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Copen Grand Showflat Review

First Tengah EC With Efficient Layouts & Luxurious Facilities

04 Nov 2022 · 29 min read · by Faruq Senin


Sale PSF Range

$1,189 ~ $1,338 psf (indicative)


D24 - Lim Chu Kang / Tengah / Kranji

Nearest MRT

Tengah MRT

No. of units


TOP date



99 Years

by Taurus Properties SG (City Developments Ltd & MCL Land)

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At a glance


  • Within a 5-6 minute walk to 3 MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line (JRL) - Tengah, Tengah Plantation and Hong Kah
  • Tengah is a new neighbourhood, so residents must be prepared to wait for a few years for amenities to be completed

Unit Mix

Total: 639

  • 2-bedroom + Study - 11 units
  • 3-bedroom Deluxe - 218 units
  • 3-bedroom Premium - 205 units
  • 4-bedroom Deluxe - 51 units
  • 4-bedroom Premium - 98 units
  • 5-bedroom Premium - 56 units

Unit Layout

  • Units have efficiently-designed layouts
  • 3-bedroom units onwards have a dry and wet kitchen concept
  • Unit sizes are larger than average


  • 2-bedroom + Study - from S$1.08 million
  • 3-bedroom Deluxe - from S$1.18 million
  • 3-bedroom Premium - from S$1.28 million
  • 4-bedroom Deluxe - from S$1.48 million
  • 4-bedroom Premium - from S$1.58 million
  • 5-bedroom Premium - from S$1.88 million

Appreciation value

  • Expected to have first-mover advantage as Copen Grand is the first EC in Tengah and there will be plenty of upcoming developments
  • Proximity to Jurong Lake District and Jurong Industrial District and the JRL are expected to help in appreciation


  • Luxurious facilities with several clubhouses for gatherings with loved ones
  • Includes a 50m pool, kids' pool, a tennis court and a co-working space
  • Some facilities use solar power as partial replacement for energy

Executive condominium, Copen Grand, launched for e-application on 7 October 2022. The new launch EC will be located in the Tengah neighbourhood and is expected to TOP in 2027. There will be 639 units of 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom apartments spread across 12 14-storey blocks. 

Copen Grand's prices start from S$1.08 million for a 2-bedroom plus study (S$1,338 psf), S$1.18 million for a 3-bedroom deluxe (S$1,261 psf), S$1.28 million for a 3-bedroom premium (S$1,279 psf), S$1.48 million for a 4-bedroom deluxe (S$1,250 psf), S$1.58 million for a 4-bedroom premium (S$1,255 psf) and S$1.88 million for a 5-bedroom premium (S$1,189 psf).

Unit sizes range from 807 sq ft for Copen Grand's 2-bedroom plus study unit to 1,722 sq ft for the top-floor 5-bedroom premium unit.

Copen Grand’s developers, CDL and MCL Land, won the tender for the Tengah Garden Walk EC site for S$400.3 million (S$603 psf per plot ratio) in June 2021. Both CDL and MCL Land are established developers, which would be a draw for prospective buyers. Earlier this year, the joint venture launched Piccadilly Grand, an integrated development linked to Farrer Park MRT station, which sold 77% of its units on launch day. 

Separately, they have also developed notable new launches in recent years. CDL’s portfolio includes Canninghill Piers and Irwell Hill Residences, while MCL Land developed Leedon Green and Parc Esta.

If you’re interested in living in Tengah, read on for our review of Copen Grand. We’ll look at its unit sizes and layouts, location, amenities nearby, price comparisons and appreciation potential. 

P.S. Copen Grand is now open for e-applications. Be the first to receive project updates by clicking on "Enquire Now".

Quick facts about Copen Grand

1. Within walking distance to three MRT stations 

Living near an MRT station is always convenient for prospective buyers as it makes travelling to the city centre and other parts of Singapore easier. Copen Grand will be within a 5 to 6-minute walk from three MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line (JRL) - Tengah, Hong Kah and Tengah Plantation. 

Tengah station will connect residents to the North-South line via Choa Chu Kang MRT station, and Tengah Plantation will connect residents to the East-West line via Jurong East MRT station. 

Not many ECs are within walking distance of an MRT station; hence, this gives Copen Grand an edge. 

2. The first EC in the new Tengah estate 

Copen Grand is the first EC in the upcoming Tengah estate, and there will be another EC at the Tengah Plantation Loop GLS site. The latter will be launching its tender in December 2022. 

ec in the west

Besides Tengah, there are two other upcoming ECs in neighbouring Bukit Batok. These are the Bukit Batok West Ave 5 EC and Bukit Batok West Ave 8 EC. 

