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5 Most Insta-worthy Condos in Singapore [2018 edition]

Once again, an Instagram influencer has got into trouble, this time for photoshopping himself into stock photos of holiday destinations. Well, if only he knew there are condos in Singapore that actually look like overseas resorts! Whether you’re renting, buying or just looking for jaw-dropping eye candy, check out these newly-completed, infinitely Insta-worthy condo projects….

non-prime condos 2Q 2018 main

5 non-prime condos that took centre stage in 2Q 2018

As part of our comprehensive coverage of our 2Q 2018 Quarterly Property Report, we’re bringing you the top five transactions in that quarter for non-prime condos. Location-wise, there are two distinct breeds of condominiums in Singapore, the first being condos in the prime and central districts (of 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and Sentosa), and…

international schools in singapore expat families main

International schools in Singapore: Where to live for expat families

If you’re an expat who’s relocating to Singapore together with your family, you’re probably looking to stay in a neighbourhood or district that gives you an easy commute to your workplace and chosen international school for your children. In this article, we introduce five housing estates in Singapore which have a plethora of international schools….

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