Dual-key condo: Analysing the pros and cons

Dual-key condo units first hit the market with the launch of Caspian by Frasers Centrepoint Homes back in 2009. Since then, developers have caught on, launching numerous projects across Singapore that feature dual-key units. Some new launch condo projects featuring dual-key units include Parc Clematis, La Mariposa and Piccadilly Grand. With dual-key units, owners essentially…


5 renovation tips and trends that can destroy your property’s resale value

You probably can picture exactly how your dream home looks like. Some people like plenty of built-in cabinets that allow them to achieve the minimalist aesthetic. Others might favour big, bold looks with lots of colour. But beware: If you overdo it, you just might be hurting your home’s resale value. Some common renovation tips,…

open electricity market OEM plan

Open Electricity Market: Which remaining OEM Plan should homeowners take?

Update as of 20 October 2021: Best Electricity has announced that it is exiting the consumer electricity market as well. Update as of 16 October 2021: Two OEM electricity providers – iSwitch and Ohm Energy – have recently announced that they will be exiting the electricity market in Singapore. Some reasons include the volatile electricity market…

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