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5 Factors that are Killing HDB's "Kampung Spirit"

5 Factors that are Killing HDB’s “Kampung Spirit”

Is the ‘kampung spirit’ dead in your neighbourhood? Unlike other ghosts, many Singaporeans would prefer to still have it around. But although the ‘kampung spirit’ was alive in HDB estates before, it’s growing fainter by the minute. Five contributing factors are: Wireless connection to the Internet More amenities outside of HDB estates Chain malls HDB…

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Top things to do in Singapore after midnight: Late night activities that don’t involve drinking and dancing

(Updated -10/04/2019) Is Singapore the city that never sleeps? Not quite, considering our malls pull down the shutters for the day by 10pm, and the idea of late night fun for most of us equals knocking back beers or shots at the many bars and clubs across the island. But if you ever find yourself in a New York state…

Viewing property? Here’s 5 things you MUST check (or live to regret)

[Updated – 09/04/2019] So, you’ve shortlisted a few apartments. That’s great! We’re sure you’ll start your home viewings soon. To make that process more worthwhile, here are five things you should check when you’re viewing a property: 1. Community There’s more to viewing property than just walking into a room and feelings its vibe. And…

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Dear Parents, Is Living Near Your Child’s School Really Worth It?

Parents generally sacrifice a lot for their children, but how much are they really giving up for their kids to be near their schools?  In Birdbox fashion, many parents blindly move to residential areas near primary schools, for the sake of their kids. But they sometimes forget such a move could have negative consequences later:…

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