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8 reasons why cluster homes or strata landed houses are worth buying

While Singapore’s landed properties usually come at a premium, there is an affordable variety with the perks of condominium living – cluster homes or strata landed houses. We’ve covered a few comparisons and recommendations before. In a broad sense, strata-landed houses are commonly associated with landed units, either within a cluster, or part of a…

Property jargon of the day: MCST

Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) — What is it?

MCST, which stands for Management Corporation Strata Title, refers to the managing body of a condominium or any compound which has multiple owners and shared facilities. In Singapore, MCSTs are usually associated with private residential developments. When a Management Corporation is contracted to manage an estate, it’s given a name: The Management Corporation — Strata…

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5 safe distancing measures deployed by the MCST or MA at condos other residents may not know about

After about 1.5 years of shifting from DORSCON Orange, CB, P1, P2, P3, tightened SMMs, P2(HA) and now, P3(HA), many condo residents and their MCST committee are used to being put on high alert. Some MCSTs do just enough (within BCA guidelines) or go the extra mile to protect their residents and guests, but some…

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