master bathroom his and hers sinks

The master bathroom has his and her sinks, too, so couples won't have to share a sink and can go about their morning routine simultaneously. There are also two mirrors with a storage cabinet, providing plenty of space to store toiletries. What we love here is that the cabinets come with built-in lighting as well so you won't have to fork out additional costs.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom master bathroom

As usual, a rain shower is provided for the master bathroom. There's also a decently-sized window for natural ventilation and a source for natural light.

Like the kitchen, the master bathroom also follows the Luxury theme and is fitted with marble-like porcelain tiles for a more elegant look.

One common bedroom is en suite

All the common bedrooms are 97 sq ft (9 sqm), which are slightly larger than average. They can all fit a queen-sized bed and come with full-length windows.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom common bedroom

A plus point is that one common bedroom is attached to a jack-and-jill bathroom. This means that the bedroom can also function as a "junior master bedroom" which is suitable for multi-generational families, where children are newly married and still living with their parents. Alternatively, this layout is also suitable for those who live with their elderly parents who might frequent the bathroom more often.

tembusu grand 4 bedroom jack and jill bathroomtembusu grand 4 bedroom common bathroom

The bathroom can be accessed via the corridor and the bedroom, and hence, guests are still able to use it.

What's great is that there's another shared bathroom for the other two common bedrooms. So, in total there are three bathrooms (excluding the WC in the yard). Tembusu Grand has a better 4-Bedroom unit layout than some others we've seen in the market which has only one shared bathroom for three common bedrooms.

Tembusu Grand Showflat: 3-Bedroom + Study (C2S) - 1173 sq ft (133 sqm)

No. of units:

  • 121

Who is it suited for:

  • Families with two or three children
tembusu grand 3 bedroom study floor plan

3-Bedroom + Study units are the predominant unit types at Tembusu Grand, making up close to 19% of the unit mix. In fact, there are more 3-Bedroom + Study units (121 units) than standard 3-Bedroom units (79 units) which are 990 sq ft.

The 3-Bedroom + Study units are suitable for families who need an extra space for studying or working from home.

Entrance has a foyer area

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study foyer

Like the 4-Bedroom unit, the 3-Bedroom + Study unit has a foyer space that comes with a storage cabinet.

One thing to note is that both the 3-Bedroom + Study and standard 3-Bedroom units have a foyer which might not appeal to all buyers.

Spacious kitchen

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study kitchen

With a size of 108 sq ft (10 sqm), the kitchen (including the yard) is pretty spacious for a 3-bedder. It's actually slightly larger than the wet kitchen of the 4-Bedroom unit.

There are also two windows, a plus point for natural ventilation considering that a gas hob is given. It's quite rare for the kitchen in 3-bedders to have two windows, so it's a generous provision.

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study kitchen

1 to 3-Bedroom units come in the "Contemporary" theme which has lighter colour tones than what we saw in the 4-Bedroom kitchen. This gives off a brighter and sleeker vibe as compared to the more subtle elegance of the latter.

While having two different themes is a great concept, we would have loved it even more if buyers had a choice between both themes.

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study yard household shelter

Besides the gas hob and cooker hood by Miele, other appliances given are a Smeg washer-dryer and a free-standing fridge by Liebherr.

Dining area has a "dry kitchen" concept

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study dining area

The dining area can accommodate a six-seater table comfortably, which is a standard for 3-bedders. But what's interesting is that there's a dry kitchen counter in the dining area. It's not common for 3-bedders to have a dry kitchen so this is a bonus.

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study dry kitchen

What's more, the dry kitchen comes with a built-in top-hung display cabinet in glass finish, complete with built-in lighting. If you enjoy drinking and entertaining guests, the display cabinets are perfect for storing your collection of drinks.

For residents who are into coffee-making, you might also want to place your coffee machine on the countertop.

Living area and balcony

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study living area

The living area is adequately-sized for a three-seater sofa. One thing you'd have to consider is finding a sofa with the right length so that it won't eat into the corridor. Perhaps an L-shaped sofa might work better if you need more seating space.