By the time Copen Grand reaches its TOP in 2027, there will be around 15 completed HDB BTO projects. The first BTO project, Plantation Grove, is expected to TOP in September 2023. 

3. All blocks are arranged in true North-South orientation

One interesting fact about Copen Grand is that all its blocks are arranged in a true North-South orientation. This is great as none of the units will get direct morning or afternoon sun. 

copen grand site plan

We’ve seen this in other new launch projects like North Gaia (also an EC) and Piccadilly Grand. So, it’s great that Copen Grand is jumping on the bandwagon. Residents won’t have to worry much about which stacks will get direct afternoon sun. 

Find out more about the available units and floor plans at Copen Grand by clicking "Enquire Now".

Review of unit layouts and floor plans at Copen Grand

Copen Grand showflat: 3-bedroom Premium - Type B6, 1,012 sq ft (94 sqm)

Total no. of units:

  • 205

Who is it suited for:

  • Mid-sized families
  • Young families with 2 or 3 children

copen grand 3 bedroom premium floor plan

The 3-bedders are the predominant unit type at Copen Grand (66%), which suggests that the development targets mid-sized families, probably those with two or three children.

Types B1, B2, B3 and B4 are the 3-bedroom Deluxe (936 - 1,141 sq ft) while types B5, B6 and B7 are the 3-bedroom Premium (1,001 - 1,184 sq ft). All the 3-bedroom Premium units come with a dry and wet kitchen concept as well as a yard space, for buyers who prefer such provisions.

Dry kitchen and dining area

copen grand 3 bedroom dining area

As you enter the unit, you'll immediately be greeted by the dining area and the dry kitchen. You'll notice that there's no corridor or foyer area here, so there's an efficient use of space. This could be a pro or a con depending on your preference.

While some buyers might prefer a foyer for additional storage space, you can easily solve that problem by adding some shoe racks or cabinets on the left side of the entrance.

One downside we can think of here is that there's no privacy when there are deliveries but that's not a major issue.

For those who still prefer having a corridor at the entrance, you might consider the 3-bedroom Deluxe type B3 units.

copen grand 3 bedroom dining area

It's refreshing to see a dry kitchen concept in a 3-bedroom unit as it's usually reserved for larger units. Although it's not huge and is mostly an extension of the dining area, there's a quartz countertop where you can serve drinks or light snacks as well as a built-in oven by Brandt.

copen grand 3 bedroom dining area and corridor

A combined dining and dry kitchen area means you only have a slim area for your dining table. But it's still able to fit a six-seater table.

One thing to consider here is that when there are guests seated, it will eat into the walkway space to the bedrooms on one side and the wet kitchen on the other.

A suggestion here is to probably get a four-seater table which extends into a six-seater. This way, you'd have more space to move around when you don't need to host guests.

Wet kitchen

copen grand 3 bedroom kitchen

At 75.3 sq ft (7 sqm), the wet kitchen is decently-sized. What's great here is that the cooking and washing areas are on opposite sides, so there's enough room for two or three people to be in the kitchen together. There's also plenty of storage space in the upper and lower cabinets.

A gas hob and cooker hood (by Brandt) is provided, which is great for those who intend to cook more frequently. However, a fridge is not included in the list of provisions.

copen grand wet kitchen

Buyers can choose between two colour themes for the kitchen cabinets and bathrooms - River and Earth. In this showflat, you'll see the River theme, characterised by blue tones which give off a tranquil vibe. This would be perfect for buyers who like something fresh and different.

However, those who prefer something conventional might want to choose the Earth theme instead, which we'll see in the 4-bedroom Premium unit.

CDL and MCL Land's previous development, Piccadilly Grand, also had two themes. So, it's great to see them continuing the same concept here. Since EC buyers rarely get a choice between two themes, it's definitely something interesting.

copen grand 3 bedroom utility

The yard space is a comfortable size; there's adequate space for a washer-dryer and a WC as well. We love that there's a window here for natural ventilation for families which often cook.

One downside is that the washer-dryer is not included in the provisions.

copen grand 3 bedroom household shelter

The household shelter is a pretty decent size as well, and you'll have enough space to turn it into a helper's room if you wish to.

Living area and balcony

copen grand 3 bedroom living room

The living area is contiguous with the dining area and dry kitchen, so this creates a very open-concept common area. There's enough space for a four-seater sofa in the living area. You can also consider placing an L-shaped sofa if you need more seating space.

