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View of Keppel Bay and HDB flats

MND really wants your suggestions on public housing in prime locations like the CBD

In recent months, there have been announcements and discussions about having public housing in prime locations and making it inclusive, affordable and accessible to Singaporeans. These prime locations include the city centre and the Greater Southern Waterfront. Some of the suggestions include having shorter leases, increasing the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) and giving additional subsidies….

Infographic on median price psf of resale condos within 1km of MRT stations

Do home prices truly decrease as they move away from the city centre? A look at the price psf along MRT lines

It’s understood that centrally-located properties, especially those in the Core Central Region (CCR), are the most expensive in Singapore. A general rule-of-thumb for residential property purchase is that the closer a property is to the city centre, the higher the value it commands.  Looking at the condo resale transactions in March 2021, the most expensive…

prime locations resale bto flats price

Govt looking to limit resale prices of prime location BTO flats, says Minister

New HDB Build-To-Order (BTO) flats in Singapore’s prime locations, such as the upcoming the Greater Southern Waterfront, may come with “cooling measures” that limit resale prices, said National Development Minister Desmond Lee. He told Lianhe Zaobao on 29 November that he feels that the ‘lottery effect’ of well-located HDB flats, which could result in “windfalls”…

core central region ccr condos dyson penthouse loss

Core Central Region (CCR) condos: Is Dyson’s $11.8 million loss a warning sign?

The name Dyson has made news again in Singapore property: Just a little more than one year after purchasing the largest penthouse in the country at Wallich Residence for a record $73.8 million, the Dysons are now selling the Core Central Region (CCR) property at $62 million—incurring a $11.8 million loss, according to a Business…

Orchard Road during festive season

Government slashes Development Charge rates to spur Covid-hit economy

In a move that could spur spending in the real estate and construction industry, the Ministry of National Development (MND) announced on 31 August that it would be cutting the Development Charge (DC) rates across multiple property types by up to 7.8%. The changes in DC rates is particularly targeted at encouraging commercial revitalisation in…

neighbourhood constituency general elections moulmein

And the neighbourhood with the most electoral constituency changes goes to…

…a 14-hectare precinct in Moulmein, near Novena. From the very first General Election in 1968 to date, this area has seen EIGHT constituency changes⁠—the highest in Singapore. Here’s how it played out over the years: Election Year Constituency 1968 Moulmein SMC 1972 Moulmein SMC 1976 Farrer Park SMC 1980 Moulmein SMC 1984 Moulmein SMC 1988…

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