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study living area

The living area has a 3m width, so there's considerable distance between the sofa and the TV. Instead of a small coffee table, the ID has placed a rectangular coffee table instead and the living area still feels roomy.

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study balcony

Study room

All 1 to 3-Bedroom units at Tembusu Grand have layouts which come with a study room. With hybrid working arrangements after the Covid-19 pandemic, having a study room has become increasingly common in new launches these days.

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study room

The good news is the study room can fit a single bed and it has air-conditioning too, so you can convert it into a proper bedroom. For buyers who need an additional bedroom but don't have the budget for a 4-Bedroom unit, the 3-Bedroom + Study unit might be appealing to them. However, do note that the study room doesn't come with a door but you can choose to install it yourself.

One downside here is that you can't hack down the study room wall if you prefer an open concept or want a larger communal area.

Master bedroom

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study master bedroom

The master bedroom and bathroom have a combined size of 205 sq ft (19 sqm), a decent size for a 3-bedder. With a king-sized bed, the walkway space on the sides of the bed is adequate. It's not super generous but not too shabby either.

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study master bedroom

For the wardrobes, the developers are providing satin glass sliding doors instead of the full glass doors that we saw in the 4-Bedroom unit. They also come with built-in lights as an added convenience.

tembusu grand 3 bedroom master bedroom

It's a pity that a dressing table is not displayed in the showflat as we felt that there was sufficient room in front of the bed for a mini dresser.

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study master bedroom wardrobe

However, the good news is that all 1 to 3-Bedroom units come with a side accessory rack where you can store small items like watches, ties, jewellery and more. It's complete with a full-length mirror so the accessory rack can be used in place of a dressing table.

Many new launches these days provide an accessory rack for the master bedroom in smaller units as there's usually insufficient space for a dressing table. Hence, it's great to see Tembusu Grand jumping on this bandwagon as it's quickly becoming an industry standard.

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study master bathroom

In the master bathroom, you'll see that it is fitted with porcelain floor and wall tiles following the "Contemporary" theme. The grey tones are a contrast to the white marble-like design of the master bathroom in the 4-Bedroom unit.

Some standard provisions are the rain shower, vanity cabinet with engineered quartz countertop and a mirror with a storage cabinet and built-in lighting. There's also a half-length window that's great for natural ventilation.

It would have been nicer if there was another mirror with a storage cabinet (behind the WC). However, this isn't possible due to the window.

Common bedrooms

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study common bedroomtembusu grand 3 bedroom study common bedroom

Both common bedrooms are slightly larger than average, at 97 sq ft (9 sqm) each. There are full-length windows in each bedroom and they can fit a queen-sized bed. One thing to note is that you can't hack down the walls to create a supersized bedroom, as the development will be built using PPVC (prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction).

tembusu grand 3 bedroom study shared bathroom

Both bedrooms will share one common bathroom. Except for the rain shower, the rest of the provisions are pretty similar to the master bathroom. The common bathroom even has a window for ventilation, which is uncommon for shared bathrooms.

Tembusu Grand Showflat: 2-Bedroom + Study (B2S) - 743 sq ft (69 sqm)

No. of units:

  • 119

Who is it suited for:

  • Young couples
  • Families with one child
tembusu grand 2 bedroom study floor plan

The 2-Bedroom + Study units are the second most common bedroom type at Tembusu Grand, after the 3-Bedroom + Study. Like the latter, there are more 2-Bedroom + Study units (119 units) than the standard 2-Bedroom unit (81 units).

The standard 2-Bedroom units are 667 sq ft (62 sqm) and have two bathrooms.

2-Bedroom + Study has a T-shaped layout

tembusu grand 2 bedroom study living area

Instead of the conventional dumbbell layout, the 2-Bedroom + Study unit has a T-shaped layout where the bedrooms share a common corridor. This layout is better suited for young couples and small families who are looking for their own stay. For investors, it would make sense if you're planning to rent out the whole unit.

If you're looking to have two separate tenants, then the dumbbell layout in the standard 2-Bedroom unit would be better.

Open-concept study room

tembusu grand 2 bedroom study room

The showflat unit has an open-concept study room which is about 54 sq ft (5 sqm) and comes with its own air-conditioning. It's a cosy space for one person to catch up on studies or work from home.

