Top 5 Condos Near Supermarkets

Whenever we buy a house, convenience seems to be a consideration. It’s unlikely that you would buy a house just for the estate alone and not think about what amenities you have around it. Unless you’re rich enough to buy a property just because you like it. But for majority of us out there, convenience…

Picture of the Dyson Logo

James Dyson Strikes Again: Billionaire to Purchase Second Luxury Property in Singapore

James Dyson surprises us once again, but not with another of his brilliant inventions. Just two weeks after news broke of Sir Dyson’s purchase of the largest and most expensive penthouse in Singapore, the billionaire is prepared to snap up another luxury property. What could better his previous purchase? Surprise, surprise… Marketed at $45 million,…

Business Man Driving to Work

Workplaces Where You Should Seriously Consider a Car

Singapore’s public transport system has been lauded locally and internationally. The system is efficient, safe and convenient.  As our public transport system continues to improve and expand its reach over our land, it appears that car ownership in Singapore is largely unnecessary. But that’s still not true for some of these places: Here are some…

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