SP utilities Guide – Quick guide to setting up utilities in Singapore for your new home

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Whether you’re an owner or a tenant moving into a new home, you’ll have to set up the utilities to get the water, electricity and gas up and running!

Setting up the utilities in Singapore isn’t that difficult. But knowing the exact steps to take can help you focus on the more important stuff.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to get you going!

What to know before setting up utilities

In Singapore, opening an electricity and water utilities accounts is done via SP Services. Setting up gas utilities (if not using LPG canister gas) via City Energy can be done by calling 1800 555 1661 after you receive confirmation that your SP Services account has been successfully set up.

A utilities account is needed before an appointment to turn on utilities can be arranged.

For HDB resale flats and all other residential properties, the account holder or a representative must be present during the turn-on appointment. This is to provide access for technicians to do a safety inspection prior to activation.

Note that BTO flat buyers don’t need to schedule turn-on appointments at the place of residence, as electrical and water supplies are already activated and ready to use!

If you are taking over utilities of a premise with electricity supply from an electrical retailer other than SP, please contact the individual retailer on the steps you need to take.

This infographic by SP Group gives a good overview of the process of setting up utilities in Singapore:

setting up sp utilities account singapore infographic
Source: SP Group

Not planning to engage SP Services for your electricity? You’ll still have to open an SP Utilities account first before registering with another retailer.

Now let’s go deeper into the process of setting up your utilities account.

How to open a SP Services utilities account

There are a few ways to set up your SP Services utilities account, namely via:

Opening a SP Services account with MyInfo (SingPass) is typically the most convenient method, as you won’t have to submit the application form, NRIC and Letter of Authorisation (for companies).

Once you’ve opened your account, you’ll need to pay a security deposit.

How much is the security deposit?

The chart shows the deposit amount you’re required to pay.

SP Services Utilities Security Deposit Chart
Source: SP Group

Upon the termination of your lease or selling of your house, the security deposit can be used to pay for the final utility bills. Any remaining amount will be refunded to your GIRO account or mailed to you by cheque within a month.

How do I pay my utility bill?

There are a few ways to pay your SP utilities bill.

  • Credit card. The POSB Everyday Card lets you set up automatic recurring monthly payment, and gives up to 5% rebate for every bill payment.
  • GIRO. Print and send the GIRO form by mail.
  • SP app. Use the app to pay your bill with a range of credit and debit cards.
  • Other electronic means, such as AXS machine and Internet banking. Payment via internet banking is only available for DBS, UOB and OCBC users. Other payment modes include SAM machines, AXS stations and ATMs (DBS, POSB and OCBC).
  • SP Services centre. This is the only place where cash is accepted, if that’s your preferred method of payment. You can also pay NETS, cheque or credit card.
  • SingPost offices and 7-Eleven outlets will accept payment via cash, cash card or NETS.

How far in advance do I need to set up my utilities?

It takes approximately two weeks for your utilities to be switched on.

If you’re setting up utilities via the app, expect a seven-business-day lead time before your utilities supply is switched on.

You’ll get an SMS confirmation for the application within the next working day, and an email at least two working days before the appointment. Once that’s done, you can reschedule your supply (electricity and water) turn-on appointment online, subject to availability of time slots.

What happens if I want to switch to a retailer? 

If you’re planning to switch to another electricity retailer, don’t close your SP Services account. Non-electricity charges like water, gas, and refuse collection will still be billed to your SP account.

And should your retailer bill you via SP Group, you’ll still receive one bill for both electricity and non-electricity charges.

Otherwise, you’ll receive two bills. And you’ll need to set up the payment arrangements with your electricity retailer.

Can I transfer my SP Services account?

Moving to a new home? The thing is, each SP account is tagged to each property, so you won’t be able to transfer it to your new home. Instead, you’ll have to close the current account and open a new one for your new home.

Likewise, if you’re renting out your home, you won’t be able to transfer your account to your tenant. You’ll have to close it and your tenant will have to open a new one under their name.

