A brief history of 5-room BTO flat prices in Ang Mo Kio and their resale values

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With HDB’s August 2022 BTO exercise in full swing, you may be looking at its 5-room offerings, such as the ones in Ang Mo Kio, Choa Chu Kang and Tampines.

Among them, the indicated price range for Ang Mo Kio’s 5-room BTO flats stands out.

Rightly so, because at a jaw-dropping S$720k-S$877k, Ang Mo Kio Central Weave’s 5-room BTO flats are one of the more expensive units in this exercise.

Not only is it at the highest range band for BTO 5-room flats, it also has one of the widest spreads (S$157k) we’ve seen so far – at least when we compare it with all other 5-room BTO flats offered over the past 2 years (7 exercises):

BTO Exercise Neighbourhood Estate Type Project Number of 5-room units Lowest indicated price in SGD (excl. grants) Highest indicated price in SGD (excl. grants) Range spread
August 2022 Ang Mo Kio Mature Central Weave @ AMK 333 720000 877000 157000
August 2022 Choa Chu Kang Non-mature Keat Hong Grange 323 390000 508000 118000
August 2022 Tampines Mature Sun Plaza Spring 117 520000 590000 70000
May 2022 Yishun Non-mature Yishun Beacon 166 485000 595000 110000
May 2022 Jurong West Non-mature Lakeside View 214 412000 526000 114000
February 2022 Tengah Non-mature Parc Flora 181 428000 525000 97000
February 2022 Tengah Non-mature Plantation Creek 336 420000 506000 86000
February 2022 Yishun Non-mature Grove Spring 336 385000 485000 100000
February 2022 Yishun Non-mature Yishun Boardwalk 277 410000 490000 80000
November 2021 Hougang Non-mature Hougang Olive 184 416000 488000 72000
November 2021 Hougang Non-mature Tanjong Tree Residences 128 419000 495000 76000
November 2021 Tengah Non-mature Parc Clover 345 428000 500000 72000
November 2021 Tengah Non-mature Parc Glen 308 436000 519000 83000
August 2021 Hougang Non-mature Hougang Citrine 102 392000 482000 90000
August 2021 Tampines Mature Tampines GreenJade 244 475000 564000 89000
August 2021 Tampines Mature Tampines GreenQuartz 637 485000 597000 112000
May 2021 Tengah Non-mature Garden Bloom 251 404000 495000 91000
May 2021 Woodlands Non-mature Woodgrove Ascent 359 372000 491000 119000
February 2021 Bukit Batok Non-mature West Hill 331 384000 460000 76000
February 2021 Toa Payoh/ Bidadari Mature ParkEdge 196 612000 617000 5000
February 2021 Toa Payoh/ Woodleigh Mature Alkaff Breeze 127 611000 728000 117000


This may give many potential BTO homeowners pause (or reconsideration) – is this too expensive, will it appreciate at all, or perhaps you’re more the “it’s not really all about the pricing isn’t it?” type.

August 2022 AMK BTO

Past 5-room HDB BTO prices in Ang Mo Kio

If we look at past BTO projects in Ang Mo Kio – such as Kebun Baru Court (2013 launch) and Teck Ghee Parkview (2012 launch) – their price ranges and spreads have consistently been on the higher side:

BTO Exercise Neighbourhood Estate Type Project Number of 5-room units Lowest indicated price in SGD (excl. grants) Highest indicated price in SGD (excl. grants) Range spread
January 2013 Ang Mo Kio Mature Kebun Baru Court 103 482000 575000 93000
January 2013 Yishun Non-mature Oleander Breeze 180 331000 388000 57000
January 2013 Choa Chu Kang Non-mature Keat Hong Colours 348 298000 376000 78000
January 2013 Hougang Non-mature Hougang ParkEdge 238 334000 427000 93000


BTO Exercise Neighbourhood Estate Type Project Number of 5-room units Lowest indicated price in SGD (excl. grants) Highest indicated price in SGD (excl. grants) Range spread
September 2012 Ang Mo Kio Mature Teck Ghee Parkview 190 498000 598000 100000
September 2012 Woodlands Non-mature TreeTrail @ Woodlands 234 308000 381000 73000
September 2012 Choa Chu Kang Non-mature Keat Hong Quad 190 313000 381000 68000
September 2012 Tampines Mature GreenLace 165 384000 441000 57000


What’s notable however, is that this time around, 333 units are made available, instead of the 103 and 190 units in the past.

Furthermore, today’s indicated price ranges are 47-69% higher compared to Kebun Baru Court and Teck Ghee Parkview. In other non-mature estates, the increases across similar estates are usually between 25-35%.

Site plan of Central Weave @ AMK BTO
“Where the 5-rooms at?”

Granted, every BTO project is unique, even if they’re within the same neighbourhood. Their indicated price ranges are dependent on factors like proximity to amenities, an interchange or MRT station, the number of storeys within the block, potential unblocked views and so on.

We should also consider that due to our post-pandemic environment, some costs would have gone up, ranging from construction material to worker salaries.

5-room HDB resale prices in Ang Mo Kio

Based on resale transactions over the past 10 years, 5-room HDB resale transactions in Ang Mo Kio have seen a 19.31% increase in average prices. This is higher than the Singapore average, which rose 16.58%.

Around the Ang Mo Kio Central Weave site, bounded by Ang Mo Kio Avenues 3, 5, 6 and 10, the average 5-room resale price has gone up by about 18.01% – so not too far from the neighbourhood average.

Today, 5-room resale flats in Ang Mo Kio are priced around S$750k-S$800k on average, so not absurdly far from the indicated price range for Central Weave.

AMK 5 room HDB resale trends

What’s the Appreciation Value?

Of course, we’ve been getting questions from our readers – what would be the potential appreciation for 5-room flats at Central Weave?

Just by looking at where the million-dollar 5-room HDB resale flats are, you’ll get a rough idea:

AMK HDB 5-room million dollar resale flats

Based on the map above, 7 were from Kebun Baru Court (TOP 2018), 2 from Teck Ghee Vista (TOP 1977), 9 from Park Central (TOP 2011) and 5 from Teck Ghee Parkview (TOP 2018).

Kebun Baru Court and Teck Ghee Parkview

If we focus on the more recent BTO projects, namely Kebun Baru Court and Teck Ghee Parkview, there have been a total of 32 resale transactions of 5-room HDB flats since the completion of their MOPs.

For these homeowners who sold (including the 12 who sold above a million), consider this: they paid around S$500k-S$600k 9-10 years ago, and then sold them for S$800k-S$1m+ about 5 years after moving in.

So if you’re still baulking at the S$720k-S$877k indicated price range, at least now you know some of the factors behind why it’s priced on a higher band with such a wide spread.

Furthermore, with Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently announcing plans to upgrade Ang Mo Kio town centre and its surrounding estates (including older ones like Teck Ghee), we can’t say that we’re all that surprised.

If you want to know exactly what amenities are around Central Weave, we’ve got you covered here (there’s even a video tour).

All right, you can lift your jaw back up from the floor now…

Are you applying for this August 2022 BTO? Let us know in the comments section below.

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