HDB Room with Mezzanine

Can You Add Mezzanine Floors to Your HDB Flat?

Some Singaporeans have come under fire by HDB, for illegally adding mezzanine floors to their flats. But what are the exact rules behind these, and what should you know before you tell an Interior Designer to go ahead? What’s a mezzanine floor? Mezzanine is an Italian word that means “middle”. A mezzanine floor is so…

what expats aren't told about condos and landed properties

What Expats Aren’t Told About Renting Condos versus Landed Properties

Expatriate families often end up choosing between condos or landed properties. There are subtle differences between the two, that can make a big impact on your overall comfort. Here’s what many people don’t tell you: 1. Condos can provide┬ámore┬álifestyle spaces, even if the units are smaller Expats often assume that landed properties mean having more…

Freehold versus Leasehold condo

Freehold versus Leasehold: a 10 Year Update

The debate about leasehold versus freehold will never die! But for the most part, the majority are on the side of freehold units. We see the appeal, but consider the following before you buy: Over the past 10 years, leasehold condos have appreciated faster overall Across Singapore in general, leasehold condos have appreciated by an…

cpf relaxed rules hdb in singapore

9 Effects of Relaxing CPF Rules for Old HDB Flats

By this May, you could be able to use your CPF to pay for even the oldest flats in Singapore. This is a subtle but significant move, with some far-reaching consequences: 1. An emphasis shift, to assuage fears of the 99-year time bomb An ongoing fear in Singapore’s property market is that of expiring leases….

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