5 condos near MRT fashionably car-free young adults can afford

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This week, Potong Pasir MP Sitoh Yih Pin dropped the f-bomb to reporters. The politician boldly remarked that it was “fashionable” for young adults in Singapore NOT to own or drive a car. Although we at 99.co are none the wiser about the fashion sense of today’s millennials, we know many aspire to own a condominium as their 1st home, instead of a HDB flat. Taking into account how unfashionable it is to own an automobile (thanks for the insight, Mr Sitoh!), we picked out five condominiums all over Singapore. These properties are also condos near MRT stations — within walking distance to be specific.

Best of all, these condos come at price points ideal for young working Singaporean professionals — below $1 million for a two-bedroom unit. Stay in one of these, and not owning a car will become even more fashionable than Paris Fashion Week. Right, Mr Sitoh?

Condos near MRT #1: Leicester Suites

Leicester Suites condos near MRT Singapore

Nearest MRT: Potong Pasir (4 mins walk)
Past 6 months average sale psf transaction price: $1,631.80
No. of units: 47
Completed: 2013
Tenure: Freehold

We tried looking at Mr Sitoh’s ward first, but being a prime Rest of Central Region (RCR) district, the choices were limited. However, we found Leicester Suites, a FREEHOLD condo with 1-bedroom + study units, with the study room big enough to be converted into an actual bedroom for kids. At just 484 square feet (sq ft) in floor area, the layout of the shoebox units (see below floor plan) is nonetheless impressive, as plenty of natural light is let in — for yoga and mandatory #OOTD selfies.

leicester suites floor plan

Leicester Suites interior

For a small sized condo (only 47 units), Leicester Suites also has a decent pool, along with a jacuzzi, BBQ pit and gym.

Leicester Suites condo pool

**[Browse all units for sale at Leicester Suites]

Condos near MRT #2: Aquarius by the Park

Aquarius by the Park condos near MRT singapore

Nearest MRT: Bedok Reservoir (6 mins walk)
Past 6 months average sale psf transaction price: $912.40
No. of units: 720
Completed: 2002
Tenure: 99-year leasehold

Okay, no more units below 750 sq ft, we promise. Even then, there are plenty of fashionable condo choices. Aquarius by the Park is a 99-year leasehold development that has Bedok Reservoir Park — and its namesake MRT station — at its doorstep. For a condo 16 years of age, it’s also remarkably well-maintained, probably ageing as well as… ahem… Chuando (not to be confused with Chuan Park).

And at 800+ sq ft, the two-bedroom units here are more spacious than any equivalent HDB flat or newer condos. Meanwhile, planters in every room give the green-fingered millennial a license to grow.

Aquarius by the Park condo floor plan

Aquarius by the Park condo interior

Aquarius by the Park condo pool

Typical for a development of this size, Aquarius by the Park also comes with a full-suite of condo facilities (including a sauna) and relatively lower maintenance fees. There are also good schools — Red Swastika School and Yu Neng Primary School — within a one-kilometre radius.

**[Browse all listings for sale at Aquarius by the Park]

Condos near MRT #3: Canberra Residences

Canberra Residences condo Singapore condos near MRT

Nearest MRT: Canberra (Open Dec 2019, 6 mins walk)
Past 6 months average sale psf transaction price: $866.90
No. of units: 320
Completed: 2015
Tenure: 99-year leasehold

Earlier, we wrote about how Canberra is poised to become the next big town. With a number of new condos, HDB flats and ECs in the area, millennials are moving there in droves. Canberra Residences is one of these condos, and there are a handful of two-bedders in the $800k to $1 million range waiting to change hands (some are even above 1,000 sq ft in size). Surrounded by greenery and not many people at all, living at this low-rise condo would undoubtedly give the young demographic more chill than Netflix. It’s for this tranquility that ground-floor units here deserve a second look.

Canberra Residences interior condo

And believe it or not, you can get a two-bedroom duplex penthouse here for under $1 million (see floor plan below).

Canberra Residences penthouse duplex floor plan

Canberra Residences duplex condo penthouse

Although Canberra MRT station only opens towards the end of 2019, we feel that is worth the wait. Canberra, located on a site sandwiched between two more mature estates, could also see an upside in property value similar to one that Buangkok experienced.

**[Browse all listings for sale at Canberra Residences]

Condos near MRT #4: The Tennery

The Tennery condo singapore

Nearest MRT: Bukit Panjang (5 mins walk)
Past 6 months average sale psf transaction price: $1,150.40
No. of units: 388
Completed: 2013
Tenure: 99-year leasehold

If you believed in rebirth, you’d also believe in this condo. Located near to Bukit Panjang MRT station, The Tennery is part of a mixed-use project that was redeveloped from the failed Ten Mile Junction mall and the soon-to-be-shuttered LRT station within the building. The concept for the new condo was undoubtedly unique; developer Far East Organization decided that residential units at The Tennery were to take the form of SOHO-style loft apartments, complemented with innovative facilities such as ‘Meeting Pods’ that facilitate remote working. A decent-sized, 800+ sq ft two-bedder home-cum-office here costs below $1 million.

The Tennery floor plan

The Tennery interior

The Tennery also comes with a sizeable lap pool, and a tennis court that looks like it’s suspended in mid-air.

The Tennery pool

Besides Bukit Panjang MRT station, residents also have easy access to daily necessities and shopping at Hillion mall and Bukit Panjang Plaza.

**[Browse all listings for sale at The Tennery]

Condos near MRT #5: La Fiesta

La Fiesta condo Singapore

Nearest MRT: Sengkang (3 mins walk)
Past 6 months average sale psf transaction price: $1,252
No. of units: 810
Completed: 2017
Tenure: 99-year leasehold

La Fiesta is like something that came straight out of a millennial’s wishlist. How else do you explain a condo that features a 1000-year old olive tree transplanted from Spain? How about your very own teppanyaki and pizzeria pavilion in addition to BBQ pits? Or a kitschy recreation of the famous Toa Payoh Dragon Playground? An instaworthy “Tea Garden”? The list goes on.

La Fiesta olive tree
Olive tree: “What am I doing here?”
La Fiesta Playground
Critical cultural asset.
La Fiesta tea garden
Insta-worthy “Tea Garden”. Bring your own tea.

Well, even if these unique facilities won’t matter to everyone, the newly-completed condo does have very practical selling points. Not only do units not feature bay windows nor a space-consuming household bomb shelter, it’s also one of the rare newer condos to come with a fully-enclosed kitchen — great for the millennial Masterchef who absolutely hates cleaning up afterwards.

La Fiesta sengkang floor plan condo

La Fiesta floor plan two-bedroom

La Fiesta interior

La Fiesta condo enclosed kitchen

Best of all, residents have literally everything at the doorstep. Other than Sengkang MRT station, there’s Compass One shopping mall and the newly-opened Sengkang General and Community Hospital.

**[Browse all listings for sale at La Fiesta]

Verdict: Affordable condos near MRT without having to own a car? We’re not sure if that’s fashionable, but it’s definitely doable.

Know any more condos near MRT worthy of our list? Share them with us in the comments section or on our Facebook community page.


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