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Revealed: 7,500+ hotel rooms booked by SG Government for Stay-Home Notice (SHN) persons

Short of officially declaring a full lockdown and stopping Singaporean residents from coming home from abroad during the global Covid-19 outbreak, the Singapore government has put in place a strict Stay-Home Notice (SHN) protocol that involves 14-day isolation upon arrival. And instead of allowing returnees to go back to their own homes and risking the…

covid circuit breaker lockdown measures

Covid-19 Circuit Breaker and New Bill: Details Singaporeans should know

6 April 2020 update: The Singapore Government announced the Solidarity Budget, an additional budget to save jobs and protect livelihoods in response to the circuit breaker measures. 7 April 2020 update: The Singapore Government passed a new Bill, called the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Bill 2020, to define the details of the circuit breaker…

can the downfall of retail properties affect residential?

Instagram-Worthy Features To Include In Your Retail Space

Interesting retail spaces can be a great way to encourage  sharing on social media. Here are some ways to weave design into your retail space to make it more ‘Instagram-worthy’: Walls Redesigning your walls is one of the easiest ways to include Instagram-worthy features into your retail space. You can have a selfie wall with…

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