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cheapest freehold landed houses

8 cheapest freehold landed houses for sale in Singapore from S$2.3 million

For many Singaporeans, the dream is to live in a landed house. A lot of us hope that someday, we can upgrade to landed property, with our own front yard. On the other hand, due to their scarcity and size, they’re generally the most expensive residential properties in Singapore. It also doesn’t help that there’s…

May 2022 Bukit Merah BTO map 2

2 PLH projects are to be launched in the upcoming May 2022 BTO exercise

National Development Minister Desmond Lee had just announced in a Facebook post that two Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) projects will be launched in the upcoming May 2022 BTO exercise. PLH projects were first announced in October 2021 for BTO projects located in prime locations. These flats come with several restrictions, such as a 10-year…

Jalan Besar neighbourhood no peeing

Litterbug vigilantes living in Jalan Besar condos: “We just want a clean and civic-minded neighbourhood.”

For years now, residents in the Jalan Besar neighbourhood, specifically around the Petain Road, Somme Road and Cavan Road areas, have stepped up to ensure their neighbourhoods remain clean, civil and welcoming. Recently, their efforts garnered far more attention (and admirers) than they had anticipated. For example, one of them, Ms. Wendy Chan, who lives…

“Sexy single” asks on Reddit: Older but cheaper HDB flat, or newer but more expensive one?

A Redditor who identifies as a “sexy single” posted a thread on Reddit asking other singles in Singapore, sexy or otherwise, whether they would choose to buy an older but cheaper flat or a newer but costlier one. The thread garnered more than a hundred comments, with an overwhelming majority of commenters stating that they…

Dr Alex Khadavi Bel-Air mansion auction Los Angeles

Celebrity surgeon and NFT collector furious after Bel-Air mansion auctioned off at nearly half his US$88m asking price

Now here’s one property client you don’t want to mess with… A furious Dr. Alex Khadavi, a 49-year-old celebrity plastic surgeon and dermatologist (who counted Khloe Kardashian, David Hasselhoff and Lance Bass as clients), made headlines this week after his Bel-Air mansion in Hollywood drew a top auction offer of “only” US$45.8 million against his…

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