Designer look

How to Get the “Designer Apartment” Look Without Breaking Your Bank Account

How do houses look so good in magazines? There are two answers: the first is Photoshop. The second is careful selection and placement of furnishings; and this can be done even without a massive budget. Comfort Design, one of Singapore’s leading furniture retailers, tells us how: Getting that designer apartment look Making your home look…

NDP rally 2019

Property Highlights of the National Day Rally 2019

National Day Rally 2019 was kind of muted. Probably because there are only so many ways to say “the world economic order is collapsing” in a cheerful and encouraging way.  But while the world we knows goes down the proverbial toilet, here are some property highlights you can look forward to before it happens: The…

What Went Wrong at People’s Park Complex?

People’s Park Complex (PPC) gained some notoriety this long weekend, after implementing security measures that would impress an SAF camp commander. Here’s what went wrong (other management committees, please take note): The situation at PPC Last year, a landlady at PPC was busted for letting out rooms to prostitutes. This seems to have been the…

I’m Singaporean but this is Why I Live in JB

One solution to expensive private housing is to live in Malaysia. This week, we spoke to some Singaporeans who’ve settled across the causeway, and their reasons for moving: What prompted the move? We last spoke to Derek (an alias) about his property in Iskandar; but today we’re bugging him about what it’s like to live…

More old flats sold

Sale of Older HDB Flats Up 40% From Last Year

There’s a spike in transactions for older HDB flats in Q2 2019. Just in time for National Day, and to address growing anxieties about lease decay. Is it just coincidence, or policy measures at work? More Older Flat Sold in Q2 2019 According to the Business Times, 564 flats that are aged 40 years or…

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