The width of the living area is 9.2 ft (2.8m), which makes a good distance from the sofa to the TV.

copen grand 3 bedroom balcony

At 58.3 sq ft (5 sqm), the balcony is a standard size for a 3-bedder and feels like an extension of the living area. You could probably fit a small table and two chairs here to have an alfresco dining area or turn it into a hobby area.

Master bedroom

copen grand 3 bedroom master bedroom

The master bedroom has a slight foyer area which creates an elegant entrance. There's also a sense of privacy as you won't be able to see much of the master bedroom from the common corridor.

copen grand 3 bedroom master bedroom

The combined size of the master bedroom and bathroom is 183 sq ft (17 sqm), which is a decent size for a 3-bedder. You can comfortably fit a king-sized bed with enough room for two side tables and adequate walkway space. However, there isn't enough space for a dressing table. However, what you can do for additional storage space is to add shelves in front of the bed, like what the ID has done.

There are full-length windows, so there'll be plenty of light to brighten up the room during the day and make it feel more spacious.

copen grand 3 bedroom master bedroom

The wardrobe is also a standard two-door panel cupboard. We'd love to have seen more thoughtful provisions like LED sensor lights in the wardrobe, but that's usually not a standard provision in ECs.

copen grand 3 bedroom master bedroom

However, one good feature here is this accessories drawer where you can store smaller items like belts, watches and jewellery.

copen grand 3 bedroom master bathroom

The master bathroom has a similar colour theme as the kitchen, which is the River theme.

What's great is that there's a window in the bathroom for natural ventilation. However, this means that the vanity mirror and storage cabinet is only one panel, instead of the two panels you might be familiar with for master bathrooms. But that should be enough for you to store your toiletries and other washing equipment, considering that there's a storage cabinet under the sink as well.

One feature we'd love to have seen is a rain shower.

Common bedrooms and bathroom

copen grand bedroom

Both common bedrooms are 97 sq ft (9 sqm) each, which is slightly larger than average. Hence, they will both be able to fit up to a queen-sized bed with some minimal walkway space around it.

copen grand bedroom

Alternatively, you could also fit in a single bed and still have enough room for a study table.

What's great is that both common bedrooms have full-length windows, which enhances the bedroom's space.

copen grand 3 bedroom shared bathroom

The shared bathroom is a standard size and is slightly smaller than the master bathroom. One plus point here is the window which is quite rare for common bathrooms. One difference here (from the master bathroom) is that the vanity mirror does not include a storage cabinet behind it. However, you can store your toiletries on the shelves provided.

Copen Grand showflat: 4-bedroom Premium - Type C3b-PH, 1,453 sq ft (135 sqm)

Total no. of units:

  • 98

Who is it suited for:

  • Larger families with 3-4 children
  • Multi-generational families

copen grand 4 bedroom premium floor plan

The 4-bedders make up 23% of all the units at Copen Grand. There are two types of 4-bedroom units, and the 4-bedroom Premium units are the majority. Types C1 and C2 are the 4-bedroom Deluxe (1,184 – 1,378 sq ft) while type C3 are the 4-bedroom Premium (1,259 – 1,453 sq ft). The showflat unit is a penthouse unit and is the largest 4-bedroom unit at Copen Grand.

Unlike the 3-bedroom units, all the 4-bedroom units at Copen Grand come with a dry and wet kitchen concept and yard space.

Dry and wet kitchen

copen grand 4 bedroom dry kitchen

You'll be greeted with a dry kitchen as you enter the unit. There's a space fully dedicated to a dry kitchen here compared to the one in the 3-bedroom Premium.

copen grand 4 bedroom dry kitchen

There's a built-in countertop and oven, so you can prepare some light meals and drinks and serve them to your guests while entertaining them. The dry kitchen is also great for multi-generational families, so there can be two family members preparing meals at the same time - one in the dry kitchen and the other in the wet kitchen.

copen grand 4 bedroom kitchen

At 75.3 sq ft (7 sqm), the wet kitchen is generously-sized with ample cabinet storage space. Considering that the 4-bedroom units are for larger families, it makes sense that there are a lot of cabinets for storage.

As you'd notice, the wet kitchen is decked in the Earth theme, characterised by brown tones and more natural colour. This is perfect for buyers who prefer a classic and luxurious theme.

copen grand kitchen 4 bedroom

There's a gas hob and cooker hood (by Brandt), which is usually the standard provision for larger units where residents tend to cook more often. Like the 3-bedroom units, the list of provisions in the 4-bedroom Premium does not include a fridge and washer-dryer.

copen grand 4 bedroom yard

The yard here is decently-sized and can comfortably fit a washer-dryer and a laundry basket. There's also a window for ventilation for families who plan to cook often.

copen grand 4 bedroom unit household shelter

Similarly, the household shelter is a standard size. The ID has turned it into an ironing room with some storage space, so this could be an idea for your home too.