We do find that it's quite awkwardly positioned near the unit's entrance and the kitchen so it might be quite distracting for the person using the study room. One suggestion is to install a door to enclose the study room.

Some buyers who might not need an additional room might choose to convert the study room into a dining area or even a storage area.

Semi-enclosed kitchen

tembusu grand 2 bedroom study kitchen

Instead of a fully open-concept kitchen, Tembusu Grand's 2-Bedroom units have a semi-enclosed kitchen. This way, you'll have a dedicated kitchen space and the smell of food won't linger throughout the house if you're cooking. You can also choose to fully enclose the kitchen by installing your own door.

Stack analysis and facilities review of Tembusu Grand

Tembusu Grand Stack Analysis

Tembusu Grand has 32 stacks across four blocks - 92, 94, 96 and 98. Block 92 has 21 storeys while the other three blocks have 20 storeys. All the blocks have eight stacks each.

The development's entrance is via Jalan Tembusu and there's a side gate along Tanjong Katong Road.

View from the stacks

tembusu grand stack analysis

North-facing stacks

In terms of views, the north-facing stacks 11, 12, 13 and 14 will face the shophouses at Katong and landed houses which are low-rise buildings. Hence, these stacks will get to enjoy unblocked views.

tembusu grand stacks facing Katong shophouses and landed estate

Current view from Tembusu Grand's north-facing stacks (Image screenshot from Google Maps)

Stacks 19, 20, 21 and 22 are currently facing an open field and Tanjong Katong Girls' School and Tanjong Katong Secondary School. However, residents might not get this view for long as the open field site is zoned for future residential use based on the URA master plan.

South-facing stacks

The south-facing stacks 3, 4, 5 and 6 will face a future nursing home which is less likely to be a high-rise building. Hence, units on the higher floors might be able to enjoy views of landed houses. Some units might even be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the sea view.

tembusu grand stacks facing jalan tembusu gls and east coast

Current view from Tembusu Grand's south-facing stacks (Image screenshot from Google Maps)

On the other hand, stacks 27, 28, 29 and 30 will most likely have their views blocked by an upcoming condo along Jalan Tembusu, located just opposite Tembusu Grand. The Jalan Tembusu GLS site was launched for tender on 14 March 2023 and will close on 18 July 2023.

ura masterplan tembusu grand

URA master plan of current and future housing sites near Tembusu Grand

Based on the URA master plan, the Jalan Tembusu GLS site will have a gross plot ratio (GPR) of 3.5 compared to Tembusu Grand's GPR of 2.8. Hence, it's most likely that the new condo will be taller than Tembusu Grand.

Inward-facing stacks and distance from neighbouring buildings

tembusu grand site plan dimensions

The inward-facing stacks face several facilities like the 50m lap pool, wading pool and relaxing pool. The distance between the blocks is around 40m which is quite a considerable distance.

Tembusu Grand's blocks are also quite a distance away from surrounding buildings. Block 96 is about 50m away from the neighbouring Haig Court while blocks 92 and 94 are at least 40m from Chelsea Lodge. Block 94 is also 30m from the shophouses at Katong. However, this isn't a huge concern as the shophouses are low-rise buildings.

Sun direction analysis

tembusu grand afternoon sun analysis

The blocks at Tembusu Grand are arranged in almost in a north-south orientation and hence, all units will be able to avoid the direct afternoon sun. However, north-facing stacks might get some indirect afternoon sun from March to September while south-facing stacks might get some indirect afternoon sun from September to March.

What's great is that Tembusu Grand's units will be well-ventilated and breezy as the wind travels between north and south throughout the year.

Facilities at Tembusu Grand

Tembusu Grand site plan

tembusu grand site plan

With a land area of over 210,000 sq ft, Tembusu Grand has managed to provide 41 facilities and features for residents. The developer's aim is to provide as many facilities as possible to cater to various target demographics, whether it's families with kids, young couples or singles.

tembusu grand showflat model

As Tembusu Grand is pretty close to the bustling Tanjong Katong Road, the developers have elevated the development's landscape by about 2.5m, so it's higher than the street level. This way, passers-by won't be able to see much when they look into the development and there'll be some privacy for residents when they use the facilities.

