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Should You Buy a 40+ Year Old Flat when Regrets are Useless Later?

Eh, is it dumb to buy a 40+ Year Old resale HDB?

Fun fact: there are roughly 70,000 flats that are halfway through their lease, and will face lease expiry in the next 50 years. Before you buy one of them, we’d like to remind you that unlike STOMP articles, buying a home is a MAJOR life decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Consider EVERYTHING before you…

HDB Flats In Singapore

What Will Really Happen To The HDB Resale Market Now?

There’s been a considerable bit of hoohah over how the recent changes in income ceiling for HDB BTO flats and housing grant could potentially impact the resale market.  Industry observers believe that the move could have a positive impact on the HDB resale market.  Why? This comes with the increased accessibility and potentially higher demand…

What a $400,000 Flat Looks Like in 7 Districts

Is $400,000 enough for a great flat? As with all things property-related, it depends on where you choose to live. Here’s what a $400,000 flat looks like, in seven districts: In case you don’t have time to read this article, we summed it up in one quick visual. It’s not just about size, of course….


Most Affordable Resale Flats In Chinatown (2019)

So you want to stay in the CBD, but you’d rather shop at Sheng Siong than Cold Storage (or, worse, Market Place By Jason’s.) You’re also more partial to eating at hawker centres than expensive fine-dining restaurants.  Your best bet? Buy a property at Chinatown, where you get the best of both worlds.  We’ve done…

What an $800,000 condo looks like in 7 districts

Will Condo Sales Be Affected By The New HDB Policy Changes?

The increased income ceiling will enable more Singaporeans to buy an HDB flat. But will it siphon off demand for mass market condos? Starting September 11, more Singaporeans will have access to affordable housing options. This comes as HDB announced new changes to the income ceiling for BTO flats, along with an enhanced housing grant…

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