Living and dining areas

copen grand 4 bedroom living dining area

The living and dining areas and the dry kitchen are adjacent to one another, creating a very open space. The total combined area of these three spaces is 366 sq ft (34 sqm) which is larger than average. We can imagine residents having their friends over for gatherings or even families having some quality bonding time in this common area.

A plus point in the showflat unit is the 4.5m ceiling height, which can be found in all the penthouses on the top floor. The additional void space really helps to accentuate the space in the unit.

copen grand 4 bedroom living area

The living area is able to fit at least a four-seater sofa, with substantial space for side couches as well. You'll also have a generous space for a coffee table.

copen grand 4 bedroom living area

We love this small area beside the sofa, which acts as a recess area. In the showflat, the ID has built some display shelves and added a storage cabinet. This could be an area where you keep your shoes and cleaning equipment, or it could also be an extension of your living area.

copen grand 4 bedroom unit dining area

The dining area can comfortably fit an eight-seater table, which is more than enough for the number of people that are expected to live in the unit. If you're planning to host guests often, you could even fit in two more chairs so it'll be a 10-seater table instead.

As you can see in the image above, with the high ceiling, you can build shelves all the way up to the ceiling to keep more items.

copen grand 4 bedroom unit balcony

One great thing is that the balcony spans the entire length of the living and dining areas; it measures 17 ft (5.2m). With this ample space on the balcony, you can definitely turn it into a chill-out and hangout spot or even turn it into a mini garden.

Master bedroom

copen grand 4 bedroom master bedroom

The master bedroom in the 4-bedroom Premium unit is one of the more impressive ones we've seen so far, especially for an EC. The master bedroom and bathroom have a combined size of 215.3 sq ft (20 sqm), which is on the larger side.

Apart from fitting in a king-sized bed, there's also enough room for a dressing table, which is rare in new launches.

copen grand 4 bedroom unit master bedroom

Needless to say, there's generous walkway space around the bed as well.

copen grand 4 bedroom unit master bedroom

Besides the space you have in the master bedroom, a balcony is also attached to it. The balcony measures around 43 sq ft (4 sqm), enough to fit a chair.

Not many developments provide a balcony in the master bedroom, so this definitely sets Copen Grand apart from others. This also allows residents to enjoy some fresh air from the comfort of their bedrooms.

copen grand 4 bedroom walk in wardrobe

What's great about the master bedroom is the walk-in wardrobe situated just outside the bathroom. There are separate his and hers wardrobes so the Mr and Mrs of the household will have ample storage. One thing to note is that both wardrobes don't come with built-in LED lights.

copen grand 4 bedroom unit master bathroom

The master bathroom is decked in the Earth theme, similar to what we've seen in the kitchen. There's a two-panel vanity mirror here, complete with storage cabinets. This is more than what you'll find in the 3-bedroom unit.

copen grand 4 bedroom master bathroom

We find the bathroom layout pretty interesting too as the shower area and the WC are located on opposite sides of the bathroom. This way, you can actually install an opaque door for the shower area so two people can use the bathroom at once.

What's great is that the shower area has a window for natural ventilation, but we'd love to have seen a rain shower.

Common bedrooms and shared bathroom

copen grand common bedroom

All three common bedrooms have a size of 97 sq ft (9 sqm) each, which is slightly larger than average. A plus point here is that all of them come with full-length windows as well, which is not very common.

In the showflat, the ID has demonstrated how the common bedrooms can be used in different ways. For families with more than three children, it's also possible to have a double-decker bed in the bedroom to accommodate two people.

copen grand common bedroom

All the bedrooms are also able to fit up to a queen-sized bed. This is suitable for multi-generational families which might have more than one couple living under one roof.

copen grand common bedroom

Another idea is to turn the bedroom into a study or work-from-home area. With hybrid work arrangements becoming more common since the pandemic, this is something that many families might consider doing.

copen grand 4 bedroom shared bathroom

The shared bathroom is similar to what we've seen in the 3-bedroom unit. The vanity mirror also doesn't have a storage cabinet, but there are shelves where you can store your toiletries. One good thing here is that there's a window for natural ventilation, which is not given in many shared bathrooms.

One thing to note here is that three bedrooms share one common bathroom. Hence, this might cause congestion in the mornings when family members rush to work or school.