Concierge service

tembusu grand entrance

A highlight of Tembusu Grand's facilities is its concierge service called the Residential Services Counter, which you can find at the development's main entrance. Operating from 8am to 10pm daily, the concierge staff will assist residents in arranging certain services such as housekeeping and laundry. They will also be able to help you receive parcels or arrange for a pick-up should you require the service.

Two levels of lush landscaping

tembusu grand roof carpark landscape

Tembusu Grand has two levels of lush landscaping with facilities, one on the ground floor and the other on the 5th-floor roof of the project's multi-storey carpark (MSCP). The architect is ADDP and its landscaping is done by Tinderbox. Both firms are well-established and are working on other major projects like Copen Grand and Piccadilly Grand.

tembusu grand multi storey carpark

Most projects would have a full basement carpark but Tembusu Grand has a basement and MSCP combination. The architects designed the MSCP as a buffer between Tembusu Grand's residential blocks and the neighbouring Haig Court. In total, there are 516 parking lots (80% of no. of units), of which 71 will be in the basement. Residents will enter the carpark via the basement which is linked to the MSCP.

Gym and clubhouse overlook the pools

tembusu grand clubhouse

Some of the highlights at the MSCP complex are the cantilevered gym on level 5 and the Tembusu Club on level 2. Both facilities have full-height glass walls which give an impressive view of the 50m lap pool and the whole landscaping of the development.

tembusu grand gym and clubhouse

Artist's impression of the gym and Tembusu Club

The Tembusu Club is one of two clubhouses at Tembusu Grand and it has a private dining room with full kitchen facilities and an observation deck. This would be an excellent place to hold functions, birthday parties or gatherings with loved ones.

There are also several other BBQ and dining pavilions scattered across the development for more informal gatherings.

tembusu grand gym

Artist's impression of Tembusu Grand's gym overlooking the pool

While exercising at the gym or having a function at the Tembusu Club, you'll get to enjoy the view. We see some resemblance here with Copen Grand, CDL and MCL Land's last project launch.

Kids' play area for families

tembusu grand kids area

On level 5 of the MSCP, you'll also find an area dedicated to kids with a playground, a kids' playroom and a swing garden.

tembusu grand tennis court

On the other side of the roof, there's a full-sized tennis court, a yoga studio as well as a beautiful leisure lawn with cabanas for residents to unwind.

tembusu grand co working space

Here's where you'll also find a co-working space which is located in a quieter area. This is perfect for those with hybrid working arrangements. There are privacy pods for total focus and residents can also book a meeting room if they need to.

Four pools catering to different demographics

tembusu grand 50m lap pool

There are four pools at Tembusu Grand to cater to different groups of residents. These are the 50m lap pool, a wading pool for kids, a spa pool and a relaxing pool. One thing to note is that the wading pool and 50m lap pool are situated close by so it might get quite busy on weekends and during school holidays.

For those who need to shower or change, there's a changing room with a steam room facility at the Tembusu Club.

Tembusu Grand location review

Neighbourhood around Tembusu Grand

Though it's located not far from the bustling Katong and Joo Chiat areas, the Jalan Tembusu area seems relatively quiet. Besides landed houses and small boutique condos, there's only been one major development in the area, Haig Court, a 360-unit condo which TOP-ed in 2004.

Based on the URA master plan, the Jalan Tembusu area will shape up to be an enclave of private condos, with at least two more GLS sites.

tembusu grand showflat location

View of two future GLS sites that are zoned for housing at Jalan Tembusu from Tembusu Grand's showflat. Tembusu Grand's actual site will be beside Haig Court (the building on the right).

What's great is that Tembusu Grand's showflat is located at the Junction of Jalan Tembusu and Jalan Gajus, which isn't far from its actual site. Hence, you'd be able to see and experience the actual neighbourhood while visiting the showflat.