You can terminate your account by one of the following methods:

How’s your experience like setting up your utilities? Share them with us in the comments below or on our Facebook post!

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Frequently asked questions

How do I open an SP Utilities account in Singapore?

You can open an account online through the SP app or SP Utilities Portal. Alternatively, you can do so in-person by visiting SP’s Customer Service Centre.

How to transfer utilities to tenants?

You won’t be able to transfer the account to your tenant as it’s non-transferable. Instead, you’ll need to close your account and have your tenant open a new account.

How to terminate my utilities account?

You can close the account online via the SP app or by submitting a termination form. Otherwise, you can do so in-person at the SP Customer Service Centre.

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Reader Interactions


    • Darius Cheung

      how long does this take? how much in advance should i apply?

    • Hi Darius, here are some timings which should help.

      -Time for completing the online form transaction
      You may take about 5 to 10 minutes

      -For appointments:
      Online: 3 business days, upon receipt of the required documents and initial security deposit if application is received before 3pm on weekdays, or 12 noon on Sat/ eve of PH. (Appointments are subject to availability)

      In person: Next business day if application is received before 3pm on weekdays, or 1pm on Sat/ eve of PH. (Appointments are subject to availability)

      Mobile app: Next business day if application is received before 3pm on weekdays, or 12 noon on Sat/ eve of PH. (Appointments are subject to availability)

      -Timings for express (urgent) service
      Express turn-on required on the same day can be arranged. An express service charge of $60 is applicable on working weekdays/ Saturdays. This service is subject to availability of appointment and at least 3 hours’ advance notice is required.

      So, in a nutshell, this process including everything say take upto a week. So, better to apply a week before you need the utilities in function. Please get in touch with us again, if you need more information. Thank you! Apologies for replying so late 😀

    • Glenn

      I’m terminating my account, how will I receive the security deposit back? if possible to be bank transfer instead of cheque coz I won’t be living in the same house anymore.

      • Amanda

        Hi Glenn,

        You may wish to give a call to SP Group at 1800-2222 333 to update them with your latest address.

        Thank you!

        Best regards,

    • Noreen Tolentino

      Hi, am trying to open an account via portal but the continue button is still disabled after i filled out all the required fields. Can advise how i can proceed? Thanks!

    • James Jameson
      • Terence

        Hi James,

        Thanks for pointing that out! The link has been updated.

        Best regards,

    • Koo

      If the previous tenant left the place with an outstanding bill more than their deposit. Will it affect the new tenant registering for new account?

    • Lee

      Does the applicant person have to be present at the appointment of meter reading?

    • YCM

      I just sign up to open a new account and made an appointment date for turning on electricity and water. How can i change the appointment date?

    • Kim

      Is it possible to sort all this out online before I arrive in Singapore?
      I already have an EP approval paper and will get the EP when Im in Singapore as they need my passport etc.
      Im just trying to sort out a place before I arrive.

    • kim

      Do you have be present when they turn on the utilities?

    • Alan

      Can one individual hold multiple SP accounts? I have not moved out of my current place, but I will need to activate for my new place.

      • Yes, you can have multiple SP accounts under your name. But take note that each property can only be tagged to one account.

    • Ivan Khoo

      can I set appointment on the date of completion for a resale condo to turn on utilities.
      Currently is a vacant with no utilities

      • Sorry for the late reply. As far as I know, it should take around 7 working days after opening the account (if using the app) for the utilities to turn on. So in your case, you might want to call SP Service at 1800 222 2333 to check.

    • Vin

      Hi, I’m moving into a resale flat that allow 3 months extension. Can i apply for a SP account a month before i take over the flat? Or when should be the appropriate time to open a SP account?

      • You can only open the account after you’ve taken over the flat, since only one account is tagged to one property. Once SP proceeds with the new account opening, it will close the old account. You can refer to this FAQ for more information https://www.spgroup.com.sg/faq

    • Gek Nee

      Can i create a new account now as I will be shifting in to a rented hdb on 1Dec? My current place account is still open.

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