Stack analysis and facilities review of Copen Grand

Views from the stacks

Copen Grand has 48 stacks across 12 blocks.

copen grand stack analysis

Stacks 22, 24, 25, 28, 29, 32, 33, 36, 37, 40, 41, 44, 45 and 48 face Tengah Drive, a main road in the new Tengah town. Hence, residents living in these stacks will have to deal with traffic noise. These stacks consist of the 3-bedroom Deluxe and 3-bedroom Premium units.

Stacks 11, 12, 19, 20, 23 and 27 face can enjoy some views of the future park which will be built beside Copen Grand. However, beyond the park, there will be an HDB BTO project, Garden Bloomer @ Tengah.

Stacks 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 16 face the play pool, kids' facilities and other family-friendly facilities. Those who enjoy these facilities and don't mind the noise might want to opt for these stacks.

Stacks 4, 5, 8, 14, 34, 38, 39 and 43 directly face the main pool. So, for buyers who prefer a resort-like feel and don't mind the splashing noises from the pool, these stacks will be perfect for them.

Sun analysis

copen grand sun facing analysis

As mentioned in the Quick Facts section, one of Copen Grand's highlights is that it's arranged in a true north-south orientation. Hence, the stacks are able to avoid direct afternoon and morning sun. This also means that units will be able to enjoy cross-ventilation as the wind direction travels from north to south and vice-versa, depending on the time of the year.

The north-facing stacks (facing Tengah Drive) might experience some indirect afternoon sun when it is in the northwest direction from March to September. Conversely, from September to March, the south-facing stacks might experience some indirect afternoon sun when it is in the southwest direction.

Facilities at Copen Grand

Site Plan

copen grand site plan

Copen Grand has more than 45 recreational facilities spread across eight clubs. The development is Singapore's first BCA Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy EC. Hence, the design, layout and orientation of the development are energy-efficient and support natural ventilation.

Copen Grand's landscape consultant is Tinderbox, a well-known name in the industry which has worked on projects like Sol Acres, Boathouse Residences and the Sembawang Hot Spring Park. Hence, Copen Grand's residents can expect the site to be thoughtfully designed with lush greenery and nature themes.

Grand entrance

copen grand entrance

Copen Grand's future residents can expect to arrive home to a picturesque entrance which comprises a welcome lobby and arrival lounge. Here, you can immediately see a lot of greenery engulfing the entrance, which is a beautiful sight to come home to.

copen grand arrival clubhouse

There's also the Arrival Clubhouse at the entrance which enhances the welcome experience. Such a grand entrance is usually reserved for high-end luxury developments but it's nice to see it in an EC too.

Residents can host guests at the Arrival Clubhouse or several other clubhouses in the development.

Multi-functional clubhouse to suit different needs of residents

copen grand multi tier clubhouse

One of the most impressive facilities is the five-storey multi-tiered clubhouse comprising a co-working space, a study room, a gym and a changing room with steam room. In line with hybrid working arrangements since the pandemic, residents can work from the co-working space and book rooms to hold meetings.

copen clubhouse

There are also two clubhouses here - Copen Clubhouse 1 and 2 as well as an entertainment room, games room, music room, dance studio and a yoga studio. This is useful for residents who want to hold functions or gatherings with their loved ones.

copen grand gym

An interesting feature here is that the gym is elevated and is overlooking the hydro pool and 50m lap pool. Not many ECs provide such a beautiful setting and it gives residents the chance to work out while enjoying a view.

In line with its energy-efficient theme, Copen Grand's clubhouse, function rooms, gym and swimming pool use solar power as partial replacement for energy.

Sporting facilities

copen grand tennis court

While many new launches have done away with having tennis courts, it's great to see that Copen Grand has managed to provide it. After all, it's quite a large development, so there will be a sizeable group of residents who are tennis enthusiasts.

copen grand swimming pool

For a development with 639 units, Copen Grand also has a 50m lap pool so avid swimmers can do their laps. With a decent-sized pool, parents can also engage private instructors to teach their children swimming.

One benefit here is that the 50m lap pool and the hydro pool is located in the same area and are away from the kids' pool.

Family-friendly facilities

The target demographics for ECs are families and hence, there are usually a couple of family-friendly facilities. The good news is that Copen Grand has an area called the Kids Club where families can enjoy the play pool, kids pool deck and the family BBQ pavilion.

copen grand play pool

There's also a Kids Clubhouse where parents can hold birthday parties for their children.

copen grand family bbq pavilion kids clubhousecopen grand kids playground

Besides that, there are other areas where kids can have fun like the Kids Play and Toddlers Play areas.

