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Right time and Right price to sell your property?

Understanding your property finances can be a headache, let Homeowner 360° do the math for you so you don't have to.

Takes < 5 minutes to complete!

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Make an informed decision in
3 simple steps

Track your property value

Track your property value

Find out your property's estimated sale value and rental value using X-value

Estimate your sales proceeds

Estimate your sales proceeds

See how much actual cash will you receive after loans and CPF

Plan your progress

Plan your progress

Evaluate your options with your available deposit and maximum bank loan

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Customized for accuracy
Edit and adjust calculator inputs to obtain accurate estimates - fully customized to your property finances.
Full visibility on the calculations
Get a detailed breakdowns of the calculations involved as well as the definitions of the terms used in the calculations.
Privacy assured
Unless you specifically opt-in, you will not receive any agent calls. Your contact details will not be transmitted to our partners without your authorization.

Did you know?

A property is your single largest financial decision. In Singapore, 42% of overall household assets are held in residential property. It affects how you accumulate wealth, raise your children, or even plan for retirement.

That's why it's so important to get this right.

Whether you're right-sizing or upgrading, get an unbiased report on what your property options are.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a home loan can I borrow?

The amount of home loan you can borrow depends on a variety of factors. To get the most comprehensive calculation, complete the steps in the Homeowner 360° tool which will give you your maximum home loan capacity and also what type of property you can purchase.

Alternatively, you can visit 99.co's affordability calculator. You can then find the perfect mortgage for you via this tool which searches across banks, compares different packages and secures the best deal for you.

Before you choose a home loan package, you might want to read more about loan-to-value limits, Mortgage Servicing Ratio and Total Debt Servicing Ratio, to better understand your borrowing capacity limits.

How much do I need to earn to upgrade from HDB to a private condo?

Read our comprehensive guide on what it takes to upgrade from an HDB flat to a condominium.

Alternatively, if you're upgrading to an executive condominium (EC), read this. If it's a private condo you're upgrading to, check this out.

How to calculate CPF accrued interest?

Did you know that when you borrow and repay your home loan using your CPF savings, there will be accrued interest in your CPF account? Here's more information if you want to know how to calculate this interest.

Here are some relevant articles related to CPF financing for home loans:


How accurate is Property Value calculation?

While you can scour listing sites like 99.co and SRX to see recent transactions in your neighbourhood to get a valuation gauge, the other alternative is to pay an accredited property valuer to inspect and furnish you with a valuation report – which costs money.

The good news is that 99.co has a simpler option via its Property Value Tool. If you want to quickly get an estimate of your property's value prior to listing it for sale, here's a quick overview on how to do so with 99.co Property Value Tool.

What is better - bank loan or HDB loan?

The jury's still out it seems but each loan type - be it a bank loan or HDB loan - has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, with bank loans, there is no income cap, the tenures may be longer and your monthly installments may be lower (depending on the interest rate).

For HDB loans, your down payment can be made with your CPF Ordinary Account savings and the maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is 85%. You can also choose to refinance your home loan with a bank loan even after getting a higher LTV with the initial loan.

Check out further comparisons here and here.

How to select an agent to sell my property?

There are many different ways to decide if a property agent is suitable for you, but common ones include trust, reliability, communication and professionalism. Check out some of our articles here which should guide you in choosing the right agent to sell your property for you.


What is refinance and how can it help me save interest payment?

Most banks offer home loans based on fixed-rate or adjustable-rate (or variable rate) on your home loan interest. This applies even when you choose to refinance your existing home loan after two to three years.

Find out more about refinancing and how a prudent strategy when choosing your package can help you save more on your interest payments.


What is a Negative Sale?

A negative sale is when you owe money even after selling your property. This can happen where under certain circumstances, you end up with a loss or even fall into debt despite selling your property for a profit.

You can do simple inputs in the Homeowner 360° tool to calculate if you will end up in a negative sale situation!

Find out how you can avoid ending up with a negative sale here:

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