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Property agent commission in Singapore: How much should I pay?

A good property agent more than deserves his/her commission, but many buyers and sellers are often unsure about how much to pay. So do landlords and tenants. Truth is, there are many factors that determine property agent commission in Singapore; even seasoned sellers, buyers and renters can become confused about industry standards. So, here’s our…

Open House: A radio show/collabo between CNA and

Can’t get enough of our kickass property content? Listen to us on CNA938 every week as we talk about loved neighbourhoods, new condos and property news. Oh! And we also answer your burning questions about property! Tune in every Saturday 10 am to 93.8 FM. Latest Episode: 23 Nov 2019¬†   Neighbourhood of the week:¬†Macpherson…

Home rents and prices near international schools

Home Rental Rates and Prices Near Singapore’s Top 5 International Schools

Welcome to Singapore. You may notice there are some discrepancies between what you’ve heard, and this actual country (e.g. no riot police beating up bubblegum chewers, and the dominant presence of Boring Rich Asians). To avoid further confusion, we’re here to provide clarity on an important topic: how much it costs to stay near the…

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