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5 cheap condos in Singapore for greenery and nature lovers

While Singapore is a green city, there aren’t that many places to live where you can get up close and personal with nature. Most housing and condominiums are situated in built-up areas, and the greenery that residents enjoy often come in the form of landscaped gardens in the condo compound and occasional clusters of trees…

HDB lookalike condo en bloc potential

5 HDB-lookalike condos that actually have high en bloc potential

Chances are, you likely won’t bother giving these condos in Singapore a second look if you walked or drove past them. In fact, you might even think that these condominiums are… gasp… HDB estates. Ironically, these condos might have the highest en bloc potential. We say this because their low unit densities of these condos…

HDB Nov 2018 BTO Launch Analysis (Part 2): Tampines, Tengah

Good news to all homeowners to be; the final HDB Built-to-Order (BTO) sales exercise of 2018 features a total of FIVE locations to choose from (there were only two locations in the previous exercise). The sites this time round are Sembawang, Sengkang, Yishun, Tampines and Tengah. In Part 1 of our analysis, we examine the…

Bukit Batok is an underrated residential gem where Le Quest is located

West is Best – the Underrated Residential Gem Bukit Batok is

The name Bukit Batok means “coughing hill” in Malay, a moniker given because of the blasts of quarrying activity commonly heard in the area in the post-war years. In the decades since quarrying ceased, nature has taken over the old mining sites, flourishing alongside the developments that have transformed the area into a self-sufficient residential…

Open Electricity Market: Which OEM Plan Should Homeowners Take?

Now that the Open Electricity Market (OEM) is officially being rolled-out across the country, Singaporeans are no longer restricted to purchasing their power from SP Group. What’s the rationale behind the OEM? How do you switch to another electricity provider? What type of plans are available? In this article, we cover all that so you…

5 safeguards when buying a new and uncompleted condo

Most developers in Singapore are competent and well-capitalised. This is great of course, but it leads to one little problem: it makes Singaporean property buyers a little too relaxed and trusting when it comes to buying a new launch or uncompleted condo. For many people in a showsuite, the risk that a developer will delay…

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