Copen Grand location review

There’s been a lot of buzz about the Tengah neighbourhood as it’s the newest HDB town to be built in Singapore in over 20 years. The last “new” town that HDB developed was Punggol. 

Artist’s impression on the future Tengah Estate

Image source: HDB


Plus, Tengah has been envisioned as a “forest town”, and it will be Singapore’s first smart and sustainable town. The eco-town will have a car-free town centre with designated cycling and walking paths on all roads. There will also be other green features such as a centralised cooling system, hiking trails and a 20ha Central Park. The hiking trails will lead to a path connecting to other nature parks in Singapore, like the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and MacRitchie Nature Park.  

So, for eco-friendly buyers who enjoy outdoor activities and being near nature, Tengah will be an attractive neighbourhood to live in. 


Five housing districts in Tengah

Image source: HDB


Tengah will have five planned housing districts - Garden, Plantation, Park, Forest Hill and Brickland. Copen Grand is situated in the Garden district and the area around it will have other HDB projects. 

As Tengah hasn’t been fully developed yet, there isn’t much information about nearby amenities. But based on URA’s plans, there will be future health and medical centres and a future school within 500m of the development. 

The good news is that several HDB BTO projects will be completed before Copen Grand. Hence, we’d expect some of them to have hawker stalls, supermarkets and other shops for daily necessities. 


Amenities in neighbouring estates 


Perhaps one limitation of living in Tengah is that the range of amenities won’t be as complete as those in other HDB towns in its initial years. Future residents of Copen Grand will have to wait for specific amenities to be completed, such as a mall, sports centre and a community club. Just like Punggol when it first started out, Tengah will only be fully developed in the late 2030s. 

Westgate shopping centre


Although Tengah is a new town, the good news is that it’s near more developed neighbourhoods like Jurong East, Jurong West, Bukit Batok and Choa Chu Kang. Residents can head over to the malls at Jurong East, JEM, Westgate and IMM for plenty of retail options. Other malls within a short drive are West Mall, Lot One and Jurong Point. The Ng Teng Fong General Hospital is also a short walk from Jurong East MRT station. 

Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre


For residents who frequent hawker centres and wet markets, there are notable ones in Jurong such as Yuhua Village, Taman Jurong, Jurong West Blk 505 and Boon Lay Place. 


Copen Grand's connectivity


For those taking public transport, Copen Grand will be within a 5 to 6-minute walk to Tengah, Hong Kah and Tengah Plantation MRT stations on the JRL.

Jurong Region Line

From there, residents can change to the North-South line via Choa Chu Kang and Jurong East, also an East-West line interchange station. Those travelling to the west can also take the JRL to Boon Lay station. There’s also a bus interchange and integrated transport hub that’s planned for the future.  

One thing to consider here is that travelling to the city centre by public transport would take almost an hour. But this wouldn't be a huge concern if you don’t frequently travel to the city centre. 

copen grand tengah ura masterplan

For drivers, Copen Grand is well-connected to major roads in Tengah, such as Tengah Drive and Tengah Boulevard. It’s also a few minutes' drive to the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). It will take about 30 minutes to drive to the CBD and about 35 minutes to Changi Airport. 

There will be 516 parking lots (505 standard lots, 6 EV charging stations and 5 accessible lots) as well as 108 bicycle lots. 


Schools near Copen Grand


For those with kids, the good news is that Tengah will be getting its first primary school in 2025, a merger between Juying Primary School and Pioneer Primary School. While other schools haven’t been announced yet, there will be several schools around Copen Grand, according to the URA masterplan. 

Currently, schools within a 2km radius of Copen Grand are Princess Elizabeth Primary School, Jurong Primary School and Shuqun Primary School. In terms of secondary schools, there are several well-known ones nearby, such as Swiss Cottage, Bukit Panjang Government High and River Valley High. 


Nature parks in surrounding neighbourhoods


Besides a 5km forest corridor around Tengah town and Central Park, there are plenty of other nature parks for nature lovers and avid hikers. These include the Jurong Lake Gardens, Bukit Batok Hillside Park and the Bukit Batok Nature Park. The popular Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is about a 15-minute drive away. 

copen grand location map

Overall, as Copen Grand is located in a very new neighbourhood, there might not be many amenities in the initial years after its TOP. However, give it a few years, and we are confident there will be a wider variety of amenities. 

Copen Grand is also a short walking distance from Tengah town centre, so there’s a lot in store for prospective buyers. With the connectivity of the JRL, residents can easily travel to neighbouring Jurong East or Bukit Batok, where there are more shopping and dining options and amenities. 

