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Former Moulmein Primary School at Jalan Rajah

Why do some former school sites get torn down for housing?

As a land-scarce country, balancing between setting aside land for development and conserving old sites is challenging. Over the years, we’ve seen many old buildings get demolished to make way for development.  Even the old National Library at Stamford Road wasn’t spared. Despite calls for conservation, the iconic red-bricked building was demolished in 2004 to…

The ritzy and much vaunted Orchard Road

Rejuvenating the Core Central Region: URA’s Master Plans for Orchard and Novena

Residential property prices in Orchard and Novena (and Newton) in the Core Central Region (CCR) are set to benefit from the upcoming URA Master Plans to enhance both districts. We look at what these Master Plans entail and how both districts are expected to change over the coming decade. The URA Master Plan is what…

Office Investors Take Note: Co-Working Spaces are Invading

Office Investors Take Note: Co-Working Spaces are Invading

Co-office spaces continue to encroach, tripling in space consumption since 2015. At this point, co-working spaces have lived up to their reputation as the Grab / Uber of the office sector. Office investors, take note: What’s happening on the co-working scene? In 2015, co-working spaces took up 1.2 million square feet in Net Lettable Area…

Orchard Road during festive season

Government slashes Development Charge rates to spur Covid-hit economy

In a move that could spur spending in the real estate and construction industry, the Ministry of National Development (MND) announced on 31 August that it would be cutting the Development Charge (DC) rates across multiple property types by up to 7.8%. The changes in DC rates is particularly targeted at encouraging commercial revitalisation in…

covid circuit breaker lockdown measures

Covid-19 Circuit Breaker and New Bill: Details Singaporeans should know

6 April 2020 update: The Singapore Government announced the Solidarity Budget, an additional budget to save jobs and protect livelihoods in response to the circuit breaker measures. 7 April 2020 update: The Singapore Government passed a new Bill, called the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Bill 2020, to define the details of the circuit breaker…


Most Affordable Shophouse Rental Options For Your Small Business

Thinking of renting a shophouse to kickstart your startup or small business? Here’s the good news: if you don’t venture into the CBD, shophouses are actually pretty inexpensive to rent.  In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of five most affordable shophouse rental options in Singapore. These shophouses will only set you back by…

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