Convenience and accessibility

The main draw of living in Tembusu Grand is its proximity to the cafes and restaurants along Tanjong Katong Road. There's a side gate which residents can conveniently use to walk to these F&B spots easily. Some notable eateries nearby include Little Italy, Gravy Restaurant & Bar, Oven & Fried Chicken, Seng House and Nan Xiang Chicken Rice.

tembusu grand location map

Tembusu Grand is also a short drive away from amenities and F&B outlets at Katong Shopping Centre, Katong V, i12 Katong, Katong Square as well as the Joo Chiat precinct. Residents can also drive for around 5 minutes to the malls at Paya Lebar such as KINEX and PLQ.

For a more in-depth guide to the Marine Parade area, check out our video below:

Thomson East Coast Line

In terms of connectivity, Tembusu Grand's residents will be an 8 to 10-minute walk to Tanjong Katong MRT station (734m away) on the Thomson-East Coast line (TEL). From there, it's only four stops to Gardens by the Bay and six stops to Marina Bay and the city centre. One thing to note here is that the walk from Tembusu Grand to Tanjong Katong MRT station is not sheltered so it could be slightly inconvenient on rainy days and hot days.

Alternatively, residents can also take a 4-minute bus ride to Dakota MRT station (Circle line) or a 9-minute bus ride to Paya Lebar MRT station (Circle/East West line).

Schools near Tembusu Grand

primary schools near tembusu grand

Map of primary schools within 1km and 2km of Tembusu Grand (note that home-school distance is now based on distance between the school's perimeter and the property's block itself).

For buyers whose children are entering primary school, the good news is that there are three popular schools located within 1km of Tembusu Grand. These are Kong Hwa School, Tanjong Katong Primary and Haig Girls' School. Primary schools within a 2km radius are Tao Nan School, CHIJ (Katong) Primary and Geylang Methodist School (Primary).

As for secondary schools, some reputable ones near Tembusu Grand are Tanjong Katong Girls' School, Tanjong Katong Secondary, Chung Cheng High School (Main) and Dunman High School.

For expatriate families with kids, the nearest international school would be the EtonHouse International School (Broadrick).

Price analysis and comparisons

Tembusu Grand indicative prices

The indicative prices for Tembusu Grand are as follows:

tembusu grand price

Data source: CDL and MCL Land news release

Prices for Tembusu Grand start from S$1.248 million for its 1-Bedroom + Study units based on the developers. The starting indicative psf prices for various units range from S$2,296 to S$2,368. It's most likely that the actual average psf prices will go over S$2,400.

Based on transaction data of new condo sales from URA, Realis and 99.co, here are the average prices of 1 to 5-Bedroom units in the RCR in 2023 so far:

  • 1-Bedroom: S$1,335,204 (S$2,666 psf)
  • 2-Bedroom: S$1,958,806 (S$2,575 psf)
  • 3-Bedroom: S$2,790,249 (S$2,536 psf)
  • 4-Bedroom: S$3,492,134 (S$2,347 psf)
  • 5-Bedroom: S$4,121,161 (S$2,164 psf)

Based on these figures, it seems that Tembusu Grand's prices are in line with current prices in the RCR. Average prices for Tembusu Grand's 2 and 3-Bedroom units could also turn out to be lower than the market but average prices for 4 and 5-Bedroom units could be higher than the market.

Average prices of new launches in Marine Parade and District 15 (based on transactions in the past year)

The last major project to launch in Marine Parade and District 15 was the 390-unit LIV@MB in May 2022. Other projects which launched last year, like Baywind Residences, Royal Hallmark and Atlassia are boutique developments with less than 50 units. Amber Park, Meyer Mansion and One Meyer launched in 2019.


Average Price PSF (S$)

No. of units



Unit types (br)

Tembusu Grand

2,300 ~ 2,400+



99 years


Royal Hallmark






Amber Park
















99 years


Meyer Mansion






One Meyer






Baywind Residences






Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co

Based on the table above, there are a few observations that we can make.

The general trend is that projects nearer to the city and/or East Coast Park have higher average psf prices than those located further away. These are LIV@MB, Meyer Mansion, One Meyer and Amber Park. But this might also be the effect of having an MRT station within walking distance. The first three projects are near Katong Park MRT while Amber Park is near Tanjong Katong MRT station.