Hence, Copen Grand is perfect for buyers who enjoy a nature-inspired environment and those who like the idea of sustainable living. However, it might not be suitable for buyers who prefer a more mature estate with a full range of amenities, shopping and dining options. 

Price analysis of Copen Grand and comparisons

The indicative pricing for Copen Grand is as follows:

copen grand prices

Date source: CDL and MCL Land's media release

As Copen Grand is the first condo in Tengah, there’s currently no benchmark in terms of condo prices in the neighbourhood. Hence, we’ll be looking at doing a price comparison of other new launch ECs and ECs in the surrounding areas. 

First, let’s look at the land prices of Copen Grand and other new ECs. 

  • North Gaia - S$576 psf per plot ratio (Nov 2020, project launched in March 2022), average launch price = S$1,302 psf (126% price difference) 
  • Copen Grand - S$603 psf per plot ratio (June 2021), indicative launch price = from S$1,189 psf
  • Tenet EC - S$659 psf per plot ratio (July 2021)
  • Bukit Batok West Ave 8 EC - S$662 psf per plot ratio (March 2022)
  • Bukit Batok West Ave 5 EC - S$626 psf per plot ratio (September 2022)

Based on these figures, Copen Grand is the first EC to break the S$600 mark for price psf per plot ratio in a land sale. This set the trend for subsequent land prices of new launch ECs, as all of them are over S$600. 

While the indicative prices for Copen Grand start at S$1,189 psf for the 5-bedroom Premium units, Copen Grand’s average prices are likely to match North Gaia's average or be slightly higher based on the price guide by the developer. Based on recent trends, average prices for new private condo launches in the OCR like AMO Residence, Sky Eden@Bedok and Lentor Modern, are around the same, although they are in different locations.

Moreover, there might also be pent-up demand for new launch ECs. Based on data from URA Realis in August 2022, Parc Canberra only has one unsold unit, and North Gaia (just launched in April) has 446 unsold units. 

inventory of unsold EC units

Data source: URA Realis

As of August 2022, only 447 unsold units are left on the market for new launch ECs. So there are not a lot of options left.

Besides ECs, there’s also a general lack of new launches in the west, including private condos. The nearest new launches are in D23, The Arden and Phoenix Residences near Bukit Panjang MRT. Further east, other launches are centred around Clementi and Upper Bukit Timah areas like Parc Clematis and Ki Residences at Brookvale

Prices of new launch ECs in other parts of Singapore


Average Price PSF (S$)

No. of units

Unit types (br)



Launch Date

Copen Grand

from 1,189 to 1,338





Oct 2022

North Gaia






Mar 2022

Parc Greenwich






Aug 2021

Provence Residence






May 2021

Parc Central Residences






Jan 2021







Feb 2020

Parc Canberra






Jan 2020

Piermont Grand






Jul 2019

Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co

Based on this data, the general trend is that the newer EC launches have higher average prices than previous projects. However, one interesting point here is that average prices for Piermont Grand in Punggol have surpassed Parc Canberra and Ola even though it was launched earlier. That’s because it had 5 transactions in 2022 with an average price of S$1,315 psf, which was higher than in previous years. 

You might also notice that there aren’t any recent EC launches in the west. Copen Grand will be the first of four ECs launching in the west post-Covid. So, we expect its average prices to follow the upward trend of ECs in Singapore. 

ECs in the west which TOP-ed in the past 7 years


Average Price PSF (S$)

No. of units

Unit types (br)



iNZ Residence

833 (past 5y)



Choa Chu Kang


Sol Acres

1119 (past 1y)



Choa Chu Kang



1115 (past 1y)



Choa Chu Kang


Westwood Residences

995 (past 1y)



Jurong West


Lake Life

1157 (past 1y)



Taman Jurong


The Rainforest

1174 (past 1y)



Choa Chu Kang


Data source: URA, Realis, 99.co

Out of all the current ECs in the west, only iNZ Residence hasn’t reached its 5-year MOP status and hence, the average price listed above is based on transactions made since its launch in 2017. 

As for the rest of the ECs, average psf prices are around the same range at S$1,1xx. It’s also interesting to note that The Rainforest TOP-ed in 2015, but it has the highest average price. This could be because it’s located close to Choa Chu Kang MRT. It’s also three years until it becomes a privatised condo, making it more attractive to buyers. Wandervale is just beside The Rainforest, while Sol Acres is near Keat Hong and Teck Whye LRT stations. 

Another EC which has higher average prices is Lake Life. This could be because it’s in the Jurong Lake District, which is dubbed as Singapore’s second CBD. 

