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24 People Caught Living in a 4-Room HDB Flat

Some Singaporeans are finding new ways to profit in this expensive city: for four years, a four-room flat was subletting 24 people. That’s four times the maximum allowed by HDB. At 403 Pandan Gardens, three double-decker bunk beds are crammed into each bedroom of a three-room HDB flat. At least six tenants live in each…

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5 real estate scams that could run rampant during Covid-19

We’re supposed to stick together to pull through Covid-19. But as always, there’s someone out there waiting to destroy your trust in humanity. The fact is, our inability to go out during the circuit breaker period, coupled with desperation, is fertile breeding ground for scammers. Real estate, unfortunately, isn’t spared by scammers, so watch out…

7 Different Types of Homelessness in Singapore

Our first nationwide study has found about 1,000 homeless people sleeping on the streets of Singapore. But while that’s the most immediate and pressing kind of homelessness, there are all sorts of virtual (semi?) states of homelessness that aren’t addressed. Here are the different forms you may not have noticed: Type 1: Those in Absolute…

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99.co Property Outlook 2020: The Great Supply Glut

2020 is shaping up to be a difficult year, with the wider economic situation mostly unchanged (or perhaps worse) than 2019. In our property outlook 2020, we pick out some of the bigger trends that it’s worth noting: Key factors that will impact the private property scene in 2020 A supply glut stemming from 2017’s…

Why the Yishun Marijuana Case Should Worry Landlords

Why the Yishun Marijuana Case Should Worry Landlords

A 44-year old man will be charged in court today, for growing marijuana at his flat in Yishun. Wow, this sort of thing really is just an ordinary Wednesday in Yishun (the Bermuda Triangle of Singapore). But the whole situation should give landlords – anywhere in Singapore – some pause for thought: What has this…

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9 Ways To Create An Effective Property Listing

Listing your property is easy, but how do you make sure it is effective in reaching your target audience? With more home buyers turning to online mediums to hunt for properties, creating a good property listing matters more than ever: #1 Use good Search Engine Opitimisation (SEO) practices Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential for…

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