calculate rental yield property guide

Calculate rental yield in Singapore: a quick and simple guide

Rental yield is often cited as the reason why investors are attracted to property. At viewings and previews, however, what the first-timer usually gets told is the gross rental yield they’d get, which doesn’t factor in all the additional payments buying and renting out a property entails. What really matters to buyers is net rental yield,…

TDSR limit

Loan-to-value (LTV) limit: a Quick Guide for Property Buyers

To protect homebuyers from over-borrowing, the Singapore government has set a loan-to-value (LTV) limit for bank housing loans. In a nutshell, the LTV limit defines the maximum home loan amount a bank can grant you as a percentage of the property’s market value (i.e. its valuation). In July 2018, the government announced a tightening of…

Household Tasks Holiday

15 household tasks you must do before going on holiday

There’s a reason why a vacation is often called an “escape”. You’d want to physically and mentally leave behind everything possible, including work, bills and those dreaded household chores. Truth is, there’s nothing worse about being on the receiving end of a five-star butler service in an overseas hotel while uncleared garbage festers in your…

Donald Trump in Singapore

Why Donald Trump should come to Singapore anyway

Dear President of the United States of America, We’re sorry to hear you have cancelled your meeting with Kim Jong-Un in Singapore. Come to think of it, that meeting was always what you’d call a long shot (we call it “getting a decent BTO queue number”). It seemed that, like the property market here, what…

Birkin bag property investment

Birkin Bag vs Property — which is a better investment?

Of all the possessions seized from former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s homes, his wife Rosmah Mansor’s 284 boxes of luxury handbags is what really got the internet abuzz. Most of these boxes reportedly contain Birkin bags (of the French high fashion label Hermes). A limited-edition Birkin bag can fetch up to S$400,000 at auctions…

Holland Village extension

Far East to double size of Holland Village

If there’s one complaint about Holland Village, it would be that it’s too small. But that’s about to change as a Far East Organization-led consortium has won the bid to more than double the size of the existing lifestyle enclave. More Holland Village homes in the pipeline The Holland Village extension site, which sits on…

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