Dr Alex Khadavi Bel-Air mansion auction Los Angeles

Celebrity surgeon and NFT collector furious after Bel-Air mansion auctioned off at nearly half his US$88m asking price

Now here’s one property client you don’t want to mess with… A furious Dr. Alex Khadavi, a 49-year-old celebrity plastic surgeon and dermatologist (who counted Khloe Kardashian, David Hasselhoff and Lance Bass as clients), made headlines this week after his Bel-Air mansion in Hollywood drew a top auction offer of “only” US$45.8 million against his…

Couple with child at home

Money Diaries: How a couple in their 30s making S$16,500 a month spends their money

This article is part of 99.co Money Diaries. Are you saving as much as a late-30s couple earning S$12,000/mth? How much are people really spending on their mortgages or parents’ allowances? Money Diaries provides a micro, non-filtered view into local households and their expenditures. For this season, respondents included a couple in their 30s working…

99.co owner listing maisonette

Bishan HDB with 64 years left sold for $1.18m, with a record S$750 psf for the neighbourhood

Most of us have the assumption that the older the 99-year-leasehold flat (read: shorter remaining lease term), the lower its appreciation value. This seems to be far from the case, particularly for one very fortunate homeowner in Bishan Street 13. The owner of a 1,571-sqft HDB maisonette, which has 64 years left on its lease,…

Bollywood Veggies Front entrance

Assessing annual value of non-rentable property: Bollywood Veggies’ case against IRAS’ Chief Assessor

Most of us know that our annual property tax is calculated based on its estimated gross annual rent (assuming that the property’s rented out to say, a ‘hypothetical tenant’). This projected rental income (excluding the cost of furnishings, furniture and maintenance fees) is based on property and room types, which will then be used to…

Renovation contractor scam MIA overpromised

Renovation contractor embroiled in multiple scams, accused of sex scam on Facebook

(This is a developing story) Seventeen homeowners (so far) have come together online to piece what could possibly be an elaborate renovation scam by an individual named Vincent Liu Junnong. According to documents we’ve seen, Liu, who reportedly also goes by the name Calvin, Kelvin, Kevin, Mike, Alex or Benjamin Lau, met, signed and promised…

Andara Resort Phuket Thailand Signature Villa

A 10-room villa in Phuket, a US$100k “chocolate gift” and 2 Singapore court cases among Asia’s elites

On 21 February 2022, the judgement for a lawsuit among several ultra-high-net-worth (or high society) individuals surfaced in the Singapore International Commercial Court. While the dispute centred around a US$7.9m deal for a 10-room villa at Phuket, Thailand’s Andara Resort & Villas, what caught the attention of some folks were the people involved. They are:…

Shell petrol kiosk

3 immediate signs the Ukraine-Russia conflict will affect homeowners in Singapore

The Ukraine-Russia conflict, which began in 2014, and now, Russia’s invasion (or “special military operation”) of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, has come as a shock to the international community, including Singaporeans. On 28 February 2022, the Singapore government reiterated its support of international law and the principle that all countries, big and small, must…

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