Home gift ideas for the last minute Christmas shopper

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Every year we vow that we’ll get our Christmas shopping settled by early December. And every year we fail to do just that. If you’re a last minute Christmas shopper (like us!), check out our curated list of home gift ideas – these will make perfect gifts for all your homeowner friends! (Cover image credits)

#1: For the new homeowner: these bath towels

bath towels christmas gifts

100% Cotton Bath Towel, $15

What can make a new home feel unbelievably posh and luxe? High quality bath towels! Psst: these are made from the same manufacturer that produces Muji towels – but they’re a lot more affordable than the ones by Muji!  

#2: For the friend who’s spa-obsessed: this candle

christmas gifts candles

Lavender Soy Candle, $18

To deal with the copious amounts of stress that they face at work, your friend is constantly off to the spa, a massage or a facial. Help them unwind at home, and combat insomnia by gifting them with this soothing Lavender candle!

#3: For the domestic god or goddess: this serving tray

christmas gifts serving tray

Beech Wood Serving Tray, $13.90

This person is an amazing cook who’s always Instagramming pictures of their fancy home-cooked dinners – help them take their plating game to the next level with this Beech Wood Serving Tray!

#4: For your high-flying friend who works in Finance: this cushion

christmas gifts cushion

Moneybag Cushion, $24 (UP: $29.90)

What do you get for the guy (or girl!) who has pretty much everything already? This moneybag cushion, of course!

#5: For the beauty addict: this desktop organizer

christmas gifts desktop organizer

Desktop Organizer, $59.80

Her vanity area is littered with beauty and skincare products – help her keep her space neat and tidy with this handy desktop organizer.

#6: For the travel addict: this corkboard

christmas gifts corkboard

What A Corker Corkboard, $39.99

Your friend will love documenting their travels on this corkboard. Red pins are for places that they’ve been to, and black pins are for places on their wishlist!

#7: For the hippie dippie: this coffee plant

christmas gifts coffee plant

Ecocubes Exotics Coffee Plant, $14

Your hipster friend will be delighted at the thought of growing their own coffee. Once the plant starts to flower, remind them that they owe you a cup of coffee!

#8: For the friend who’s a bit of an ah lian / ah beng: this pillowcase set

christmas gifts pillowcase

Novelty Pillowcases, $19.90

This friend of yours is the last person on the planet who would put on a fake accent, and pretend to be something they’re not. Instead of a framed print of an inspirational quote, gift them with this set of pillowcases which simply – and succinctly – say: Can Lah!

#9: For the friend who loves drinking tea: this teapot

christmas gifts teapot

Svenska Hem Teapot, $24.95 (UP: $49.90)

Um, is there anything that’s more adorable than this Kikki.K teapot, which comes with gold foil detailing and a wooden handle? We think not. Plus, it’s even on discount!

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