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People moving in with boxes

What Should You Do Right After Your Condo’s TOP?

You can finally move into your condo; but what are your immediate steps now that you can? Here are some tips on what to look for right after moving-in day: Special thanks to Metro Residences for the moving-in tips: 1. Defects Inspection Check the duration of your Defects Liability Period (DLP) – it’s usually at…

Juniper Hill has a 50m lap pool for residents

A Home Above All at District 10 – Juniper Hill

Allgreen’s second project in The Bukit Timah Collection offers luxury in a quiet sanctuary With a sterling track record spanning over 30 years, Allgreen Properties is known for building quality projects. Today, the developer is one of the largest property groups in Singapore with a portfolio of residential and commercial properties that caters to a…

A signboard showing "Orchard Road".

Is Buying Orchard Towers Property a Good Idea?

Orchard Towers is neck-and-neck with Geylang, for showcasing the underside of Singapore. But some would say it’s a much more atas version of Geylang. But does all of this overshadow the fact that Orchard Towers is prime, central location property? How much does a unit at Orchard Towers actually cost? As of 2018, residential units…

Man in chair with cigar, looking down on 20+ commercial properties

James Dyson has Bought Singapore’s Biggest, Most Expensive Penthouse

Billionaire (re?)inventor of vacuum cleaners and fans James Dyson has bought Singapore’s biggest penthouse. This is at Wallich Residences, and it’s a whopper: Who are we talking about here? Sir James Dyson is a British inventor (or some would say re-inventor) of top-line household appliances, such as the bagless vacuum cleaner and bladeless fan. Think…

Property listings

How to Write a Property Listing that Doesn’t Suck

Nothing turns off property hunters faster than a bad listing. You know the ones we’re talking about – the pictures look like they were taken by a drug-addict in a desperate attempt to show you where he’s overdosing; and the property information reads something like “A place next to a road where there are like,…

Transaction between a male and female.

The Great Geylang Turnaround

A while back, we mentioned that Geylang might be an underrated property hot spot. Now, we take a look at how the properties there have fared over the past 10 years: How has  Geylang changed? If you haven’t been to Geylang for a while, here are some of the bigger changes we’ve spotted: The Red…

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