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inside vicki zhao huang youlong ardmore park penthouse

Inside the $28 million penthouse that Vicki Zhao’s husband, Huang Youlong, bought

Let’s face it, a billionaire unloading $28 million on a penthouse is child’s play. But when a relatively high-profile billionare, like actress Vicki Zhao’s husband Huang Youlong, buys a penthouse in one of the most prime locations in Singapore DURING the Covid-19 lockdown, it’s bound to raise a few eyebrows, especially since there are some…

These 3 types of people really need home insurance

Some home insurances are better than others, too. As you navigate adulthood you’ll soon realise that insurance, such as hospitalisation plans, is necessary. Even pet insurance is now a thing. But the most underrated plan ever? Home insurance. This is because it’s often overshadowed by its cousin, the fire insurance plan. While fire insurance is…

My BTO reno was stressful. Learn from my mistakes.

I recently moved into my four-room BTO flat in Tampines. It’s freaking awesome, but it took a stressful renovation to get here. Don’t get me wrong, the final product is almost exactly how I pictured it and the pipes and cabinets are intact. But damn, I was racked with anxiety and paranoid for two months…

A child building houses with play blocks

Dear Parents, Is Living Near Your Child’s School Really Worth It?

Parents generally sacrifice a lot for their children, but how much are they really giving up for their kids to be near their schools?  In Birdbox fashion, many parents blindly move to residential areas near primary schools, for the sake of their kids. But they sometimes forget such a move could have negative consequences later:…

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