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Property listings

How to Write a Property Listing that Doesn’t Suck

Nothing turns off property hunters faster than a bad listing. You know the ones we’re talking about – the pictures look like they were taken by a drug-addict in a desperate attempt to show you where he’s overdosing; and the property information reads something like “A place next to a road where there are like,…

property effectively sold

9 Ways To Create An Effective Property Listing

Listing your property is easy, but how do you make sure it is effective in reaching your target audience? With more home buyers turning to online mediums to hunt for properties, creating a good property listing matters more than ever: #1 Use good Search Engine Opitimisation (SEO) practices Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential for…

AHTC HDB resale flats

3 sensational HDB resale flats in AHTC that are anything but ‘improper’

As the court case against the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) enters the exciting hearing phase, we feel it’d also be appropriate to stage a trial! Not against the Worker’s Party, mind you. What we’ve put in the stands are three HDB resale flats in AHTC’s wards — comprising Bedok North, Serangoon and Hougang* — that…

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