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Home rents and prices near international schools

Home Rental Rates and Prices Near Singapore’s Top 5 International Schools

Welcome to Singapore. You may notice there are some discrepancies between what you’ve heard, and this actual country (e.g. no riot police beating up bubblegum chewers, and the dominant presence of Boring Rich Asians). To avoid further confusion, we’re here to provide clarity on an important topic: how much it costs to stay near the…

Strata landed home house singapore orchard

8 reasons why cluster homes or strata landed houses are worth buying

While Singapore’s landed properties usually come at a premium, there is an affordable variety with the perks of condominium living – cluster homes or strata landed houses. We’ve covered a few comparisons and recommendations before. In a broad sense, strata-landed houses are commonly associated with landed units, either within a cluster, or part of a…

Terrace house at Jalan Bahagia

Here’s why paying S$1.268 million for a 49-year-old HDB terrace house is worth it

Just yesterday, it’s reported that a 49-year-old terrace house was sold for S$1.268 million. It broke the record for the highest resale price for an HDB unit, which was set just less than a year ago. Previously the record was at S$1.258 million for a five-room flat at [email protected] last September. But is it really…

How to give HDB a landed look

8 unique features to give your HDB a landed look

Huge bungalows and mansions with lots of space to play around with and create the most insane, luxurious features at home – whether it’s towering pillars, rustic exposed ceiling beams or outdoor showers, the sky’s the limit. While majority of us can’t afford a snazzy Sentosa Cove home or quaint Good Class Bungalow around Bukit…

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