[INFOGRAPHIC] Masterplan For Changi Region Brings Vibrancy To The East

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Homes in the East Region are expected to enjoy a pricing uplift from the urban transformation plans.

Under the 2019 Draft Master Plan unveiled by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), eight Urban Transformation projects were earmarked as key growth areas to drive economic growth, and to bring jobs and amenities closer to residents.

There are lofty plans for the Eastern Gateway, essentially the Changi Region, as part of the nation’s endeavour to gain competitiveness in the global aviation landscape. Changi Region is set to transform into a global business gateway that will capitalise on the connectivity on Changi airport and local synergies to keep pace with growing air travel and freight demands.

The transformation is anticipated to take off on a massive scale within the next decade and homes in the East are expected to enjoy a pricing uplift from the new developments.

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