Welcome SRX! Here’s our Business Strategy and how we’re value-adding to agents.

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In case you haven’t heard, we have joined forces with SRX! We first welcomed the SRX into the family a month ago, and have taken the last month to combine our capabilities to offer a better experience for both consumers and agents alike. 

Win-win for all

With this merger, our focus remains the same. Our priority has always been to serve the market and provide the best value for all our agent partners. When coming up with the different packages, our goal was to keep everything as affordable as possible.

This principle was what guided us to come up with our 3-in-1 portal packages. With these combined packages, we are now able to leverage our combined capabilities across 99.co, SRX and iProperty and ensure agents are able to cover most of the consumer market with 99 Group. Furthermore, combining the different packages would also allow agents to enjoy greater savings than before when they had to purchase these packages individually from the respective platform. 

Agents First

With this set of combined packages, we made it a point to incorporate at least a 50% cost savings across all our packages. Not only will our agent partners be able to get more for less, this arrangement also allows them to save precious time as they will now be able to post on 99.co and have their listings automatically cross-posted to all three portals. 

Having a 3-in-1 arrangement means agents can rest assured that high-intent property seekers searching for properties in Singapore will still be able to get exposure to their listing no matter their platform of choice. Additionally, iProperty’s strong overseas presence will help propel our agent’s listings to overseas investors keen to get a piece of the Singapore property pie. 

As Darius, CEO of 99.co puts it, “We are 100% focused on delivering more value at better prices for agents. Acquiring SRX and bundling it is a huge leap forward in that mission”

Three is better than one

Combining our capabilities also comes with other benefits. You will now be able to get more traffic and leads for a single price. Also, with the ability to cross-post to SRX and iProperty from 99.co, agents can now tell owners and landlords on how extensive their marketing coverage is.

For fans of our FSBO, FRBO and Agentools- the addition of SRX’s own set of FSBO and FRBO will further help cement our position of having the strongest and most varied FSBO/ FRBO portal in the market. If you’ve yet to try this feature of ours but is keen to, simply speak to any of our account managers to find out more about our packages. 

Thank you!

The 99 Group will not be where we are without the constant support of all our agent partners. We are less than 1% done in this journey, and would like to thank all our agent partners who believed in us from day one, or have come onboard to join us in this journey the last few years. 

For Jeff, Head of Sales & Partnerships at 99.co, ”We are always on the lookout to be better than we were yesterday. Our agent partners made us who we are today and the product that we have today would not have been possible without their input!” 

To all our agent partners: Without you, 99 Group would not be where we are today and for that we thank you.

Looking for a property?

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