Opus Bay: Opportunity Beckons

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Successful Singapore-based real estate agent CS Tee explains the terrific potential for buyers and agents alike to reap substantial benefit from this exciting new development in Batam.

In real estate, the chance to market or purchase a truly exceptional property comes along very rarely. The savvy professional or investor possesses the vision to identify these unmissable opportunities — and seize them. One such highly attractive prospect exists today in Opus Bay, a magnificent new masterplanned township on the tranquil Indonesian island haven of Batam, less than an hour from Singapore.

Offering a diverse range of affordable luxury homes, catering to a wide range of preferences, the development encompasses upscale hospitality, dining, retail, entertainment, business facilities, top-quality healthcare, and private international schools. Purchasing a property here, you’re not just buying a home — you’re securing your family’s access to an enviable lifestyle.

Opus Bay is one of the latest projects from Tuan Sing Holdings, known for prestigious Singapore condominiums including Seletar Park Residence and Cluny Park Residence. With more than 50 years’ experience and an impeccable reputation built during that time, Tuan Sing is among the most trusted names in property development in this region.

Attracted by the unique value proposition offered by Opus Bay, and the solid track-record of developer Tuan Sing, real estate agent CS Tee has enjoyed great success marketing homes at the development. “Selling Opus Bay has been a highly rewarding experience for me,” CS explains, with clear enthusiasm. “I’m confident other agents can benefit as well.”

Villa exterior at Opus Bay
The beautifully designed Cluny Villas at Opus Bay, Batam, are priced far more attractively than similar landed homes in Singapore. (Artist’s impression)

CS says Opus Bay’s location is a major selling point. Situated a mere 40-minute ferry ride from Singapore, this accessibility is a key attraction, making it an enticing prospect for potential buyers — particularly when viewed in combination with Opus Bay’s remarkably affordable pricing.

Homes at Opus Bay offer exceptional value, CS says. “Virtually every Singaporean can afford to own a piece of paradise here,” he points out. “You can own a beautiful, fully-furnished unit for just a fraction of the price of purchasing a comparable new condominium in Singapore.”

The allure of Opus Bay extends beyond its accessibility and affordability, however. “From an investment perspective, even before foreign ownership opened up, we were seeing consistent property price growth in Batam, averaging around 4.2% annually,” CS points out.

CS Tee portrait
Selling Opus Bay has been a rewarding undertaking for CS Tee. He encourages other agents to follow suit.

“The Indonesian government is committed to developing Batam, making significant investments in infrastructure, including a bridge connecting Bintan and Batam,” CS notes. “These factors signal a positive outlook for property appreciation and overall development in the area.”

Additionally, Opus Bay’s status as a township means it will continue to expand and evolve, incorporating facilities such as hotels, F&B outlets, educational institutions, and healthcare services. This growth potential adds to the appeal and value of homes at Opus Bay, as does the pivotal involvement of Tuan Sing Holdings, a developer with a reputation for delivering quality, instilling trust and confidence in potential buyers.

Having an organisation of this calibre backing the project is vital, as Opus Bay isn’t simply a property development — it’s a self-contained and intelligently designed community. “It marries the concept of resort-style living with urban convenience, offering breath-taking sea views, luxurious amenities, and a world-class shopping galleria,” CS points out.

Villa interior, Opus Bay
The interior of a gracious landed home at Cluny Villas, Opus Bay, designed by Ong&Ong. (Artist’s impression)

CS’s strategy in communicating the appeal of Opus Bay to potential buyers involves emphasising “the potential for residents to experience a holiday-like lifestyle right at their doorstep. The concept of a smart urban city and ultra-modern homes also aligns with the contemporary living preferences of Singaporeans,” he says.

Buyers have varying visions for their investment, and CS has observed this diversity in his clientele, who span a broad range of demographic groups (with some as young as their early 20s). Many see Opus Bay as a fantastic holiday home, offering a convenient, luxurious getaway from the stresses of the city. Others view it as a serene future retirement residence, where a much more comfortable home than one might perhaps afford in Singapore is within reach. Investors spot the potential for buy-to-rent opportunities. Motivations are myriad.

Agent CS Tee
“Opus Bay offers both agents and buyers an opportunity to tap into a growing market with a development boasting compelling selling points,” says CS Tee.

CS says he adapts his presentation to individual buyers in keeping with these varying needs. He frequently shares success stories to ease any apprehensions, recounting Singapore’s transformation from a sleepy fishing village to a booming, world-class nation. He uses the case study of Vietnam’s history of foreign ownership, which began in 2015 with a 50-year leasehold, as another example that highlights how initial concerns often evolve into substantial capital appreciation. He also provides a clear, step-by-step guide to the purchasing process that demystifies the experience for potential buyers.

Tuan Sing Holdings plays a central role in Opus Bay’s allure. Its longstanding history and diverse portfolio are backed by the company’s presence on the mainboard of SGX and more than five decades’ experience. “As the landowner and masterplan developer of Opus Bay,” CS says, “Tuan Sing’s hands-on involvement reinforces the credibility of the project, assuring buyers that the developers are committed to Opus Bay as a long-term endeavour, guaranteeing a high-quality and secure investment.”

Opus Bay towers
Balmoral, Ardmore and Claymore, the three impressive high-rise towers that will soon be built at Opus Bay. (Artist’s impression)

Tuan Sing’s sales team are there to back up agents in their efforts to sell Opus Bay. They play a pivotal role in supporting agents like CS in closing deals. Their contributions come in the form of valuable insights, training, and resources to equip agents with the knowledge required to effectively market the development. “They are readily available to support agents,” CS says, “even outside of regular office hours, addressing concerns and providing guidance through the process.”

Encouraging other agents to seize the opportunity to sell overseas property in neighbouring countries, CS highlights the advantages of entering this arena. As the cost of living in Singapore continues to rise, he says, alternative retirement plans that keep individuals close to their families are in high demand. And as remote work becomes increasingly prevalent in coming years, more people will be seeking homes offshore where they can commute to Singapore when necessary, while escaping the city-state’s sky-high property prices.

“Opus Bay, in particular, offers both agents and buyers an opportunity to tap into a growing market with a development boasting compelling selling points,” CS says. “As a long-term township development, once agents acquire the knowledge, they can sell properties here for years to come, helping buyers fulfil their aspirations of owning a dream home just next door to Singapore. In retirement, this investment could become a financial lifeline, or a haven of comfort and luxury. For agents and buyers, it’s truly a win-win situation.”

To learn more about selling or buying homes at Opus Bay, visit the website, contact (+65) 8838 2028, or go to the show flat at Link@896 #01-01H, 896 Dunearn Road, Singapore 589472.


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