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5 Old But Convenient HDB Estates To Rent In

These HDB estates might not be the newest kids on the block, but they carry a certain old-school charm, and they’re extremely convenient to stay in. Read on to find out more!  #1: Tiong Bahru Is Tiong Bahru gentrified? Perhaps. But is it a convenient area to live in? Most definitely. Some backstory here: Tiong…

tiong bahru hdb flat moh guan terrace

Paying $1.1 million for a 43-year-old Tiong Bahru HDB flat is a genius move. Here’s why

From the onlookers point-of-view, there are quite a few silly things Singaporeans are doing with their money these days, from pouring their life savings into seemingly overpriced latex glove stocks to forking out seven figure sums for leasehold public housing. The latest act of wanton extravagance? Splashing over a million dollars on an ageing HDB…

Tiong Bahru flats

Exploring Tiong Bahru’s Secrets: Then and Now

There’s more to Tiong Bahru than hip cafes and quirky shops. The art deco, circa-1930s apartment blocks have been conserved, but changes are constantly afoot at ground level. Aside from the ever-present wet market and hawker centre and selection of cafes and boutiques, it seems like there’s something new and unique every time at every…

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