What's more, Amber Park, Meyer Mansion and One Meyer are within walking distance of East Coast Park. The latter two projects also have unblocked views of the sea.

liv mb 4 bedroom living area

Other than Tembusu Grand, LIV@MB is the only other new launch with a 99-year lease in District 15

An interesting observation is that the freehold status for projects of similar sizes has an impact on prices. Among the larger new launch projects in District 15, LIV@MB is the only one with a 99-year lease. Even though it was launched three years after Meyer Mansion, One Meyer and Amber Park, its average psf prices are around 4 to 11% lower. LIV@MB's average psf prices are still higher than the freehold boutique condos like Atlassia or Royal Hallmark as it's close to an MRT station and the city centre.

For its location (relative to other new launches in D15) and proximity to an MRT station, we feel that Tembusu Grand's indicative psf prices are reasonable. It's also important to note that it's launching almost a year after the last new launch in D15. Furthermore, it's the first large-scale condo project to launch in the Katong sub-zone after Haig Court, which TOP-ed 19 years ago. So, there will be pent-up demand from buyers who are looking for bigger projects in the area.

Recent new launches in RCR

Perhaps, Tembusu Grand's indicative psf prices would also seem reasonable when compared with recent new launches in the RCR.

average prices of condos in RCR

Based on 214 new sale transactions of condo units in 2023 so far, average psf prices in the RCR are S$2,516. This puts Tembusu Grand's indicative psf prices in a good position when compared to the market.

Furthermore, the average prices of recent new launches in the OCR have surpassed S$2,000, which signals a general increase in new launch prices. Here are the average psf prices of recent launches:

  • The Botany At Dairy Farm (launched Feb 2023) - S$2,063 psf [residential, 99-year, OCR]
  • Terra Hill (launched Feb 2023) - S$2,664 psf [residential, freehold, RCR]
  • Sceneca Residence (launched Jan 2023) - S$2,098 psf [mixed-used development, 99-year, OCR]
  • Lentor Modern (launched Sep 2022) - S$2,124 psf [integrated development, 99-year, OCR]
  • Sky Eden@Bedok (launched Aug 2022) - S$2,110 psf [mixed-use development, 99-year, OCR]

Considering that Tembusu Grand is nearer to the city centre than most of these new launch projects and is within walking distance of an MRT station, its indicative prices make sense.

Upcoming new launches in District 15

Tembusu Grand is the first out of three new major new launches in District 15 in 2023. The Continuum is expected to launch in April, while Grand Dunman is expected to launch in the second half of the year. Here's a quick comparison of the three projects.

new launches in marine parade in 2023

Rental prospects near Tembusu Grand

1 and 2-Bedroom units make up almost 50% of the unit mix at Tembusu Grand and this suggests that the developers are targeting investors who are looking for rental opportunities. District 15 or the Katong/East Coast area has always been a popular spot for expatriates due to its abundance of F&B spots and proximity to the city centre. Tembusu Grand's prime location near Katong eateries and Tanjong Katong MRT station make it attractive for those looking for a condo to rent in Singapore.

rent prices of condos within 1km of tembusu grand

We looked at the average rental prices of condos within 1km of Tembusu Grand over the past year. Based on rental transactions in February 2023, the average rental prices are S$3,300 for 1-Bedroom units, S$4,372 for 2-Bedroom units, S$6,269 for 3-Bedroom units and S$8,675 for 4-Bedroom units.

average psf rental price near tembusu grand

In terms of average psf prices of rental transactions in February 2023, 1-Bedroom units saw the highest psf price of S$6.55 psf followed by 2-Bedroom units at S$5.19, 4-Bedroom units at S$4.85 and 3-Bedroom units at S$4.68.

Appreciation value analysis

1. 99-year vs freehold condo in Marine Parade

The Marine Parade area is known for having many freehold condominiums. Hence, a 99-year development like Tembusu Grand is quite rare. Although more 99-year sites are being put up for sale at Jalan Tembusu, the bulk of condos in the area are still freehold. Some buyers might wonder if Tembusu Grand's 99-year tenure might affect its appreciation potential.

appreciation of 99 year and freehold condos in marine parade

Based on the graph above, average prices of condos with a lease of 99-103 years in Marine Parade have appreciated 121.94% in the last 15 years as compared to the price appreciation of 110.61% for freehold condos. At face value, this shows that 99-year condos are able to appreciate as well as or even better than freehold condos in Marine Parade.

