Crazy Rich Asians: 5 Singapore landed homes fit for the 1%

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In the Hollywood rom-com Crazy Rich Asians, the female lead is stunned to find that her beau hails from a rich Singaporean family, whose obscene amounts of wealth come from none other than property development. The mansions featured in the movie were all filmed in Malaysia, and we reckon that’s because the grandest landed homes in Singapore are too cost-inefficient to rent for filming! Nevertheless, here are some stunning landed homes listed on that’s sure to attract the interest of the 1%, as well as people like us who just like to ogle at gorgeous homes…

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Home #1: Caldecott Hill Estate

Listed price: $32,000,000
Area (land): 19,500 square feet (or 20.1 HDB four-room flats)

This 2.5-storey freehold bungalow sits on a sprawling piece of land on a hilltop. Even though it had been built in 1985, it has recently been renovated and boasts a Balinese architectural flavour that we don’t think will ever go out of style. Notably, it’s six bedrooms all come with ensuite bathrooms, and there’s an additional two rooms for entertainment purposes.

What we love: The living room, which comes with a high ceiling, and the kitchen, which is decked out with professional equipment that just calls out for your own private chef. Finally, no Balinese Villa would be complete without a pool, and this bungalow has a huge one as the centrepiece of the entire house, with a jacuzzi to boot.

[Note: This property has recently been sold, sorry folks!]

crazy rich asian landed home caldecott pool

crazy rich asian landed homes caldecott living room

crazy rich asian landed homes caldecott kitchen
Images courtesy of SRI5000.


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Home #2: Jalan Bahasa

Listed price: $19,800,000
Area (land): 12,149 square feet (or 12.5 HDB four-room flats)

Fancy a house-cum-architectural statement? Good. This 2.5-storey, 6-bedder bungalow was designed by the renowned Aamer Architects and has plenty of jaw-dropping internal spaces, such as a zen garden-cum-airwell, infinity pool and a basement garage for six cars. It’s also the “cheapest” home on this list, so we can all have an easier time imagining ourselves owning this beauty…

What we love: This house is built for socialising and quality time with loved ones. Besides a wine cellar and a theatrette, the bungalow also has two family rooms and a roof terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding greenery.

crazy rich asians-landed-home-jalan-bahasa-1


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Home #3: Pearl Island, Sentosa

Listed price: $28,000,000
Area (land): 11,270 square feet (or 12.1 HDB four-room flats)

Sure, this bungalow might only have a 99-year lease, but so do all of the waterfront properties on the island of Sentosa. Furthermore, this 7-bed, 7-bath home is perfect for the Crazy Rich Asian with his/her own private yacht, as there’s direct access from the home to a private berth. Owners can set sail whenever they wish although, granted, there are not many places vessels can dock in Singapore.

What we love: The entire home is designed to take advantage of its waterfront location, like the stunning master bedroom with the floor-to-ceiling wraparound windows. And, among all the landed properties in Singapore, only Sentosa’s bungalows offer direct water frontage. In other words, this property’s appeal also lies in its rarity.

crazy rich asians landed home pearl island bedroom

crazy rich asians landed homes pearl island


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Home #4: Maryland Drive

Listed price: $33,000,000
Area (land): 19,126 square feet (or 19.7 HDB four-room flats)

Located in prime District 10’s Bukit Timah residential area, this 7-bedder, 2-storey Good Class Bungalow is a work of art. The goal of the architect was to fuse modern minimalism with elements of nature through a combination of stone, greenery, water, wood and fair-faced concrete. When the home was built five years ago, every tree and plant was sourced from overseas and, we surmise, carefully positioned to achieve the property’s resort-like landscaping and to enhance the exclusivity of the home.

What we love: Although measuring 25 metres long, the pool of this bungalow isn’t just for swimming. The “wow” factor lies in how the pool and water features are positioned at the front and centre of the property, giving the illusion that the bungalow is floating on water. Inside the 13,000 square feet interior, natural light is maximised whereas communal spaces are designed to resemble modernist art galleries. The architectural centrepiece of the bungalow is a striking concrete column that actually houses two sky-lit bathrooms within.

Images courtesy of Property Lim Brothers.


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Home #5: Ewart Park

Listed price: $59,000,000
Area (land): 38,100 square feet (40 HDB four-room flats, or half a football field,)

Built in 2011, this three-storey bungalow sits on a site so huge it’s like having your own country within a country (all right, this is a low-SES way of putting things). In fact, this District 10 home is larger than many condos in Singapore. You might ask: what to do with all the space? Well, here’s the rundown:

  • 7 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms; master bedroom with separate study
  • 10 bathrooms in total
  • A maid room
  • A 38-metre lap swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • A “sunken bar” adjoining the swimming pool
  • A terrace over looking the pool
  • Library
  • Gym and attached steam room
  • Dry and wet kitchens with dining area
  • Formal dining hall
  • Entertainment lounge
  • Large walk-in, climate-controlled wine cellar
  • Air-conditioned kennels (for the luckiest dogs in the world)
  • Large aviary (for your own bird park)
  • Koi pond
  • A garage for 15 cars including charging points for electric cars
  • An outdoor entertainment area with kitchen and teppanyaki counter

What we love: The living room and formal dining hall look like venues fit for hosting state leaders and royalty. And, despite its size, the interior manages to feel like a cozy home for a close-knit family of Crazy Rich Asians.

crazy rich asians home

crazy rich asian home

crazy rich asian home

crazy rich asian home

crazy rich asians landed homes ewart park bedroom

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