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cheap accessible condos Singapore The Centris

5 cheap and accessible condos for rent in the West of Singapore

The West of Singapore is home to a number of business parks (Science Park, International Business Park, Alexandra), universities, the Buona Vista/one-North business district and Singapore’s largest industrial estate in Jurong, which means that it makes sense for many Singaporeans to set up home there. The same goes for expats as well, and the towns…

Cheap accessible condos Singapore rent

5 cheap and accessible condos for rent in the East of Singapore

Tenants, we know renting is a challenge in Singapore, especially when affordability and convenience are both important considerations. But the fact is that renting a condo unit in a location that’s near to MRT stations and transport nodes can get pricey. (This gets especially challenging if you’re an expat looking for a place to rent…

Renting in Singapore landlords reject tenants

Renting in Singapore: 5 reasons why landlords reject tenants

Here’s the thing about Singaporean landlords: even when they’ve clearly bought a property for investment and rental yield, they tend to remain possessive and nit-picky over their cash cow. So, it’s not just the tenants who are doing the choosing; landlords, too, can get really picky when they screen tenants. If you’ve made an enquiry…

Renting a home as a parent with kids: What to look out for

Renting a home is different, and much more tricky, when you have kids in tow. Most importantly, you need to look out for these specific home features (and potential hazards) when you’re looking for the ideal place to rent: 1. Consider unfurnished apartments instead  With furnished apartments, most landlords will not allow many changes. Landlords…

An empty fully furnished room up for rental

How much income should you spend on rent in Singapore?

If you are renting in Singapore, the question is never “Is my rent too high?” This is not the world’s most affordable city, and if you took rent prices in Singapore and applied it to another country, political science experts would point to it and warn the UN of an upcoming civil war. is…

international schools in singapore expat families main

International schools in Singapore: Where to live for expat families

If you’re an expat who’s relocating to Singapore together with your family, you’re probably looking to stay in a neighbourhood or district that gives you an easy commute to your workplace and chosen international school for your children. In this article, we introduce five housing estates in Singapore which have a plethora of international schools….

tips for singaporean landlords

Quick guide to be a successful Singaporean landlord

Renting out your property takes experience. After a few years, you’ll know which tenants will be great, and which ones will add therapy to your costs (judging from experience, the ones who go out of their way to impress you, such as by bragging about their high level job, tend to be the most problematic)….

Singles renting in singapore

Cost saving apartment renting tips for singles

If you’re renting a home in Singapore, you’ll be glad to know this is a family friendly…wait, what’s that? You’re single? *Grumble* Old school landlords have certain suspicious about singles. But never mind that – as a single, there are some things you will have to prepare for. And this will save you learning the…

neighbourhoods in singapore rent

The coolest neighbourhoods in Singapore to rent [2018 update]

Singapore might not hold a candle to the exotic destinations we marvel at on Instagram, but consider this: our little red dot has something else to offer: the perfect balance between liveability and coolness. In other words, hip enough, but also safe enough, which is what attracts so many expats to make this sunny island…

Pink guide buying renting property singapore

The Pink Guide to Buying and Renting Property in Singapore

You could be a local looking to settle down with a same-sex partner, or an expat who is looking for an gay-friendly place to rent in Singapore. Either way, when it comes to living happily ever after in Singapore, LGBTQs may run into some obstacles as there are no laws here that specifically safeguard their…

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