However, this does not take into account other factors like the size of specific developments and their location which also affect appreciation. Hence, we've compared the price appreciation of five medium to large-scale condos near Tembusu Grand, a mix between freehold and 99-103 year leasehold condominiums.

price appreciation of condos near tembusu grand

Based on the five condos sampled, The Shore Residences, a 103-year leasehold project, had the highest price appreciation over the last 20 years, where average prices increased by 231.83%. The Sea View had the highest price appreciation among the freehold condos, with average prices increasing by 197.44% in the last 20 years. The other two freehold condos, One Amber and Haig Court had a price appreciation of 165.19% and 179.68% respectively. 99-year leashold project, Cote D'azur had an appreciation rate of 193.25%.

Based on these figures, it seems that Tembusu Grand has the potential to enjoy a high appreciation rate too.

2. Upcoming developments around Kallang

singapore tennis centre

Artist's impression of the Singapore Tennis Centre (Image source: Sport Singapore)

The Kallang sports and entertainment hub is a 7-minute drive from Tembusu Grand and it's set to become more exciting in future. New developments in the area include the Kallang Football Hub, Singapore Tennis Centre, Youth Hub and Velodrome as well as several park spaces along the waterfront.

Residents can also look forward to the rejuvenation of the Old Kallang Airport into a lifestyle hub and Kampong Bugis will be turned into an attractive residential and recreational precinct. With these developments, there will be potential appreciation for Tembusu Grand.

3. Upcoming developments in Marine Parade and East Coast

Marine Parade and the East Coast area are also set to welcome a number of developments. One of the main highlights is the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). With Tembusu Grand's proximity to Tanjong Katong MRT station, it will be easily accessible to new developments along the TEL. Apart from the many retail options already present in the area, there will also be an underground mall linking Marine Parade and Marine Terrace MRT stations. 


Overall, Tembusu Grand is situated in a great location; it's in the historic Katong area with plenty of restaurants, cafes and other amenities within walking distance. It's also located near Tanjong Katong MRT station which will boost connectivity for residents. Furthermore, there are bus services that connect residents to Dakota and Paya Lebar MRT stations.

There are several reputable primary schools within 1km like Kong Hwa and Tanjong Katong Primary. This will be attractive for families with young children and young couples who are looking to start a family.

While District 15 has had a number of new launch projects in recent years, the Katong sub-zone hasn't seen a large-scale project in almost 20 years (the last was Haig Court which TOP-ed in 2004). So, Tembusu Grand will meet the pent-up demand from buyers interested in a large condo in the Katong sub-zone.

Tembusu Grand's indicative prices starting from S$2,296 also seem promising for a new launch condo in the RCR. If the actual prices don't vary much from the indicative prices, the development will be attractive to many buyers looking to live in a city-fringe location. There's great investment potential, whether it's rental opportunities or for selling in future. Though its 99-year lease might put off some buyers, it's not a major issue to most as it won't significantly impact its appreciation in future.

Tembusu Grand is now open for previews. Click the “Enquire Now” button for the latest project updates and book a showflat viewing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tembusu Grand's price?

Tembusu Grand's prices start from S$1.248 million for 1-Bedroom + Study, S$1.548 million for 2-Bedroom, S$2.278 million for 3-Bedroom, S$3.288 million for 4-Bedroom and S$4.028 million for 5-Bedroom units. Average psf prices for Tembusu Grand start from S$2,296 but will generally be from S$2,300 ~ S$2,400 psf.

Where is Tembusu Grand's showflat?

Tembusu Grand's showflat is located along Jalan Gajus.

Is Tembusu Grand a good investment?

Tembusu Grand is a good investment as it is in an area with plenty of eateries, amenities and malls. It's also an 8-minute walk to Tanjong Katong MRT on the Thomson-East Coast line and near good schools like Kong Hwa, Tanjong Katong Primary and Haig Girls'.

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