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A child building houses with play blocks

Dear Parents, Is Living Near Your Child’s School Really Worth It?

Parents generally sacrifice a lot for their children, but how much are they really giving up for their kids to be near their schools?  In Birdbox fashion, many parents blindly move to residential areas near primary schools, for the sake of their kids. But they sometimes forget such a move could have negative consequences later:…

what expats aren't told about condos and landed properties

What Expats Aren’t Told About Renting Condos versus Landed Properties

Expatriate families often end up choosing between condos or landed properties. There are subtle differences between the two, that can make a big impact on your overall comfort. Here’s what many people don’t tell you: 1. Condos can provide more lifestyle spaces, even if the units are smaller Expats often assume that landed properties mean having more…

Friends looking online for suitable apartments to rent

5 Things to Know Before Renting an Apartment with a Friend

It’s common to hear young adults wanting to have space of their own. However, not all friendships can withstand the test of renting an apartment together. Think you know your friend well? Wait till you encounter issues like these: 1. Spending excessive time in the toilet Time in the bathroom is everything, especially for a woman….

5 Spacious Places For Renters With a Big Family

(Credits) Looking for a rental unit in Singapore that will accommodate your big family? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we round up 5 spacious rental properties in Singapore which are outfitted with 5 bedrooms or more. #1: This condo unit at Claymore Plaza District: D09 Nearest MRT: Orchard Size: 4,456 square feet (5…

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