HDB loan vs bank loan

Deciding between HDB loan vs bank loan? Here’s a quick reference.

Considering HDB loan vs bank loan is probably the second thing that many first-time homeowners are wondering, after figuring out where their first home should be. Overwhelmed with all the jargon and fine print? Don’t worry, we’re here to break down the differences between HDB loans and bank loans. Key points about HDB loan vs…

mandarin gardens in singapore went en bloc

What is share value, and how does it affect en bloc sales proceeds?

Long before the inception of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Singaporeans resolved their neighbourly differences through kampong spirit. Which, according to my grandmother, involves situations like nailing the neighbour’s gate shut because their family dog attacked our chickens. That’s why, in this more civilised age, we use the share value system. Here’s how it…

renovation trouble condo MCST

9 ways your renovation could get you in trouble with your condo’s MCST

Even a billionaire with a penthouse can’t fully avoid tangles with his management council, which is also known as the Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST). A 2018 court case has clarified the definition of “common property”, and slapped a S$40,000 on a billionaire resident for his renovation works at his Ardmore Park penthouse. That’s probably…

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