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Government panel on “neighbourhood noise” to develop set of norms for residents

On April 29, 2022, the Municipal Services Office (MSO) and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) met to form a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) on a very interesting problem. The agenda? To develop a set of community norms that will address the issue of “neighbourhood noise”. Neighbourhood noise in this case means noise from…

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Neighbour Disputes: What Can You Do?

If there’s one rule of city living, it seems like it’s “your neighbour is always wrong”. With 80% of Singapore’s population living in high-rise buildings, disputes are likely to flare up between neighbours. And it’s no surprise that “complaint against neighbours” is highly searched phrase on Google. In Singapore, neighbour disputes frequently hog the headlines (at…

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5 crazy things we found outside HDB flats (besides koi ponds)

HDB flats can occasionally throw up some surprising and downright weird discoveries. In recent weeks, a Tampines HDB resident has stirred public debate when someone exposed his outdoor koi pond. The pond was built on a communal space: atop a spare staircase of his ground floor HDB flat. Because of the attention he got, the…

neighbour disputes

Neighbour disputes and rows: what happens when things get heated

Homeowners beware – hell hath no fury like unreasonable neighbours scorned, and if you’ve somehow invoked the wrath of your neighbours, you might just find yourself spiraling down a never-ending pit of petty behaviour. (Cover image credits) How bad can things get? Pretty damn bad, as evidenced in the neighbour disputes we’ve seen over the…

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5 unexpected mistakes homebuyers usually make when buying an HDB flat

Buying a house is no doubt an exhilarating time in anyone’s life. It heralds a fresh beginning, with the promise of new adventures to embark on. But before you get caught up in too much excitement, here are five things you should consider before purchasing your HDB flat.   #1: You forget to research nearby schools…

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