Average prices of resale ECs and private resale condos in surrounding districts

If you’re looking for a home in the Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang and Jurong areas and don’t mind resale ECs and private resale condos, you might be interested to find out how the average prices are like. 

resale ec prices in district 22 and 23

The average psf prices of resale ECs are around S$1,045 for D22 and S$986 for D23 for transactions in 2022. This includes resale ECs that have reached their 10-year mark. 

price of resale condos in district 22 and 23

For private condos, the average psf prices are S$1,306 for D22 and S$1,325 for D23 for transactions in 2022.

As you can see, they are just slightly above the average prices of new launch ECs. 

But of course, buying a new EC vs private resale condos have pros and cons, and you’ll need to decide which property type suits you best.

Appreciation value analysis

1. First-mover advantage 

Copen Grand’s residents will enjoy a first-mover advantage as more amenities and developments in Tengah will be completed once the EC reaches its 5-year MOP status. This means that its average prices are most likely to appreciate. 

Copen Grand is within walking distance to Tengah town centre, which has Tengah MRT station and is linked to the JRL. The town centre will also have plenty of amenities such as a mall, sports facilities and a community club. 

price of EC in punggol

Let’s take a look at the ECs in Punggol for a comparison. Prive was the first EC to be built in Punggol, and during its launch in 2010, there were very few amenities in the neighbourhood. Waterbay, Twin Waterfalls and Ecopolitan launched a few years later. Even though all four ECs are within walking distance to Punggol MRT station, Prive has had the highest appreciation, with average prices increasing by 65.25%. 

However, one downside of being a “first-mover” is that residents will have to wait for a few years before the amenities in Tengah are complete. Besides that, residents will also have to deal with construction noises from future housing developments. 

2. Upcoming developments in Jurong

Another factor that’ll increase Copen Grand’s value is the upcoming developments in Jurong. Copen Grand is strategically located between the Jurong Industrial District and the Jurong Lake District, and it will take less than a 10-minute drive.

Artist's Impression of Jurong Lake District's Tourism Development. Source: Singapore Tourism Board

Image source: Singapore Tourism Board

These will be two significant business and industrial hubs in the west. Hence, those who work in these districts will most likely want to move nearer to their offices, boosting Copen Grand’s value.

As Copen Grand is close to three stations on the JRL, this connectivity will also help in its appreciation in future. 

3. Upward price trend of resale ECs in neighbouring estates which just reached MOP

prices of resale EC in the west

There’s an upward price trend of ECs in neighbouring estates which just reached their MOP status. The highest appreciation so far is The Rainforest, with a 63.03% increase in average prices. 

Based on this upward trend, it’s most likely that Copen Grand will also see a similar price appreciation or even perform better since it gives buyers the first-mover advantage. 


As the first EC in Tengah's new town, Copen Grand is an exciting project to look out for. This is especially so for buyers open to moving into a new estate still under construction. Although they will have to wait for a few years or possibly even longer for a full range of amenities in the estate to be completed, there are a lot of advantages in the long run. If buyers decide to sell their unit at Copen Grand after fulfilling its MOP period, they can look forward to a substantial increase in appreciation value. 

For those looking to stay in Tengah long-term, there are plenty of exciting things to look out for. This includes the first car-free town centre in Singapore, the JRL, a forest corridor and proximity to major business hubs like Jurong Industrial District and Jurong Lake District. Furthermore, the neighbouring estates like Jurong, Bukit Batok and Choa Chu Kang have plenty of malls and eating spots. 

However, for buyers who prefer to live in a more established town, Copen Grand will not be suitable for them. These buyers might want to consider alternatives like a resale EC or private resale condos. 

Copen Grand is now open for previews and e-application. Click on the “Enquire Now” button to get the latest project updates and book a showflat viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copen Grand's price?

Copen Grand's prices start from S$1.08 million for a 2-bedroom plus study (S$1,338 psf), S$1.18 million for a 3-bedroom deluxe (S$1,261 psf), S$1.28 million for a 3-bedroom premium (S$1,279 psf), S$1.48 million for a 4-bedroom deluxe (S$1,250 psf), S$1.58 million for a 4-bedroom premium (S$1,255 psf) and S$1.88 million for a 5-bedroom premium (S$1,189 psf).

Where is Copen Grand's showflat and how can I book a viewing?

Copen Grand's showflat is located beside Lakeside MRT station.

Is Copen Grand a good investment?

Copen Grand is a good investment as it's the first EC in Tengah, so there's a first-mover advantage for buyers. With upcoming developments and amenities in Tengah, buyers can expect a higher appreciation in 5-10 years. Copen Grand is also located close to Jurong Lake District and Jurong Industrial District and this will boost its value.

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